Soul Growth-Evolution of the Soul

This topic aired on November 5th 1987. Here, Farley discusses Soul Growth in both awareness terms and as an identification purpose of harmony between the body and the Soul.

Back in the 1960’s we looked into the future and projected our thought to what things would be like in the 1990's. It is amazing that we believed people would be buying and flying hovercrafts like helicopters, and that there would be world peace as the normal state of affairs. We are still going through tremendous transformations on this planet, both worldwide and personal transformations. So today our topic of discussion is Soul Growth, the evolution of the Soul and what it is all about.

What is Soul Growth? It is overall awareness meaning the more Soul Growth you have the more aware you are. I would also define Soul Growth in an identification purpose as a harmony between the body and the Soul. Meaning the body actually acts as a transmitter for information, ideas, and energies to be drawn in and absorbed from this third dimension and transmitted to the Soul, which eventually reaches the higher mind. So in my opinion the more Soul Growth you have, the more of a heightened awareness level you have, and the better your body becomes as a transmitter of this information that we have and identify as awareness from this dimension to the Soul.

People who have evolved Souls are more aware beings having experienced much Soul Growth and they have lifted their awareness levels. They have gone through certain changes, transformations and processed Karma or absolved Karma, and gone through certain situations in their lives (whether pleasant or traumatic) where the choice was given to them to be open-minded. By choosing this, awareness levels lift and they do experience Soul Growth. Also, when this transmitter called the body does improve—and more logical information is relayed to the Soul with the body as the transmitter, then that also allows us to absolve our Karma and evolve our Souls to levels which enables us to reach a qualification state. Then after this lifetime, the choice can be made to go beyond this dimension and to break free of the Reincarnation cycle that pulls us back to Earth over and over again. The cycle continues until we are able to learn why we are coming to Earth and what this dimension is all about. To literally overcome its draw, its pull, its materialistic effect, the obsessions and selfishness that can be created by the conditioning that we experience in this dimension.

This thing with Soul Growth is interesting, and I believe that much it has to do with past lives. The Soul cell as an individual particle of God has gone through lifetimes where it has already had tremendous Soul growth. It's already gone through processes, which I call the floundering philosophy, where I feel that many of us are like either fish in a pool or like fish out of water. Even if we get out of the pool we're still floundering around, and our consciousness is really dwarfed by what exists in this dimension. So in many ways we are all struggling to try to figure out what is real and what isn't real, what is really going on in the Universe (at least those of us who are seekers). Now many of us have already experienced this Soul growth in past-lives, and are people who are candidates to experience also this Soul Growth which releases the awareness that we already know we have.

There are many people out there with Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer planets or planets in the 4th, 8th and 12th house. Maybe not only a little more sensitive, a bit more sexy, or passionate, but a lot more intuitive and more subject to plugging into your psychic self, or higher self, and sort of accept the fact that there is more to it, than what we sense as humans. The question always arises in my mind, why do so many people remain dormant? They don't have any Soul Growth. They have surgery, go through major surgery, they have major accidents, fight in two or three wars. Even so, it never seems to effect their Soul Growth. Because most of us who are sensitive will go through a trauma such as a severe auto accident, surgery, a catastrophic divorce, breakup in a relationship, the loss of a friend, or loved one. Once we go through that we come out of it and say, "Wait a minute that wasn't supposed to hurt as much as it did" and to me, the reason I went through that was to evolve from it and to become better for it.

There is a really interesting difference here between people whom I identify as having a low consciousness quality—who are not used to having much Soul growth in their past life. It is harder for such individuals to open their minds, and accept what is beyond their own senses, that is, beyond the beer, television, newspaper, magazine, Bible, or whatever they read. People who focus their philosophies limit themselves and get stuck in these dogmas, and no matter what happens, they just don't pull out. But then there are people like you, the typical member of the Astrology Hour club, who is so open-minded that instead of forming any bottom lines on anything, you are always willing to search, find, and discover further truths. You are the ones who I feel are of a higher level of awareness. I have designated seven levels of awareness here in the Physical Plane:

People with Level One Consciousness would be so closed minded and dogmatized by society they might not even believe in anything. They might even be totally atheistic, they could walk around almost like drones, where there is nothing in life that is important to them, except possibly the money they make, the food they eat, the sex they get, or the security they have. I call them Level One Conscious.

Level Two Consciousness People, will be those normal everyday people that might have a curiosity for metaphysics or Astrology, like people who read the Sun sign stuff in the newspaper. Many people in level one and two will be affected by the social structure of America, where the promiscuous sexuality is accepted possibly, and drugs or alcohol could be a problem. But the beer drinkers, the wine coolers and cigarette smokers would be trapped in levels one and two. I have hope for level two people because they are a tad open-minded. They might hear about Astrology and say "Ahhh, you don't believe that stuff" but they still read their Sun sign every day in the paper. Most level two people are very religious, they might even call themselves "born again", but there are many very dogmatic people trapped in level two.

Level Three Consciousness People, these people are much more open-minded, yet could still be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or some kind of addiction like sugar or meat. However, level three people are open-minded enough to at least check into psychic and spiritual awareness, pick up some reading, occasionally listen to the Astrology Hour, get their chart done somewhere and possibly get a reading of it. So level three people are on a stage where they are ready to rebirth to level four.

Level Four Consciousness People is where we are really talking awareness now. There still might be those few still hooked on alcohol or cigarettes here, but not nearly as much, they are working on that. These people are spiritual, they believe in God, are open-minded, they understand and respect Astrology, at this point they have their Rising, Sun and Moon mesmerized (maybe all the planets in their chart) they meditate and recognize God and their Spirit as a top priority. Level three people are still searching and they are not sure what they are searching for.
Level four people are actually on the road to being teachers or being counselors, and some of them already are. Perhaps even apprentice Astrologers. Many people on level four would be either Vegetarian or Lacto-Vegetarian. These people are very intuitive and very psychic, very powerful, very much into the intuitive mind and the eternal self, reincarnating philosophies and such.

Level Five People are teachers already, fully trained, and they help us, they are very humble and selfless in their approach to life. Although being human, they are still subject to setbacks, but they are meditative teachers, Astrology teachers, spiritual and psychic awareness teachers at this level five. They are beyond just being psychic and intuitive, they actually have visions and episodes (where they might be involved in exorcisms, ghost hunting, seances, channels for spiritual entities) as mediums. They know their Guides and are in touch with them. They are on a road to becoming masters and teachers, which is the level five. Above this level all are total vegetarians.

Level Six People are starting to approach a master state. There are just not that many people at this level. If a person is at level six, they will never admit to it. So don't ever brag about being a level six person (this in itself demotes you to a possible level four or five). These people on level six are totally in touch with their oneness with God and their oneness with all people. They can feel other people, sometimes they can feel all people. They are telepathic, they could be into telekinesis. They may be into levitation; the miracle they have would compare to Biblical type miracles for level six people. Many of our masters who lived on our planet would fit into level six. Not only are they vegetarians, but sometimes they just exist on water for long periods. Food is not that big of an issue for them. They are able to absorb prana and the life force from the very air to sustain them. These are incredible people who are totally selfless, totally innocent, totally humble, and void of obsession. They may even be celibate because they might not recognize sex as a necessity.

If you rise to Level Seven, this is the closest thing we can have to being a Spirit guide on this planet. This is like a Christ-like state, a messianic state where you not only feel one with God and with all the people on this planet, but you are one with the Universe. You are also in communion with the Spirit of God, the force of God and talk about being a healer here. The healing level starts with level five and six. Level seven is the highest form of the healer where (s)he could instantly heal someone of a dreaded disease like AIDs. He would be a Christ-like being or a Buddha or a Rama. You find very few seventh level people on this planet.

Obviously you don't get to level six in just one lifetime; it would require many, many, life times to evolve and to be used to evolution of your soul. There are many tests concerning your obsessions and the karma you owe. When you get to a point where you can rise up above all the things in your life that has been holding you down, this is when your awareness level makes it's adjustment, and rises. It is then that you are granted higher levels of awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Also, level six and seven people obviously don't ever have to come back, but many times they choose to come back to be an example of further truth for us to follow, and open-mindedness for us to follow, and even some level five people don't have to come back either.

Some people use Astrology as a major rebirth point to get involved in understanding their Spirit side. This is how I got started in my search for truth and enlightenment. My life was going down hill fast. My marriage was over, my health not good with ulcers. Prior to having my chart done, I had been a major skeptic of Astrology, and everything else smacking of the occult, But since I didn't have what I considered logical solutions for my life turn of events, and the pain I was suffering was unbelievable, everything hitting at once. I lived near this Westwood Astrology School, and decided what the hell, it couldn't hurt to look into something else, that maybe had a few new ideas. That was how I got started. The Astrologer drew me up a chart, and started telling me about myself, things she couldn't possibly know, about my childhood, parents, things that had happened during my life, and the hard transit I had and was still experiencing. I started taking some lessons and things finally started making some sense to me. I've been an Astrologer for five years now on the radio doing this show. I’ve practiced Astrology for about 13 years and I have proved that Astrology can serve as a major catalyst for metaphysical and spiritual growth and Soul evolution.

As a kid I ate a lot of beef, and I was one frightened puppy. I was afraid of dying and I had this fear of death. But I cut down and eventually cut beef out entirely. Now if I ever slip up and have a burgher, even if it tastes good, the fear that follows from absorbing the fear from the meat of the beef, it is just tragic. For some reason, I don't think chickens and turkeys are so much aware of the slaughter that they are about to go through as the cows are. In the slaughter house with the cows there is a lot of screaming agony and pain going on. So I kind of recognize that cows are more of a higher consciousness beings. Many people in India respect the cow as a higher intelligence and I believe that too.

During my Soul growth, I was the type of person who always took the course of least resistance. I am afraid of pain, physical, emotional or mental kinds. If people have hollered at me, I usually process them out of my life. If I get into a career that turns sour, I usually get out of it and process it out of my life. If I have eating related health problems, I stop it and process it out of my life. If I get into situations or relationships where there is too much anxiety and stress, I stop it and process that out.

I had a really catastrophic marriage. I really loved my wife and there was just a scandalous end. I found out she was involved with some other people there, actually she was somewhat of a swinger, it was a shock and something I didn't want to believe. When it was over, I had feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Many times our choice is to be spiritual or self-destructive. This is where the drugs, alcohol and pot, cigarettes or just hating yourself, or getting ulcers or whatever enters in. It is easy to be spiritual and get into meditation, chanting, and a more holistic lifestyle—this lowers your stress levels, and turns the biofeedback off. But if we don't know what to do we grab a bottle, be depressed and we will ride that road for a while. There is really no need to do this to oneself. The difference between the men and the boys, women and girls, spiritual types and the dogmatic types, is that the Spiritual ones have that light with-in. They have the candle light of hope in their breast that opens them up enough and guides them where they can touch their higher selves, they can receive information from their Spirit guides that will lead them into the right direction.

When I got into this stuff, it saved my problems, my stress was reduced, it healed my ulcer, my awareness levels quadrupled almost overnight, I experienced personal miracles, from my studies and then I realized my personal mission in life. The purpose I had through many past lives, my eternal purpose, my connection to all people and to the God-self. I am not saying that everyone who meditates and gets into Astrology will have the exact same experience as I did, because I've gone through a lot in my past lives and this is it for me!

That is why I am on this show every day, because I am talking about what works for me, because I know there are people out there, like me, that are evolved in a certain level of consciousness and they do have that light with-in. And they do have that hope of open-mindedness, beyond whatever they have read in books or the Bible or whatever they have been reading or studying, and they have gone beyond that and have reached for that God-particle inside of themselves. They work on their self-esteem, they work on their self-love, they meditate and pray, and they try to understand Astrology as a Science of human relations, as a Science of Karma and the path of the Soul. That is what it is all about.

So I am here because I refused to adhere to a spiritual vibration, and I got knocked up the side of the head so many times in a physical, emotional pain and mental pain, that I got to a point where I finally had no choice. I kind of bottomed out. Then I started by getting my chart done, taking up meditation, studying Astrology, and the rest is history. The Soul growth was the result, so no matter what is happening in your life, if you are self-destructive, depressed or in a rut, you can begin at the bottom and work upward, there is hope for you too...

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