by Farley Malorrus


Table of Contents

The Purpose of the Astrology Hour Astral Projections
Karma Explained Expect a Miracle
The Definition of Metaphysics Self Love
Evolution of the Soul Balance in the Universe
Understanding Your Karma Creating A Beautiful Universe
Karma and Relationships How to Create your Own Universe
Karma Free The Dream Laboratory
The God-Self Soul Contract
Obsessions Spiritual Revelations
The Intuitive Higher Mind. Reflections
Angels The Sign of the Times
Meditate on Expecting Miracles Death and Rebirth
The Power of God and Astrology 20 Primary Universal Laws
The Harmonic Convergence Soul Growth-Evolution of the Soul
Good versus Evil Karma and Astrology
Visual Manifestations Crystals, Metaphysics and Astrology
The Choice The Center of the Universe


A selection of Metaphysical topics originally broadcast by Farley Malorrus (310-415-9222) on K-Fox radio between 1987 and 1989. A number of topics were transcribed by Bonnie O'Brian using a conventional typewriter. The above topics were scanned and edited by Kenneth Hirst.

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