This topic is taken from Farley's show on the 26th May 1987. Obsessions form one of the major elements of our characteristics in our existence on this plane.

An obsession is a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea, unwanted feeling or emotion, which is often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. Astrologically, if you are a person with a Moon in a fixed sign such as Leo or Taurus Moon, and to a lesser extent Moon in Scorpio or Aquarius, then this seems to be the placement for indulgence. These people just seem to dive in whether it's a banana split, a Mercedes Benz or a frozen yogurtand it even extends to power-plays or politics. Usually, those of us who relate to this energy often worry, carry stress, feel anger, hostility and even vindictiveness.

It is then that you have to take a look at the reasons or motives behind your behavioral patterns. Individuals don't get angry, hostile or vindictive by accident. Hungers, cravings or desires don't occur unless there is something triggering it. Anger or depression, can occur when someone or something has been taken from us, either from a break up of a relationship, death, or relocation of someone close. We may lose a home, car, or boat by accident due to a fire, storm, flood, etc. On occasion, apparently unusual circumstances occur in this third dimension, particularly to the favorite things that we are so obsessed with (Metaphysically all this stuff is an illusion)which in actuality is a creative process of the Spirit, that develops what we call material objects, materialistic people, a materialistic dimension that we seem to take so very personally!

No matter how spiritual a person may be, somehow the obsession will creep in. It is like a priest trying to live in Las Vegas his whole life, with the gambling, partying, hookers, etc. In being human, resistance is hard on occasion regardless of your good intentions. Food as an obsession is interesting—unless you are a complete vegetarian who eats natural raw foods most of your lifeconsuming sugary or acid foods, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, means that if you don't take care of yourself, the human body will act as a karmic catalyst to let you know the price one has to pay for obsessions. Your body will show you when you are obsessed. The Soul occupies the human body which is the temple of the Soul, so if you become obsessed by these things then your health is the reflection of your obsession.

Reaching out for a long shot, reaching out for someone you recently rejected, expecting them to come back to you–this is a typical long shot that's manifested from an obsession. Chasing after someone you know you can't have or be withthat's another obsession. Learning to let go is the key. When you have something in your life that is not good for you, by developing the awareness, realization and the practice of finally letting go, you can get on with your life in a happier way. Never lose sight of your spiritual priorities, as this is always so important, because once you become materialistic with third dimensional objects—such as money, career, or with anything—the obsession makes you forget your spiritual side. For instance, if you love someone, the true love of that person is in a spiritual way, not just lustiness or emotional. Ask yourself if you ever thought of loving someone for their God-self, or their spiritual self, because they make you feel more one-with-God than any other person. This is a spiritual bond which is so special, as you are less obsessed with them, because your conscious mind identifies with the I-Am, or God-self, force.

There is a value here with Astrology, which can be very informative when examining one's chart, in determining the stressful times that certain planetary placements can occur to generate types of pain; in yourself (transiting squares), or others (transiting oppositions), or neglect of others (transits through the Midheaven). The square and opposition transits can be beneficial, because these are the times when we are allowed to make the choice of letting go of the garbage in our life that angers us. This is in contrast to the way many people freak out during these transits by being obsessed over something no matter what it is. Try to remember that all things do pass, they will pass, they must pass, so why worry about it now? Square transits can induce people to be angry in traffic, by honking and hollering, or they aggravate and upset themselves—which makes them their own worst enemy. The opposition transit can create another person in your life that is either hostile or apparently unreasonable, and you've created the situation once again, to make the misery of bringing a new character into your life a manifestation of your actions. Thus, knowing squares and oppositions is very important; it urges you to overcome the obstacles and develop the spiritual side of your life.

How do we eliminate or minimize obsessions? The following seven points can help to overcome these compulsions. On the next page, there are seventeen tips, or priorities, of life that can be used as affirmations.

  1. Understand the area of obsessions that you are personally susceptible to. Embrace the knowledge that you have this emotional aspect which needs to be worked out.
  2. Recognize that there will be times in your life when stressful times occur, due to transiting aspects of planets to your own chart, that allow you to overcome obsessions.
  3. The human body is like a personal laboratory. If you get obsessed by something or distraught, then it will turn against you health-wise and the body will express discomfort, aches or pains, dis-ease, or allergy.
  4. The body will identify the elements you should stay away from. Also, the things you take excessively are likely to be the items that make you sick.
  5. Feeling good is important; zero in on what some of your obsessions are. Channel them, process them, and let them go. Get them out of your life so you can create a better temple of the Soul and a healthier body.
  6. Good health is the key to overall well-being.
  7. Unnecessary stress has its roots in being attached to things. We can worry about the things we are attached tobe it family, money, or job. This can cause obsessions. By allowing ourselves to be calm and meditative, the problem corrects itself, as we can forget about the money and let it go, because worry and stress only agitates you and doesn't help. Attachment begets worry, begets stress!

17 Tips, or priorities, of Life.

  1. Health.
  2. Mental, physical, emotional spiritual.
  3. Compassion.
  4. Self-esteem or self-love.
  5. Humanitarianism.
  6. Meditation or prayer.
  7. Spirit is eternal and matter is temporary.
  8. Positive affirmations—selfless, not greedy or selfish.
  9. Practice universal love.
  10. Respect the law of Karma.
  11. Recognize love and embrace your higher-self.
  12. Pay attention to warning signs; fight to overcome negative obsessions.
  13. Recognize rebirth and the need for positive transformation.
  14. The power of the human body and the Soul equals God.
  15. Embrace the God-Self.
  16. You are a messianic being.
  17. Universal love.
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