Karma Explained

Here is an explanation of the term Karma and it's meaning to us as individuals. Portions of this Karma topic are extracted from Farley's show on the 1st and 2nd June 1987.

Karma embraces a universal law, and applied individually, is the debt to oneself. This law is locked into the process of Reincarnation. In any life, Karma is derived from inappropriate actions that are out of synchronization with ones' purpose. The Universe demands balance, so if we do not resolve this Karma, various experiences will occur, either in this lifetime or subsequent lifetimes, that eventually forces us to embrace the resulting effect in which we can resolve the debt. This is somewhat connected to life on earth being a sequence of events, in which we experience pleasure and pain.

Esoterically, doing things against the Spirit creates Karma. Such things include wrongful thoughts, words, actions or deeds in a way that creates a debt. Everything in the Universe exists to form a balance, so when we perform an act that interferes with the law of balance, we create a debt. As an example, suppose in a former lifetime an individual raped someone. This could result in the individual being raped in the next lifetime. The law of Karma is similar to the law of Newtonian mechanics which states: "For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." While Newton's Law is meant to apply to the physical Universe, Karma embraces other realms. By learning and absolving our debts, we are able to grow spiritually, and embrace a greater Dharma: which refers to the law of opportunity. Through this growth, we can ultimately rise beyond this plane or dimension. This is the connection between Karma and Reincarnation.

Consider for a moment the famous psychologist Gestalt, when he experimented with a rat in a cage. The rat was rewarded with cheese when performing an action initiated by the doctor, but when the rat didn't do something, the doctor shocked it. Of course, Gestalt went on too much wider issues of psychology and philosophy in which the term Gestalt now embraces a meaning that refers to the phenomena of universal elements, as part of a whole that cannot be physically explained. Life on earth can be explained in a very Gestalt manner, when we examine a person's will and desire. When these desires are positively expressed, we can receive blessings in return, sometimes many fold. Whatever you create in this dimension is generally compounded and given back to you. The Soul is guided to learn, even when pain occurs, to experience a lesson, due to some kind of action or event set forth in a previous life.

The feeling of karmic pressure is a force that helps us evolve and grow. Karma is a very complicated issue, and exists so long as people have desires, wants, cravings and obsessions. As often as they jump into the cage, the more they are rewarded or shocked on their choices, and subjected to the law of Karma. This law of Karma dictates what goes around comes around, an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth. Nobody gets away with anything in this dimension. If people are manipulating, dominating or brutalizing, eventually they will set their due. Maybe not in this lifetime, it might take several lifetimes before one chooses to absolve that energy by choice. However, the power of grace can absolve a tremendous amount of Karma, which is a power we can manifest through meditation, by forgiving ourselves and other people.

Remember, Karma is always with the self, you instigate your creative process—don't blame others for your Karma. You are the painter who paints a person, or situation, into your life. The reason we incarnate, is to balance and rebound toward perfection, or as close as we can get to perfection, with a lack of obsession and selfishness. Often, it is obsessions that get us in trouble. It is interesting to note that there are many ways to incur a negative force in your life of negative Karma. People sometimes remark, "I've been a good girl or boy, why do I have so many problems? Why me? Why can't have a relationship? Why do I have this chronic health condition? What's with the bad childhood and the bad parents? Why do I have trouble making commitments? Why am I a liar? Why do people steal from me? Why do people hurt me? Why the rape? Why the assault?" all kinds of questions???? The reason is that we take a look at our lives in a limited scope, and a limited perspective.

To understand how Karma works, you need to take a look at yourself in what is termed a metaphysical perspective. This requires a look at the multi-dimensional self, because we are all one and we are all plugged into the I-Am force, which is part of the God force. The closer we get to the God force and the universal consciousness of all beings, the further we pull away from our individuality or individual selves. The road back to the God force, is plugging into that part of us which exists in other people. We start off with past lives where everyone is very interested, but in truth, we are bonded to all of our past lives, lives of all people, and living beings in every dimension, because this I-Am force fuels each person, having the same source, that God center. In the realm of eternity, you could have been born hundreds of times, as many different creatures, not just human but, maybe alien beings or beings of other levels of consciousness. There are people who are still floundering in consciousness and hate to let go of their individuality, some of who would like to know more about their own personal reincarnating pattern. This is discussed in further detail in later chapters.

So the law of cause and effect controls this dimension, including the law of Karma, which means the way you treat this dimension, yourself, and the energy you send out, is exactly the kind of energy that will be returned to you. Be aware that the planet Earth is recognized as a war like plane. It's identified on levels of awareness in other parts of the galaxy and in other levels of consciousness, as a planet that has severe problems, because of all the hate, anxiety, slaughtering, and warfare that has cursed this planet throughout its history. The exception here is of certain peaceful periods of the Atlantean and the Lamurian civilization periods, on this planet, some 20 to 5O thousand years ago.

With all of these problems here, there was probably a time when you have been a thief, murderer, warrior, dictator, Lord, or someone in power that laid down some type of negative abuse. Because people have not been spiritual and they didn't learn their lessons, we are now here on this plane, some 3 or 4 billion of us, all grouped and ready for a massive consciousness shift. This shift is a massive learning situation, which involves the absolution of world Karma that includes all of the negative situations that have occurred. The basic way to turn this Karma around is what is termed Universal or World forgiveness, grace and mercy, which seems easy but really isn't logical. Hopefully this will become a reality one day. A drop of forgiveness, literally of self, can absolve a whole mountain of Karma. That is why meditation is such a powerful way to absolve Karma.

Astrologically, it is interesting to know that we can zero in on your karmic vehicle, by zeroing in on the moment you took your first breath at your moment of Birth, and examining where the planets were located in space. We then have a frozen energy circuit picture of the Universe, and all the planets frozen in their signs at your birth, which metaphysically enables interpretation in order to help understand the individual complexity, and the complicated karmic patterns, that exist. The only possible way to reincarnate Karma-free is where one has chosen to come back to Earth and go through the karmic cycle again, or to simply help others. It is difficult to believe that anyone born on Earth did not have Karma, because if you lived your whole life without pain then you cannot be human. Even Jesus Christ went through pain, probably more than anybody else, so anyone alive on this planet is going to be subject to the Gestalt conditioning that the law of Karma lies before us.

It is awful that certain events occur, such as world starvation; 10 million people with AIDs, people slaughtered in Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq, El Salvador, Vietnam and Cambodia, in wars have been going on for centuries. It is unfortunate to see people without relationships, marriages, the money they need or the health that they desire. To understand why and how this is, one has to recognize that you are like a Karma scope, which means that whatever is created in your life has something to do with the absolution that you must experience. In effect, you must experience pain in order to bless it, grace yourself, forgive yourself and the people around you so you can evolve, absolve that Karma and grow to a higher part of yourself and a higher conscious-awareness. This is called karmic absolution, or working off this stuff, it's the bless-your-crucifier philosophy. Even though people may destroy you, the worst thing you can do is be vindictive right back, because you are just creating a negative energy that will once again come back to you. You are the center of your karmic factors, your karmic mode. You are the center.

Whenever someone mentions that you have Karma with another person, this means that people, life on this planet, and the Universe is a catalyst for you to absolve your own personal Karma. You have Karma with no one else but your self. It was your own choices and your own factors that you made for whatever reason, that created the lessons that you experience that bring them back into your life. If you are having a lousy experience, a horrible accident, or perhaps you were mugged or assaulted, you have to ask yourself "What did I do to create this situation?" I know many people that steal on minor levels, and because they don't have stealing Karma, the next thing that happens is that their beautiful apartment, or car gets ripped off, or they suddenly lose that bracelet or ring. They are out thousands of dollars and ask, Farley, why me?

I can't really give a reason why there are millions of children dying of starvation today, or dying of AIDs, all I can say is there must be some kind of consciousness link that, plugs into past lives, that plugs into Reincarnation karmic banks, that says a lot for world consciousness and world Karma, for not taking care of these starving children as a top priority, instead of being so insecure in building bombs for protective defense of civilized nations supposedly, and ignoring or turning the cheek to the other starving children. There are many types of Karma, there is personal Karma, God-Karma that plugs into the universal mind, the over-mind, the oneness of Godand we are responsible for this whole planet.

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