The Purpose of the Astrology Hour

This introduction, extracted from Farley Malorrus's show on the 7th August 1987, contained a variety of topics. The essence of one of these topics is presented here to reflect just what the Astrology Hour is all about.

Astrology is an aspect of Metaphysics, and is one of the many subjects that I studied to understand this ancient wisdom in a deeper way. I now follow the path of self-realization. When I was a young child I didn't know that having a Scorpio Moon would make you scared—it is actually one of the worst placements in the Zodiac for the Moon. No matter what your Sun sign is, those of you who have Moon in Scorpio, I understand if you get frightened, nervous, or if you have trouble expressing yourself. If for example, you feel closed or locked in, and feel like crying, but don't know how to get in touch with your feelings, you probably have your Moon in Scorpio or another water sign, like Pisces or Cancer. Long ago, when I was a child, I used to wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat that I didn't understand. I didn't know much about life; only that death was a final point of it. There is not much reality to a young child, as they don't know that there is an end to physical life. I had many questions as a child, like what's it all about? How is it going to end? What's going to happen to Farley when it's over? Will I be gone forever or will I go some place? At the age of three, I was already asking these questions. My parents didn't have the answers. In fact, they were probably just as frightened as I.

As I went through life I realized that I was an extremely sensitive man, and I was susceptible to pain more than everyone else—physical pain, mental pain and emotional pain. I am sort of gestalt, and I do not like pain. As an individual known to be stubborn and skeptical, and also very gregarious and aggressive, I didn't just want to believe things. I wanted to forge ahead and experiment—but then get burned and end up learning by it. Then I tried to find the course of least resistance so there wouldn't be pain, or more of a reward than pain. So now my life is dedicated to self-realization and positive development, self-awareness and feelings of high self-esteem. I have chosen this course because liking myself, being confident, positive, aware, giving and receiving "Authentic Love," seems to make my life literally pain free, compared to before.

Something very incredible happened to me from 1972 to 1976. It felt like I died and was re-born. I found the answers I was seeking. I finally found out what happens when you die! Why people are so unique. Why they are the way they are. The law of Karma cleared up many things. I found out about these crazy cycles we all go through in relationships, career, and life in general, due to the planetary movements including the Sun and Moon, which I have proven after reading over 100,000 people on the radio, that Astrology is valid, does work, and defines character and individuality which I had a passion to discover. I finally found out how to channel all the stress and anxiety that was destroying me and making me sick. By chanting, meditating and praying, I finally knew about God—it was in me, it was in everyone, it was everywhere, it was the Great Spirit. I learned the truth about the sacred Indians and their knowledge. the Native American Tribes, Aztec, Inca, and Mayan Indians. I discovered the great Atlantis civilization and all this psychic and spiritual information seemed to dramatically shine through me starting in 1976, when I was 28 years old, and fed up with life as it was, meat and potatoes, death and taxes.

It is my mission to try and love people, and animals on this planet. I'm so much in love with love, happiness, caring, and tenderness that it seems to leap forth from my heart ever since my self-realization in 1976. So much that if I found an answer in life, I like to share it, and let people know. It's like the guy on the soapbox in the 1600's who got up and shouted to the people, "Hey! I found an answer, I want to tell you about it." Of course, you have to be careful which soap box you jump up on. Some people don't want to hear about Metaphysics or Astrology, and they will criticize and attack you with their "holier than thou," philosophy. However, in the Radio control room I feel quite safe. Most people who call the station are into this kind of thing, and most of the reaction is positive.

New Age, Metaphysics or Astrology is not a final bottom line. What I have learned from New Age philosophy is open-mindedness. Most of the hatred, dominance, competition, selfishness and wars on this planet would not have happened if people had been taught rule number one--open-mindedness. Give the other person a chance to do what they want, as long as their philosophy doesn't hurt anyone else, or interfere with anyone else. As long as people can be kind, caring, compassionate and loving in their philosophy, I want to know them, talk to them and exchange with them. It is negative, dogmatic and stubborn folks who seem to put this planet and the people on it through "The Mill." The purpose of The Astrology Hour is not just to teach Astrology or Metaphysics, but rather to plant the seeds of higher consciousness for personal growth. So this show, and my life, is dedicated to open-minded thinking, not forming any bottom lines, and always searching for further truth. There is always further truth; there is never certain truth. Obviously, those people who think they know all the answers have a long path to go, and a major obstacle course to complete. ON the other hand, simple, kind, loving, caring and open folks, I find have a more fulfilling life, healthier lifestyle, loving exchanges, and a connection with the Power of Love, and the true Power of God.

In the human form, the Human Soul has so much to learn with each life cycle. Astrology teaches us that everyone has an intricate circuit factor, and that all people are unique.  And I have found through extensive research, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Astrology (the science of planetary placements at birth, including the Sun, the Moon, the eight planets besides the Earth), distinctly, and definitely reveals specific character, nature, values, behavior, and overall uniqueness.  And that ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE, who takes the time to get their Astrology Birth Chart cast, and takes the time to read the interpretation of THEIR individual planets will be as shocked as I was in 1976 (when I first got my chart done), to discover that there is a reason why we are the way we are!!!!

We need to get to a place where we can understand and respect why people are the way they are, and ASTROLOGY is that technique to reveal this mystery, which is no longer a mystery to me, because I am an Astrologer. Until we learn to be open-minded and respect other people's space, and uniqueness, then we will remain divided and unconscious in our quest for unity. The Astrology Hour Radio Show helps people find themselves, with self-realization, self love, and self respect.  Because when you finally get your chart done, and study your planetary placements at birth, you get a clear picture of why you are the way you are, and frankly stop feeling bad about being your self, or making changes that would be unnecessary or impossible.

It presents a philosophy of open-minded thinking in order to respect others and ourselves. When we seek knowledge, there is power to realize more of a painless existence in our life. Life in this dimension can be very painful if you do not adhere to the normal and simple laws of this planet that control harmony, love, balance and Karma. What goes around comes around. If you give out negative energy it will come back to you. If you give people a hard time and irritate them and put them down and treat them in a hostile manner, then this is the kind of energy that will be returned. Too much hostility has been going on too long on this planet. When we learn to respect others’ differences without trying to change them, or force unnatural things on them, we can truly be at peace on this planet.

We may pick fault with an individual because he is Catholic, Jewish, White, Black, Indian, And Chinese or because someone acts differently. All of us have different lifestyles, and this is the Creative Process. When we stop trying to control everyone, and just accept them for what they are, we may finally see an end to war and hostility on this planet. If a guy has a transmittable disease and is deliberately spreading it around, that's wrong. It will not help anyone to try to hurt or kill people. The segregation, competition, selfishness, and the separation we have on this planet is really the teaser behind what this dimension is all about—the illusion of separation. When all there is `is-a-oneness', a bonding, and a harmony in truth—which does not exist under the guise that there is a major separation all around us—actually reflects the essence as to what this show is all about. It is the philosophy I embrace, that we can love others as ourselves, without malice or threat to anyone, with charity for all.

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