Self Love

Self Love has been taken from a number of Farley's shows during 1988 and 1989. Self Love and self esteem are important elements connected to our understanding of embracing the Spirit within.

Some individuals, if they try to take a look at themselves, are nervous, frightened, or scared. I actually have a relative that is frightened to be photographed or videotaped, and my perception of this guy is that he probably doesn't even like looking at himself in the mirror! If you are person who has trouble looking at themselves in a mirror, has trouble waking up in the morning, and being able to have a relationship with yourself; if you spend a lot of time beating yourself up, or you were raised in an environment where there was a lot of put-down, or if you are in an environment now where you are tremendously judged with objectivity’s upon you then your level of self love or self esteem is very low.

Self esteem and self-love are very, very close, to being the same thing, but self love is a reflection of one of the highest vibrations of blissful, psychic consciousness a being could have. If you don't care for yourself, and you were raised in a put-down environment or are in one now, then your personal self image would be very low. Everyone has an Aries factor in their chart, either with the planet Mars, whatever house cusp Aries rules, or planets afflicted in either the first house or in the sign of Aries. Also, if the chart ruler is afflicted.

First house planets in particular can determine how one feels about oneself, and even though we try so hard to befriend ourselves and learn to love what we see in the mirror, we still find ourselves just as bad as to how we judge our bodies and behavior. We constantly get into these mindsets where we are beating ourselves up. Even though I have an afflicted first house Moon, I love myself, and I would say that my level of self-love out of ten is between a seven and an eight. I'd like to think it could a ten but unfortunately it's not, because I have been through a lot of pain as far as being judged with tremendous criticism from others.

Where does the judgment and criticism Karma come from? Well, we have to go back to the small island called 'ego'. When a person has an over-healthy ego, the more power one can get, the more selfish, conceited, and obsessed we can become. This is obviously not the recipe for authentic self-love. This type of ego tends to think that obtaining fame, and power will help them find the truth to life, particularly by having other people care for them. The truth is that they are so insecure, hurting, lonely and frightened, they're willing to create an Empire to see if that won't help. The problem is that nothing that you create on the outside of your body, is going to help you on the road to self-realization, self image, self-esteem. And finally forming a bond, a relationship between your Spirit and your body, a love for self, that no one can share with you. It's something that only you can develop. When I look at some of the most wealthiest and powerful people on the planet, I think to myself, to what end the means? Or to what means the end? If these people think they are going to be happy, or discover their Spirit, by building materialism around them, they're wrong! The Karma here is ego.

The Karma here is as the ego is strengthened, typified by strong Leo energies, there can be a desire to further this strength. Many Leo's come from a past life of being in power, even Kings, and Queens' in a few cases. It is our Karma in life to overcome ego, to attain and embrace humility, selflessness, and to be able to authentically find love within without having to build an Empire or power structure with a phony subservience from others who pretend to love us and are really contemptuous of us. When we return in future lifetimes with this Leo factor, that may be signified, say, by an afflicted Saturn in Leo in the first house. You can be sure that this individual held a position of power in a previous life that focused ego upon the self, withdrew from the family of man and created, or perpetuated an autocratic Empire.

There is only one important purpose in life and that is to find the Spirit. When you do find that Spirit, you have to embrace it, love it, nurture it and dedicate yourself to spreading love and light outward to people. You might think you were born to get married, raise a family, build a house, get a car, boat or whatever, and to be famous or wealthy. However, if you do not find that Spirit, you have to keep coming back [in reincarnated states] until you do. This is what self-love is all about; it is an authentic spiritual dedication and revelation to get to know the God inside you, embracing that and spreading it out to the Universe. It's like a young star in the sky, burning brightly and growing. If you make your life any more complicated than finding and embracing the Spirit within, then you've got a problem. Love of self and positive self-esteem is the key not only to happiness, but the key to ascending and evolving in life.

Can you imagine how many people are out in the world right now and are hurting? In fact, when one wonders what their self-esteem is you could go up to someone, say, Bob, and ask; "Bob, how's do you feel about yourself" and Bob says "Oh, I think I'm a great guy" and people lie an average of seventeen times a day! all people. When you try to talk to people about themselves, and this is what keeps therapists, psychologists and Astrologers in business, they don't know how to find and nurture their Spirit. Some people refuse to seek it.

Most of our low self-esteem starts in childhood, especially if you had a name like Farley! It's been a long road for me and all your life your hearing you're this, you're that, you won't be such and such, and on, and on... All these negatives, especially when you are baby, really young, abused by others, especially other children. Can you imagine the Karma involved if you were say, a twin, the first born, left for an hour while the other was being delivered. Also, the first-born having front teeth so that there would be nurturing rejection. This is heavy Karma! You go through life being name-teased, put-downs, and you come out of school with ones' self esteem in the gutter! You must realize though that these experiences are lessons for us to embrace, so that we can understand the lesson of self-love, self-esteem, and the relationship with ones' Spirit. Many people don't know how to love themselves and often need to seek out a spiritual teacher who can guide them.

One of the classic symptoms of low self-esteem is heavy smoking, or alcoholism, because it’s slow death. There are many disorders that have their roots in low self-esteem. Many individuals, who have high levels of sensitivity, run away, escape and get into drugs rather than getting into higher levels of consciousness. Start looking in the mirror and enjoy what it is you see, no matter what you see. Often we have to let go of the past, live in the now because what you are in life is what we have now, the future is not here yet. So the best you can do is embrace what you have for the now. You can work on goals and desire, within the framework of your purpose. There is no sense in feeling guilty, having regrets or being negative on oneself. The secret to life is to love yourself, no matter what you are, what you've got or who you are. Nourish the body, mind and Spirit and nurture and embrace it. It may not be perfect, but it's you!

We live in a society that has an emphasis on materialism, demands, social pressures, and relationships. The pressure can build and compound. Where does the pressure go, but into the body, the temple of the Soul. Material stress manifests itself in the material body, which can lead to illness, dis-ease and ultimately premature death.

The major point to make on this very special subject, is with relationships. People expect their relationships to go smoothly, and create all kinds of games and scenarios before they let them into their lives. They don't trust anybody because they have been thrashed, so they are afraid to let anyone in. How dare anyone get involved in a relationship with anybody that doesn't have self-love. Have you checked your self-love meters with yourself, with the people you are dating, or married to? This is not to imply that you should break up with anyone, it is that we should determine if our self-love needs to be elevated.

We are so influenced with gutter-press novels, and trash movies that depict obsessive needs in relationships. How many times have you heard, or even said, "I love you so much, I'd die without you, I am nothing without you." The usual monologue that suggests; I hate myself, I need you as a crutch, I'm incapable of having a relationship with myself and the feelings you give me right now make me [selfishly] feel good-but for how long I say. Have you noticed how these phony relationships deteriorate rapidly over the years. Have you noticed that the most bonded relationships are those in which the word love is rarely uttered—it's the thought, general word, action and deeds that depict the state of any relationship. It is not the incessant expression of love to overcome insecure feelings and loss of self-esteem.

So it is important not to allow being patronized in a relationship, we must find the Spirit within and allow our self-esteem to grow. It's self-realization, self-development, self-esteem, and self-love. It's embracing the Spirit and nurturing the God-self within.

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