The Sign of the Times

This topic, broadcast on May 21st 1987, examines the spiritual effect on this planet, the choices that we're confronted with that will help us overcome some of our stresses. This topic is more for those people who are on a spiritual quest and rebirthing into the Spirit.

We are going to take a look at why life is getting crazy for so many people lately. Alvin Tackler referred to this time in American history as future shock. Just 100 years ago it was 1887, and things were very different. If you know someone pushing 100, these individuals have existed during an interesting time in this experience called life. The social and technological advances have been enormous, with such things as aircraft, cars, rockets,  and social medicine in many countries. We've also developed quite an incredible radio and television technology, and an impressive computer technology. I don't know if humanity is ready for this kind of jolt, in less than 100 years since the Industrial Revolution. The reason for much of this is that we are in what we call the Age of Aquarius. An age where things become so clear that finally we are allowed and given the gift of technology in order to do something with some of these inventions for humanity. Technology and wealth as we have seen, creates materialism, power, competition, stress and drugs. At the same time there is a tremendous wave of consciousness that is effecting the planet and all this against a background with traditional morals and customs (the bible and teachings, etc.). In less than 100 years it seems as if the Earth has changed into a totally different planet.

It's important to understand current and future events for our planet especially for the next decade or two, because we see the next decade or so as being critical as far as the change. The 21st century brings some hope for peace on this planet, with disarmament being part of the Age of Aquarius. Many New Age people are particularly stressed out right now. The very psychic and sensitive people are being torn between the material obsession and the spiritual, because we've been conditioned to want material things. Then with the consciousness explosion we're being geared to get us through these crazy times (spiritual training).

These fast times on planet Earth is a wonderful time to identify your cosmic self, to embrace your Astrological sacred self, your intuitive mind, and plug into your messianic self. Learn to let go of your obsessions, your materialistic selfishness, and try to retain a spiritual priority as you go through some of these spiritual transits. Transits back in the 1800's wouldn't be nearly so intense, because the schedules were not this crowded. Trying to fit in TV shows, movies and computer dating, trying to fit in time to maintain the car, get it gassed up, time to maintain the boat, the apartment, housing and real-estate. There is so much responsibility to keep up with everything we've got going today and everyday people are not prepared for this kind of responsibility. So many people are freaking out of all this under pressure, and if you do not adhere to the law of Karma, or do not understand them, then that's the price you will pay.

Those of us, who identify with their spiritual quest, recognize that stressful events are simply choices for us to overcome. These are people who are letting go of dogma, obsessions' selfishness, and are overcoming fear and paranoia. They try to keep their affirmations positive and their life stable. I see life in the 1980's and 90's as people walking on a tightrope and being distracted by things close to the rope or things just beyond its reach. When you try to reach for something off that spiritual tightrope you can be knocked down off the rope completely, or you end up hanging on by your fingers. Notice that with Spirit it is a matter of keeping centered and balanced in the light. Whenever you get the least bit material for any reason, you start grasping at things you think you need, because you are conditioned by other beings, and by yourself who think they are experts in this dimension.

So we're conditioned to think we need certain things whether its money, power, success, a mate, sex, drugs, or anything. This can extend to pursuing a vacation, but not having the money aggravates you because the money isn't there. These are things that can get you off the tightrope. Right now it is so important to retain our spiritual groundedness, because we are all human and we all get caught up in these messes. For a while its fun and we all get caught up in it, but it's important when we find ourselves alone, with our own aura, that we ground ourselves in meditation and return to a spiritual priority. Because if you dwell on things that you've lost, passed, can't have, or people you can't hold on to for a permanent basis, then dwelling on this stuff just delays your own spiritual growth.

Something very magnificent is happening to this entire dimension which I believe is focused on the Earth. It is that we are coming into a vibrational effect from the Aquarian sector where clarity is effecting inventiveness. It takes a long time for people to move their consciousness. People thought they were spiritual 2000 years ago when Jesus was on this planet, but why didn't the industrial revolution open up then? If there was such a clarity of consciousness then, you have to believe that a guy like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or Albert Einstein (of course they were geniuses) would open their consciousness so they could channel higher parts of themselves to allow them to invent this stuff. There had to he some kind of clarity in these people's minds. Why was there no inventiveness on this planet 2000 years ago, when spirituality was at such a height?

Right now, we are in a consciousness expanding state today. Look at Hollywood, all the channeling going on by the screenwriters or scriptwriters and the seeking going on by actors and actresses. When people are at their best, at their highest creative levels of acting, writing, roles of inventiveness, then they are really plugging into their higher selves. So we are excelling beyond our furthermost dreams. Dwarfing anything we have known in modern civilization (except the Atlantis civilization), because in Atlantis there was another Age of Aquarius with similar clarity, which effects this planet every 24 to 26 thousand years. We blew the planetary Karma back then, because we lost the spiritual struggle and there was a great war, that dwarfed this planets consciousness again and we were all struck dumb for another 24,000 years.

We are once again on the peak of entering a whole new realm of awareness and what do we do? We take our traditional values, fears and paranoia, whether national or international, and we let hundreds of thousands of millions of people starve. We stand by and watch people die in plagues and war on this planet, that dwarf anything this planet has ever seen. We forget the United States is based on an Indian genocide, where God knows whether 20 or 100 million Indians were massacred, but we forget what type of national Karma might be the effect to this nation. So we are sitting on a keg of nitroglycerine especially with 20 to 30 thousand nuclear warheads. We're on the brink of walking away from our immature childishness, and on the breech of growing, expanding and embracing our family of man, the oneness with God. It's happening right now with the individual, they are being shown the choice right now, by their guides, by their selves, and by their Karma. Every one of you is being tested as to how important this materialism is. This selfishness, acquisition and the competitive urge really is a test, because as important as it is with the individual, it will remain with the planet.

Once people start to become more spiritual and embrace each other with love, kindness, and caring, the Aquarian effect, even though it can't happen overnight, is eventually possible. If a generation of new age metaphysical people grow up and somehow takes over the leadership of this planet in the next 10 to 20 years, all of this political hocus pocus can end. There is a tremendous waste of resources, funds, and energy with the bickering, national and international political scams and terrorism. When this finally comes to a halt, imagine for a moment the tremendous abilities we will have in addressing the problems on this planet. We can restore world consciousness, individual consciousness, and the messianic self to this planet. Then the true Christ, in the form of God, will have returned to the minds of all people, and that is what I call the return of Christ.

I feel that the growing study of metaphysics, Astrology, psychic and spiritual awareness is a fascinating catalyzer that indicates people are changing and rebirthing. There are people who are inventing these far out technology systems, that are being misused and wasted. We should invest money where it makes a difference to improve our planet. If there are physical inventions coming forth in this life, imagine the spiritual inventions that are coming, with all the spiritual awareness we have. Otherwise, we would have had television, movies, radio, 10's of 1000's of years ago. If invention had been that simple and the consciousness of man had been that qualified, it would have happened, instead it's been happening now the 1900's.

The year 2000 is going to mark an incredible transformation for this planet; I want to be there. I think that people who are involved in spiritual growth now will survive in Spirit, in their consciousness and escape the dogma of this dimension and the trials, tribulations and pettiness that has held us all down, feeling depressed, anxious, irritable and down. This topic is to help those who are experiencing the rebirth of Spirit, so they might drag themselves out of the mire and garbage that this planet has become. I think there is hope, love and light so that we can all turn it around, but you start with the individual one person at a time.

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