Meditate on Expecting Miracles

Meditate on Expecting Miracles was aired on the 28th May 1987. This topic deals with the relationship between yourself and inner knowledge to set you free to release the hidden power of the Soul.

To create and expect miracles of Biblical proportions in your life, you can look within yourself for the answers, and for the information that you seek. Meditate on Expecting Miracles is a topic that has to do with getting involved in a relationship with your self, loving yourself and dealing with the incredible potential that your Soul and the temple of your Soul (the human body) works. This potential concerns the awesome Godlike power that we have, but often we do not believe, understand or recognizebecause of the conditioning of society, friends, family and so forthwhich tells us we are limited. Too many people out there are saying "Well, you don't believe in that! That can't be possible", and all this negative stuff just seems to prevent us from being the highest-high we can be.

How do we get to the point in our life where we can expect to create a miracle, create visions and miracles of Biblical proportions (that I'm sure have happened to many people)? It is sad that people fall into ruts, get down, lonely, irritable, destructive and suicidal. It's sad that people waste their lives with drugs, food and alcohol, many of them horribly addicted. It is important to climb out of the gutter, and rut to seek some help internally within yourself. Because you have the ability and the power to create the magnificence of the Spirit that will get you into touch with your God Self, your higher-self and create miracles just as they are written in the Bible.

The miracle Farley had is compared to the one of Moses with the burning bush. I was in Hong Kong meditating for 5 days, totally removed from the environment (China has a very mystical environment). On the third day after fasting and meditation, I had this vision, this God-like vision that changed my life from that moment on. I've had five or six other visions or similar experiences in his life. So this topic is to help the readers find the Light and create their own visions and miracles. It takes relaxed open-mindedness and an understanding that you can do it. If you climb that mountain of knowing, you can and will qualify, then your Spirit guides and higher self will see that you have one. They will trigger the light, love, hope, faith and the courage that could help your life magnificently. One thing I have learned by experiencing miracles and visions is that once you have them you no longer seem vulnerable. The fear of death disappears. The fear of mortality or being finite disappears and the eternal Soul, the eternal self shines through.

I will describe 21 points on how to create miracles, and 9 points on how to open up. However, first you have to believe that you are capable of creating miracles and visions of Biblical proportions, at the God level. Why is it that people think that Moses, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Ramah, or all the masters are so far above us? They are made up of the same stuff; they have the same God Particle. We can reach the same Messianic state of consciousness that they ascended to and that was a major mark of all their messages. But instead we tend to idolize them, and praise them. When you take a look at how big Jesus or Moses or Buddha would be, then you have this behemoth in your mind and you cut yourself down as a little bitty person.

To manifest a vision or miracle of Biblical proportions (and this isn't an ego trip), you have to imagine in a spiritual sense your power as equal to any of the great masters or teachers. That means you are definitely capable and qualified. To have a miracle or vision of Biblical proportions, that's the first step beyond anything else. Now I do suggest that if you want to experience this that you take a miracle or vision type vacation, where you can set aside 5 to 7 days, away from the city and the rig-a-ma-roll of your life.

  1. Learn to detach yourself from the norm of life (phone calls, stresses, distractions—if you can afford to go to a foreign location; fine). Getting up in altitude is nice, 5000 feet or more is good, with clean, clear, fresh air, and consciousness seems to rise with it. The ocean is also nice.

  2. Believe in yourself, knowing you are qualified and capable to have a miracle or vision in your life.

  3. Recognize that you do possess the power of the mind (i.e., the power of God in your Soul), just as all human beings have. Recognize, identify and accept that.

  4. You have to consciously and in step by step process (as you pull away on your vacillation to do this) remove yourself from the influence of society by thinking spiritual thoughts, and removing the stressful thoughts from your mind. Create spiritual affirmations on a list before you start on your trip, and use them in your mind as you travel. See yourself preparing for this experience.

  5. Remove internal interference by fasting on distilled water and juice. Don't use drugs to get high. Fasting is enough of a natural high.

  6. Fasting under supervision of course (I am obliged by both man-made and natural laws to advise you of this).

  7. The environment would be the country or place that you choose to be away from any distractions. The mountains, the seashore, foreign lands.

  8. Putting your self into a holy environment or a holy trance where you can imagine having this type of experience. You have to visualize it happening.

  9. Meditation on holier Mantras like "I am God", or "come to me Christ consciousness", Scriptures, chants, etc. Anything that fills your mind to create a holy state of consciousness. "I am the light of Gods Love. I am open to the light of Gods truth, I receive divine inspiration and loving desire to share my abundance of love and truth with all living things." These are things you want to think about while you are alone on your little spiritual vacation.

  10. You can shape your own Mantra, one that will help you become more open, spiritual and receptive to your God-being.

  11. It is important to be patient. It's the key to success here. It might take a few days to manifest, but patience is the key to success.

  12. Learning to be regular. You'll be meditating most of the day (not 20 minutes in the morning, and again 20 minutes at night). This spiritual vacation should be spent in a relaxation therapy. Sit in a Lotus position, upright or pronenot sleeping or dozing offbut meditating on your affirmations, mantras, and higher-consciousness growth with guidance from your higher self (so don't shop, or go for walks). You're zeroing in on a meditative state of consciousness.

  13. It is important to be alone. Some people try to take along others, but it is a distraction.

  14. Protection is important. Say affirmations that you are protected by the light of God's love. Bless yourself. Bless your environment, bless your aura. Use prayers or things you have written that protect yourself. Or imagine a magnificent orb of light surrounding you in all directionsa snowball of light protecting you at all times.

  15. Visualization is what it is all about. You can't see the light unless you visualize it. You can't meet an angelic being, your higher-self, your guides, and the masters unless you can visualize it in the mind. Sometimes it starts with a tiny pin of light and expands, or becomes an orb of light or even an entity of light and love. Experiment with alpha states of consciousness, a new meditative state. When you see the waves in your mind of consciousness and the deeper state of the conscience state and the conscience delta, you can actually have the visions without sleeping. In these states of consciousness, and the advanced states, you can actually see people, experiences, things, and be transverse or transmit information to other beings, to yourself or to your higher-self.

  16. Don't force anything; just allow the higher conscious states to be your guide.

  17. The actual vision itself, when this happens it might be accompanied by tears, shaking vibrations. Because when you have a vision it can be very exciting and you may experience some significant biological reactions from it—it's very important not to be frightened so keep up your affirmations. Try to hold on to this field of consciousness. Don't faint or black out, and blow the wonderful experience.

  18. You could be confronted by beings of Light.

  19. You might be confronted by your higher-self.

  20. You might be confronted by the over mind or the God-Self.

  21. You could feel that you are in the presence of the God-Force Itself which would be a very, very powerful miracle. Because if that happens you wouldn't feel like a human being anymore, because you'd be totally plugged in to your Spirit self.

If you have a miracle because of these steps then learning to let go of all the seeming petty garbage is definitely the key here, because life will seem trivial after having a miracle or vision. So to open yourself up to Higher States of Consciousness you must:

  1. Relax.

  2. Remain Calm.

  3. Be patient.

  4. Remain Sober (during the entire spiritual vacation when you attempt this).

  5. Remove yourself from the stress of the world.

  6. Open your mind.

  7. Believe in yourself.

  8. Become your God-self.

  9. Use the positive power trine imagine, believe and will it to happen.
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