The Definition of Metaphysics

This topic, broadcast on September 28th 1987 defines the term Metaphysics, its relationship with Astrology, and some of the related philosophies.

When we examine the word Metaphysics, it is essentially two words: Meta and Physics. Meta means change, like Metamorphosis, or after; higher; beyond, like in metaphysics. Physics is the science dealing with the properties and relationship between matter and energy in the known Universe. So when we speak of Metaphysics we are talking about things beyond matter and energy.

I like to think that I am more than just an Astrologer, that I am a Metaphysician. Because I've studied and taught others, I think I am qualified in this field also, more than just in Astrology. Our focal point in the club is Astrology and selling charts. It is a humanistic science that discusses the path of the Soul, and the Karma involved with the evolution of the Soul. Metaphysics is the science of being, the science that is beyond matter and energy, or overcoming the illusionwhich many agree that the third dimension is. In my opinion, it explains what is not readily obvious. What may seem to be real, but in essence is not, or a discussion or a search which is beyond reality, or a further reality.

People like to claim that they have researched, analyzed or discovered truth, but most of these metaphysicians are open-minded, and they believe that there is no truth but that there is further truth. Because whatever you believe to be truth, you can always look farther and find more truth or further realities. The mistake many scientist's make is that they claim to be experts or they claim to analyze, diagnose, and discover reality through their burden of proof formulations. And we are supposed to accept this stuff, just because it is printed in a book at school, as the truth. However, as time passes and more is learned, we find there is more to the Universe than what we sense. It's like the discovery of anti-matter, first came matter then came anti-matter. After gravity came anti-gravity, or if you look at magnets, they might attract to each other at one end, and repulse each other at the other end and this is akin to anti-gravity.

What we discover about ourselves as humans is that we use only a small portion of our brain capacity, about 8%, maybe 12%, in our brightest people—we're talking high IQs maybe fifteen maximum. I just don't think people are born in this dimension with much brighter brain capacities than that, with the exception of some of the messianic masters that come to this planet. God knows what their brain capacity is? Now there is a reason for this; why we are held down to limited thoughts. Frankly, if we had 100% of our brain capacity, then I don't think there would be a need any longer for this third dimension. We'd probably be so far beyond itwe would evolve beyond the physical.

It is important to understand that Metaphysics is the study, or search, or the development of philosophical energies, that goes beyond what seems to be real or normal. People have tried to put down Metaphysics over the centuries and eons, or they have tried to tie it into black magic or something evil or negative. There is nothing evil about trying to figure out what reality is, or what being is, or what the evolution of the human Soul is, or how this dimension works. Metaphysics more than anything else is just trying to understand the mechanics of reality, or beyond reality, or the search for further reality or truth, because so many people are not happy with, or not satisfied with, what they perceive to be real, or what others tell them seems to be real.

There are many things in my philosophy that I find to be truths that just aren't being accepted by society. For example, the concept of re-incarnation, there are millions of people on this planet who would try to convince you that it is not real, that it does not work. They think you only live once, you've only been here once, and when you are dead, you're dead, I feel its almost atheistic to believe that way, because I believe people are special, that the Soul which occupies people is eternal, as a God-particle part, and that it plugs into the God-source, the God-whole. It seems logical to me with all the rhythm in the world, with all the breathing, heartbeat, oceans, the orbital revolutions around the Sun, the planets, or the revolutions of the solar systems in the Universe around the center. It seems logical to me that all things do come back to their birth point, or to an origination point, and that there is Metamorphosis or re-birth.

I wrote a doctrine in college called "Repetition is the Soul of Eternity." This is why I feel Reincarnation is logical. A human being is born over and over againit is a repetitive processbut still the doctrine of Reincarnation is not widely accepted. What I have heard, studied, and found out, is that there were Reincarnation doctrines in the Bible, which were thrown out. Jesus also predicted he would be coming back, and so did many other prophets in the Bible. So it makes sense to me that Reincarnation does work, and understanding that it does, helps me to raise my consciousness, my awareness, and overall brain capacity.

What I have learned is, the study of Metaphysics, being, reality and further reality seem to literally open your mind to a point that you do seem to become smarter. I am not saying that people who don't believe in metaphysics are stupid, by any means. I just feel that a window in the brain (the extra-sensory part of the brain, the intuitive part of the mind), is plugged into when people seek further open-mindedness, or philosophies and thinking to look beyond what they sense to be real and what others have chosen to state is real in their words, theses, books, TV or radio programs or whatever. I think that open-minded thinking is the key to a larger consciousness, human awareness levels and essentially breaching what I call the dogmatic wall that holds us down.

There are people out there who will try to put things down, or say that things aren't real, that they don't work, or say that they are phony or false. Certain individuals capitalize on putting Astrology down by trying to find a group of phonies, or amateurs, in the field and revealing them. I'm glad I wasn't mentioned in any of his doctrines myself. I do think that this kind of thinking, this closed-minded thinking is deceiving. Unless you have full capacity of your mind you can't be called a true expert or authority. All they do is put down the search for further truth with that closed-minded behavior. The search is what metaphysics and Astrology are all about.

Closed-minded thinking will close your mind down, and hold it down in a limited brain-capacity function. You have to believe there is something else out there to open your mind up, and to bring yourself, or to introduce yourself, to a further consciousness state, where you recognize and can accept the logic of things like Reincarnation, like the human Soul and the messianic qualities of that Soul. The fact of the oneness of God that we all share, becomes obvious as you search further into metaphysics. This law called Karma and eventual Ascension to harmony allows you to break the Reincarnation cycle and go on beyond this dimension, and into the 4th and 5th dimension. There are many more other areas of the creative process other than the third dimension and third dimensional thought.

Astrology would be a science of analyzing physical energies in the known Universe as defining our uniqueness depending on the current state or matter and energy in this Universe at the exact moment of birth. This is the dimension that portrays and projects an illusion of separation. This planetary system provides a massive gravitational charge at birth for every baby that is born. Of course, they are given different bodies, countries, cities and such, but the final imprint is that astrological gravitational cosmic imprint, that is made on every cosmic and physical cell of that child's body as soon as it inhales its first breath. What I am talking about is the Natal effect when you are born. There are many people walking around who think that their Sun sign is so important. The Astrology Hour, on the other hand, is made up of a massive generation of people who are excited about, and intounderstanding more than just what meets the eye. We are those who are into going beyond what we know to be the reality.

Many of us prove to ourselves that there is something that exists as a force in this Universe, the God-force I call it. Astrology does play a major role diagnosing, dissecting purpose in life, mission in life, individuality, uniqueness, Karma, major debts, lessons, why you were born and evolution of your Soul. The starting point for a rebirth is to understand the science of Astrology, and get your chart done. Astrology is a science not only of human behavior, but also of spiritual awareness and purpose.

I don't know what I can say to get you into metaphysicsI think it does embrace all philosophies of God and religion, because you can literally find metaphysical roots, what we would call supernatural or occult roots. Most religions are based around God philosophies, miracles and healings, and much of this is beyond reality, or into the supernatural. There are many areas in metaphysicsthe study of Karma, the science of Astrology, the study of Reincarnation, extra-sensory perception, psychic and spiritual awareness, ghost hunting, poltergeist investigation, entity examinations, entity possessions or entity interference, any kind of inter-dimensional effect, UFO's, and beings from other dimensions. It is just such a vast area of research such as healing, holistic study, nutritional approaches to life, and meditation, etc. It is just unbelievable what can be interpreted in what is more than what we sense.

There are those out there who are trying to get in touch with their super-powered self, their messianic self. When people get into metaphysics, they realize that not only are they children of God, but that they can also plug into Christ Consciousness to relate to the oneness in which we all share. Then they like to go beyond what is written in books, or what is taught to them in temples and churches. So what they do is let go of their dogma, they open their mind. They start meditation, chanting, praying and try to have a relationship with God, a oneness with God, that goes beyond anything you might find in a church or a temple. Because now the temple or church of God is right there inside the body, when you get into metaphysical research and studies. That is what is blissful about metaphysics.

It is blissful to know that God blesses the clergy, priests, nuns, rabbis, holy men and saints, but now it is your turn to have a relationship with this God philosophy and this God-force. It is important for you to seek out help from councelors, priests and teachers when you need it. When you get to a certain metaphysical height, you can actually plug into this metaphysical knowledge from God, this philosophy of power, that all human beings have and possess, the power of the mind, the power of the creative process, the metaphysical mechanics of the Universe. When you plug into this then you start to communicate effectively (or commune) with the God-philosophy.

In a way I kind of embrace all religions, and all philosophies in my quest for understanding the metaphysical implications of the God-Force. By doing this, it allows me to keep an open-mind for all religions and philosophies without putting them down, and in a way there is a kind of Harmonic convergence in my own mind. Which is really what we asked of this planet when we had the Harmonic Convergence back in August to embrace all philosophies of God, consciousness and religion with malice toward none and charity toward all without feeling that anyone is condemned to hell, purgatory, punishment, or penalties if they embrace one philosophy over another. How could you find the truth without recognizing and understanding that there is really truth in everything? There is no total truth in any one thing, as things change, thus there is only further truth.

There is no way we can understand the search for further truth, unless we embrace the truth that everything really has. So this is why getting into metaphysics, open-minded thinking, and studying some of the super sciences that are around us in the world, are a vital key in lifting world consciousness and human consciousness and pulling us out of this gutter, out of the garbage heap that we have created on this planet. It is really leading us on a path to nowhere. There is no need for us to arm ourselves to the teeth, with millions of weapons of death, enough to blow this planet into a sea of Asteroids one day. This is what I believe happened to another planet in the solar system, now it's called the Asteroid belt. I'm not saying it's not possible for us to do that, and those who think it's impossible are really fooling themselves. I remind you of Pearl Harbor and the Alamo; those surprise attacks caught us with our pants down.

So there needs to be some kind of Spiritual preparation, and a consciousness preparation, or consciousness lifting programs to help other people on this planet to understand what we are dealing with. Also, to understand that we are still children, we are not experts. Just children of consciousness seeking truth, and children shouldn't play with nitro-glycerin because they might get hurt. However, these countries still choose to develop nuclear weapons and make a lot of money doing it too.

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