The Power of God and Astrology

This topic, broadcast on June 15, 1987 analyzes negative thinking, worrying, confusion, fear, and anxiety, in certain Natal Charts.

People who have mainly Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini factors in their chart may seem to worry. They can be confused, create anxiety and negativity in their lives as well as other peoples. These Zodiac signs are what we call the mutable elements. You see we are all made up of the God Particle. It's funny that many people are not aware of the power that they have, because we are all in fact God, and we do radiate this force, whether we are aware of it or not. We are all capable of this incredible creative process, which means that whatever you think, whatever you say and whatever you feel, will in fact become manifest—because you are all transmitters of the God force. Even unevolved people will project into your aura, to the aura of this planet, city, or basketball team, either a winning or a losing effect. Usually it is the Over-Mind that wins out, whether it's positive or negative.

It is important for you to become aware of your power, the power of God, especially if you have Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini planets in your chart, which are the more negative elements of the Astrology chart. Although you can have any element in your chart, and still be negative, the mutables (which are Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius), seem to be the most confused. That's why that confusion can be projected into an ordinarily normal, balanced part of your life. You could have a wonderful relationship and become worried about it for no reason. Or confused and project negativity into your new found mate, and create a mess where ordinarily there wouldn't have to be a mess. Just project positive thinking, positive thought and positive consciousness.

The worse thing you can do, whether you know that you have the power of God or not, is to worry about problems and people in your life. The best thing you can do is surround them with love and light, and positive thinking and positive affirmations. If I was going to worry about my mother or her health, it would only make her life that much worse. I am God with the power of God, just as you are God, with the power of God. Whatever you believe to be so (if it is worrying) can in fact manifest. So if you worry that something bad will happen to someone, then usually it will happen. So that is why I see my mother glowing with love, light and good health, happy and smiling, having a wonderful time, with dad and her at peace, and in that way I won't create anything bad.

An incredible example of this type of energy is the prediction mother told me about Bee-Bee guns. "I don't ever want you to have one because if you do have one, you'll shoot your eye out." If she told me once she told me a hundred times. But because I was a little cowboy, a reckless little boy, I went out and forged a permission slip when I was 12, and bought myself a Bee-Bee gun. As she had been so worried about it, and had let me know about it so muchyou got itthe first day I caught a ricochet in the eye, landed in the hospital, almost blinded my self and almost lost my eye sight. So that's what happens when people worry. When they worry about you, themselves, or about life, what they are doing is using their creative process to create a negative force that will in fact endanger them or their loved ones, so you must be careful what you think.

When people worry that you are too fat, they will make you fat. They worry and think you are too sick, and they will make you sicker. People worry that you'll get into an accident, so you will have an accident. Take a look at your own lives and study your own charts; study your own experience, and become aware that people that have Cancer planets in their chart, planets in the 4th house, or people who have Virgo planets in their charts, or in their 6th house, are the worriers of the Zodiac. Whether or not people believe they have the power of God makes no difference; they have the power. When we talk about higher consciousness we talk about becoming aware of our power; we are little miracle machines, no matter what we tend to believe. Everything that we think about will in fact in fact become manifest. There are people out there that wonder why their lives are in the toilet. They even call me up and say these terrible negative statements over the air; and then they will try to get hope and light from me to help turn it around, and I say its no wonder. The one thing you must recognize is:

  1. Do you have planets in Cancer or Virgo? (I have Venus in Cancer)

  2. Do you have planets in the 4th or 6th house?

If you are people that have that, then you are people that tend to worry. Become aware that you will in fact manifest what you worry about. So stop it!! Knock it off!! What can you do when you are a worry-wart? First of all you have to learn how to catch yourself when you are worrying; you have to create an alternate behavioral pattern (behavioral modification) to get into chanting, meditation, positive affirmation, cut yourself off and surround [the object of worry] in love and light. Make statements of positive affirmations about [the object of worry].

You worry about your animals, friends, lovers, mates, God forbid you worry about your kids, because you're the ones' who project all this crap in their aura, and effect their lives negatively. Then you want to blame them for all the trouble. Of course I was the blame for buying that Bee-Bee gun, but the seed was planted in my head years before; I was compelled to buy it because it was manifest by Godwe are all God. So you must be aware and careful of this miracle machine so it does not become a nightmare machine, over which you are now in control with your higher consciousness which is God, which is you. Now you can learn to control your thoughts and your confusion, and your negativity. And we're going to talk about how you can destroy your relationships by worrying about them and creating cheaters in your life and people who will hurt you just because you think about it.

Often times having the planet Mars, if you're a woman, in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, or Sagittarius) is not the best placing. With men, Venus in Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, or Sagittarius isn't the best placing. We find much confusion, negativity, worrying and a high precedence of bisexuality or homosexuality among those who have Venus and Mars in the mutables. I have proved this with my own personal research. Men or women with Venus or Mars in Gemini or Gemini-Virgo, stress can also lead the group as far as bisexual or homosexual energies and lets face it when you go beyond heterosexual, it's already confusing enough as it is normally. What ever you might have, if you have Venus or Mars in the mutables, you must be very careful because the mutable signs infer open-mindedness.

As far as the elements are concerned Pisces is the open-minded water, where as Scorpio is the stubborn water, Cancer is the initiating water. Sagittarius is the open fire, Leo is the stubborn fixed fire, Aries is the initiating fire, Virgo is the open Earth, Taurus is the fixed or stubborn Earth, and Capricorn is the initiating earth. Gemini is the open air, Aquarius is the fixed or stubborn air and Libra is the initiating air.

It's OK to be open-minded, even if these people have any stress in their chart to the Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo or Gemini planets meaning squares, oppositions, conjunctions or inconjunctions. Or have stress to these planets from a transit (a transit is where the traveling planets are for the given day). So you could be born with a Venus in Virgo, trine Sun in Capricorn on your birthday and then with Venus in Gemini square your Mars in Virgo today. You are going to be feeling the worry, negativity, confusion and what we call over-doing the open-mindedness.

There is nothing wrong with Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini; it is just that they are so open-minded that sometimes they consider many possibilities. They over analyze tremendously, and they get to a point where they down-right scare themselves. When people with Sagittarius planets get scared they run, as that's an independent sign. When people with Gemini planets get scared they freak out and go crazy. When people with Pisces planets get scared they reject and bail out. When people with Virgo planets get scared they criticize, attack, over analyze and they may manifest reactions with words. All these people, especially Gemini-Virgo people are subject to manifest negativity in words. It's like calling up a lover where the relationship situation is normally fine, and you are having a problem in the relationship. Many times these people feel they need to go to a shrink, and the first thing they do is to tell the doctor their problem and by repeating the problem, they create further negative energy.

So if you suspect that a spouse is cheating, that they don't love you, or that they're boredyou are manifesting this stuff. You may gossip on the phone with your friends and you are creating all that negative stuff by saying those things with your creative God-stuff. You are projecting this energy, throwing it out in the Universe and manifesting it. If your spouse is compelled to cheat on you, they will cheat, because you are suggesting it. Then the real killer is calling up someone and asking; "Where were you last night? The car wasn't here; Why haven't you called me? Have you been with another person? Are you sleeping with somebody else?" The thing is you are suggesting and manifesting your own negativity. The person on the other end of the phone thinks "Wow! I felt pretty good before this phone call, but suddenly I feel this strange vibration in my life. I feel weird, because you just created all these vibrations in my life with all these thoughts, words and negative energy in our relationship." No wonder your relationships don't work!

People with Cancer-Libra stress (Uranus in Cancer, and Neptune in Libra which is millions of you born in the 50's (1952-1956). The Cancer worrying Uranus square Neptune in Libra which is the big mouth. So these are people who constantly worry and manifest negative crap in their lives and relationships, and then they have the gall to call up and ask "Why can't I have a good relationship?"

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