Reflections aired on September 22nd 1988. This topic examines the individual as the center of the Universe, as God, and as the creations manifested in their immediate vicinity, to be a reflection of their current creative process.

Once again we are going to look at the individual as the center of the Universe, so if your life is weird, bad, negative, and worried with many problems, then perhaps the reflections that you send are not really too comfortable.

So I am going to offer some alternatives to help you change this reflection. To alert you to the fact in the metaphysical viewpoint of this host, that we are the Universe and we create everything we sense at the center of it. This topic is rather curious because many people really don't like their lives, particularly with certain individuals that they are involved with. What you can do is take a look at your life and say to yourself "well, am I happy? is everything in my life going to be better or worse or whatever?" If you're looking at certain events in your life, and you're not really content with them, then we tend to blame others. You know, I was famous for blaming Dad, Mom, my friends, my ex-wife and everybody gets blamed. But Metaphysically speaking what happens is we set up everything in the Universe to be perfect, which means that things happen for a reason.

Metaphysically, we manifest everything in life. I hate to say this, but even if you find yourself in a violent hostage situation, on an airplane, in the Middle East, something happened where your higher self and your guides somehow set you up and arranged for you to have a current situation in your life occur. The interesting point that I have discovered is that everything that does become manifest is your own reflection. In other words, the Universe in which we live in, this third dimension, is like a mirror, and everything that you see in that mirror, whether its good or bad, whether you love it or hate it, is a reflection. Now of course the past is history, and in my opinion, the future really does not exist. Because all there really is, is the now. So what you're really dealing with is simply current events, if you want to be realistic and logical about your life. What happens is, as people take a look at their lives, they are very miserable, they don't like what they have. They are very stubborn about changing it, they don't want to admit the truth.

Here's an example: you know one of the main symptoms of low self-esteem is drinking and taking drugs. Like it's funny when I counsel people, often times I'll say to them, how's your self-esteem? And they'll say, "Well I don't have any." Then I'll say "Well do you drink?" and they'll usually answer "Yeah". Then I'll say "Do you take drugs?" and they'll say, "As a matter of fact I do." Now once in a while of course you find a sober person that does have low self-esteem also. But I have found that people that do need to drink even every day, a glass of wine at dinner, need to have that edge taken off.

I'm not putting drinking down, because it is your choice what you want to do. But the point of the matter is that some people become alcoholics and drug addicts and they are into denial about it. Then their whole life becomes garbage. I mean look at this life, and right away they end up blaming everybody, because its garbage, it's very difficult in my opinion, to produce and direct a proper reflection. In other words, if you want to have a lifetime that's filled with happiness and positive thoughts, love and vibration that is very blissful, then you have to work hard at it, and this work has to do with taking care of your body. This means watching what you put into it, because the body is the channel for God and the Spirit that comes through that body or your personality is God.

Now if you delude the body with poisons, toxins, alcohol and drugs, then the Spirit is going to have trouble coming through. In fact there's going to be tremendous interference, and what you create maybe ugly. In fact, if you're really cruel to your body, and you initiate some horrible things to it, then you can create some real trauma. That reflection will be hospital, doctors, nurses, surgeons with scalpels, and people with needles. You know this is a reflection of an ugly part, the negative side of your personality. I want to make this clear. It is as if you are God and you're the center, so everything that you sense around you is a part of you, with you at the center as the brain of the operation. This means that you are totally in control of everything around you and if you don't like the people in your life, then you are looking at a reflection of a part of your personality that you manifested either a current part or a past-life part. But whatever it is, it's a reflection of you.

Now, we take a look at my life, wow! I'm pretty happy. In fact I think my life is wonderful and the reflection I have is beautiful. In fact if it's not beautiful even for a few minutes I alter it, which means leaving someone's house, or walking down the street, changing the environment, my attitude, or meditating. You know, get back into the Spirit again, and try to recreate that reflection to something that is better. See the mistake that many of us make is that we manifest the dark side to our reflection, let's say in a relationship. We know that this relationship is not good for us and that it might even be over, but we're into denial. Because we can't get out of it, we hang on to that ugly reflection of a dark side to ourselves that is weak and insecure with low self-esteem, that refuses to admit its over and we can't let go. This anchors the rest of our lives, limiting productivity with career, family, residence, finances, and social activities. So much is effected by your negative behavioral patterns, including denial.

The refusal to accept a chapter of your life is over or to adapt and adjust, and do you know who is most guilty of this? A major generation of people born with Pluto in Leo in the 40's and 50's; Neptune in Scorpio in the late 60's and 70's. Uranus in Scorpio more recent with some of the children we have being born. People with Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius people can be so hard headed, that they refuse to alter, adapt, adjust or change, or accept the nightmare that they have. So they are the ones that get into denial most of the time. The best part about understanding that you can be hard headed, is finally admitting the truth. So you say to yourself, OK, I do have low self-esteem, maybe. If you do have this low self-esteem and you do drink, that might have something to do with it. So try something different, stop drinking and give yourself a chance to focus on higher self-esteem. Maybe that will help. You know in Alcohol Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, they focus on the higher power inside an individual, and that has to do with raising the self-esteem, because we find people that love themselves don't need to alter their behavior through toxins and chemicals and poisons. Like I say they don't call it "InTOXICcation," which is poisoning by accident, because it is a poison.

Now there's all kinds of things that go on, we are born into strange family environments. We want to be psychic, seek out a psychic, to understand past lives or experience a regression. It's simple, and easy to have a regression. I'm having one right now, because almost everyone you meet, wherever you go during your entire life, will have a major element of a part of you from a past life, and a part of you from a current life. So you can regress yourself and see yourself in all the people around you, everywhere all the time. For instance, if somebody comes up to you with a gun, in a dark alley, grabs you and throw's you against the ground and points the gun in your face, well, first of all what the hell are you doing in a dark alley late at night? Right! But second of all, hey! Your higher self must have helped guide you there for a reason, so you could confront this reflection.

One of the hardest things about people living and dealing with their lives, and going through the bastard transits which are the ones where you don't want to let go. Your into denial with that relationship, "No it couldn't be over, (s)he must still want me, (s)he still wants me." You know (s)he's already told you to go to hell a dozen times, but you're into denial, and you want to keep this ugly monster within your life, when all it takes is scissors and a visualization of a cut, and a goodbye, thank you for the experience, see ya, and then it's gone and then you can create something else in that vacancy that is a better reflection.

You see self-esteem starts at home in the heart, inside or you. Once you get that, once you get that high level of self-love, and once you plug into that part of you, that power-super-hero part of you that is God. Then you can start to reflect the Universe around you. When you do all your homework and you're at 100 percent, when you're at level ten self-esteem everyday, then you can start to alter things in your life that are reflections of things you don't like. Why am I married to this person? Why do I let him do to the children what he does? I'm going to take the children out of here. I'm going to take notes, when he beats my children, and I'm going to record it when he does it and store evidence, so when this goes to trial I can alter this stuff.

The only way God can do it's work (OK, I'm not going to use any gender here), is it must initiate action. So when you're into denial or refusal to accept truth as the way things exist, then they stay the same. If it's an ugly reflection in your life then that's you, and you know what, when you look at life and the people that you think you hate, remember that these people are your reflection. You will be so much better if you can learn to love and embrace what you think you hate so much. Because that's how you absolve the pain, and the Karma, as to why you created this strange weird dominant manipulative boss, a sexual harassing boss, nepotism, or whatever, that you've manifested. And now you can just love him and say goodbye. I'm going to go to work now some place else in Phoenix Arizona... So many of us, most of the planet of course, does not even know about this reflection philosophy.

How many people can you go up to and say did you know I'm a reflection of you? And lets say some people don't like Hispanic and black people, and the person that they get as a room mate or boss is a Hispanic, black man, and what does this say? This Hispanic, black man is metaphysically a reflection of this person with deep hate and prejudice. Obviously he has come from reincarnations of black, and Hispanic origin. He's now being confronted with a real part of his Karma. Because usually you hate the part of you that is karmic, or you hate the part of you where you owe the debt. So you manifest your nightmares to make a peace with them, and there's no sense for you to hold on to them once you've made the peace, say goodbye. If you want to live with this person, this black, or Hispanic, that you've finally learned how to love, that's fine, or you can live with them for a couple of months, and learn how to get along with them, and then go on, and say wow! Now I like black, Hispanic men, and it's not a problem anymore.

Individuals have problems with so many people; men out-hate their mothers. They have anger for their mothers, so they project the anger on women, and they go out and have sex with all these women, and then they treat them like dirt afterwards. They're very charming, loving, and seductive when they meet them, and oh baby, come to my house, lets have dinner, lets party and everything. After the romance it's like hey! Get out of here, I've got things to do, and all this anger comes out. The woman is stunned, did I let this happen again? What does it say? They are both reflections of each other. Get it? That’s right, she must hate men to create a guy like this and he must hate women to create a girl like this, so they end up fighting with each other.

Now the only way, in my opinion, that you can truly absolve your Karma and get rid of some of this hate, anger, insecurity, low self-esteem, and this stubborn hard-headed denial behavior you have. You have to overcome the refusal to admit relationships are over, your career is over, that you have a drug or alcohol problem, or whatever. This denial is a bunch of crap. What you've got to do is face up to what the Karma is and see it as a reflection.

If you have a 12 year old little boy who's promiscuous and smokes pot, there's a reflection here of everybody around him. The only way he can be helped or encouraged is that this child needs a lot of love. Red alert love! This is not something that you can go into denial with, that many people do. I take the example of the person who goes up to a man, and truthfully says you know what, I found out your wife's a Lesbian! He then beats up this guy for telling him that, because he's into denial. He doesn't want to hear his wife is a Lesbian right, so he goes ahead and trashes anybody who caught his wife doing this. Six months later he gets divorced because his wife admits to him she's a Lesbian, and he could have avoided all this pain by just getting out of this denial, It's a reflection there's something going on. Something in the wife that's Lesbian, that is part of his Soul. It's a reflection of his Soul.

You have to remember this; everything in life, everything you do, everything that happens to you is manifest for a reason. You are a God mechanism, you are a machine, you create, you have the power, everything that happens to you occurs because you are working on it in the conscious mind, in the sub-conscious mind, in the higher self, your guides are working. If you're screwed up and you smoke and drink, you'll have entities participating that are attached to you, you're possessed and they're trying to encourage you and great mess is being created. But everything that's being created is your outer reflection.

Whatever you have inside needs to be special, needs to be white, bright, loved, that's for sure, but whatever you create in your life is you. Do you know why? Because we're all the same, the element and the entity that actually motivates, animates, and that creates the life force. This element has the exact same identity as the element inside everyone. That's the God center, it's the same thing. So what we are doing as God, we're looking at ourselves in each other. So karmically, we create those elements we need to create, to evolve as a whole. That's how eternity works. We don't want to be bored, we're busy down here on Earth, we're trying to learn how to reach higher realms in our own personal individual terminals of experience. We are reaching for growth, we are reaching to go beyond this typical experience.

The interesting part about the God-Self is that it's able to divide itself molecularly into individual cells without ever losing contact or connection with those cells. The cells of the God mind are separate from our point of view, but are connected in reality. So these cells are all the same. It's like a giant Octopus, except the tentacles don't know about the head. Did you ever stub your toe? And then it took about five seconds for the pain to hit your body. Its like you stub your toe and "Oh no, man I'm gonna be 'oh' in a few seconds here, I'm gonna be hurting here". Its as if you feel like running around, grabbing your foot or cutting off the circulation, or, "how do I stop the nerve impulse?" Its just as far away as that toe is to the brain, is sometimes how far away I feel we are to the truth about God. Where as individuals we may feel pain on an individual basis, but the whole also experiences it eventually. That's why we're all responsible for all of our actions. That's why Karma is something that must be absolved on this planet, for us all to be in a better state of consciousness.

What I found when I first got into Astrology and Meditation simultaneously was when I got into my higher self I found this whole bank of knowledge. It was Astrology and I thought, well, never doubted this ever worked, don't doubt it anymore, because all this knowledge came flooding in, and without ever taking a course of Astrology or studying it, I understood it, and it was like wow! Like Karma man, I know what's going on now. People listen to the show, buy a chart, read some of the recommended reading, but may be confused for a while and then wow! They begin to open up. They evolve and rebirth in consciousness by just studying Astrology and being really intense about it. Also they learn meditation, working on self-esteem, keeping an open mind, working on centering themselves, balancing themselves, and it all starts coming together, working together really well. This program is like a class in Astrology, a correspondence course. I hope you are able to grasp this philosophy of reflections.

Now I do see everyone in my life, no matter who they are, wherever they come from, even the weirdo's that you might meet, people that will harm you, put you down, make you feel small, attack you, act aggressive, curse you, and threaten you. I just see everyone as a reflection of myself. That's why I'm always into what I call environmental control, which means I try to place myself in the most positive of environments all the time. In other words I won't walk down the dark alley, or go shopping late at night particularly in Los Angeles. I'm telling you that there's seventy thousand gang members out there, and there's a war going on, so you never know where a reflection of a bad part of yourself may be. People think gangs are something new, gangs are not new. Gangs have been with us for thousands of years on this planet, under many different names, and under many different casts. So what we are experiencing now is a new realm of Karma if we ever have contact with gang members. So the world is our reflection. It's your reflection and it's my reflection, and the only way to change it is to start at home. Gee, if everybody had their self-esteem checked, and if everybody understood that we were all our own reflections. Wow! Wouldn't this be a beautiful place to live in huh! We'd really treat ourselves with much more respect instead of treating everyone like dirt.

So that's why instead of being angry, hateful and vengeful like a typical Scorpio Moon can be, I choose to embrace the situation, and say, "OK you know if your going to be a jerk then I love you anyway". And the person looks at me and says, "oh really, Ha, Ha, does this mean that you. . ." But anyway, it seems to work for me, and if you see your life as a reflection of everything around you then perhaps you can re-create or re-manifest some more positive elements to make your life that much more happier. OK, so get involved.

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