The Dream Laboratory

On April 10th, 1989, Farley discussed his Dream Lab' and what happens when he sleepswhere he goes and what he gets up to.

I've learned how to coordinate and manage my dream state, and the little laboratory I have built to manage and organize controlled dream states to process stress, understand life, loves, successes and failures. From this one can gain a greater Metaphysical prospective, and return to be basics of just being happy, and blissful with confidence. I hope that after this topic you can also construct your very own, dream lab'. I spent some time on the Pacific Ocean recently. I love the sea, it has such a grounding effect. I love all those sea lions, dolphins, whales, sea gulls and pelicans that are all over the place. Sea Life! you haven't really lived in Los Angeles until you go out on the ocean. So I highly recommend that for therapy, if you are having a mid-life crisis.

In my quest for Metaphysical growth, spiritual awareness, and happiness void of depression, with a blissful, happy, confident and optimistic life style, I have to tell you I have come from a very dark place, very dark! You have to believe that when you are raised in an environment of negative conditioning—which basically means you don't get rewarded too much when you're good, but when you're bad you get punished really hard emotionally. This happens to many of us during our childhood school years. You know I'm not really too happy with the education system in the state of Missouri frankly, because I don't like the way they punished us when we did things wrong. There is so much negative conditioning in the world to stifle and squelch the spiritual qualifications–the spiritual potential. If you try to squelch this Spirit in the child then you literally prevent that child from having total communion with the multi-dimensional part of his entire persona, which is awesomely powerful and many of us are extraterrestrial souls.

I'd say especially you people that are really hooked on this show and myself. People whom really like me and feel close to me. I'd say, "hey, E.T. phone home," that's what that's all about, you guys are really involved in a mission of midwifing this planet into a higher realm of consciousness. Well, along the lines of this quest for truth, and this quest for light, love, evolution, and spiritual growth, we must first dig ourselves out of the muck! It might mean giving up cigarettes, giving up pot, cocaine, or any kind of drugs and alcohol. It might mean giving up addictive behavior that you escape to when you're feeling depressed. It could mean giving up the addictive depression syndrome, moodiness, and crabbiness and just learning a basic lifestyle. How to channel stress, discharge that stress through meditation and therapy and how to free your body of the toxins by de-toxing. Learn to fast, meditate and how to pray and use your affirmations and visualizations, and also Astrology, as a major tool and catalyst of sacred knowledge that lies in your higher self and your intuitive mind.

When you get into Astrology, many of you will recall, and you will reflect on that very moment—when you turn the corner—when suddenly you go from a non-Astrological person to an I-got-it-type individual. Where you suddenly see the light and say, whereas I might not have wanted to know about Astrology before, now suddenly I want to get my chart done. Where is the chart I bought from Farley? I don't know its in the car somewhere, and you do turn the corner and your chakras do become more sensitive and your body more pure and your right brain more in control and suddenly you rebirth. Actually you can have several rebirths in a life where your awareness level changes and where your consciousness is lifted up.

Frankly, when I went through my darkest days in the pit of depression, despair, loneliness, anxiety, bad health, and all that stuff–symptoms of a non-spiritual lifestyle. I was seeking everything outside my own body for support with no inner support. When I finally turned that corner, it was Astrology and meditation that catalyzed the oneness that I now share with the Universe and with all of you. It also catalyzed this omnipotent-omniscient-omnipresent poster of God that lies within, that restored my confidence, power, love, self-esteem and self evolutionary factors that I became aware of. So I used Astrology, Metaphysics and Meditation to try to help manage and coordinate the communion and the communication which I would have with the omni-dimensional self.

The very first book I read when I took up Astrology and Metaphysics and Meditation was called Seth Speaks. Even though I don't totally agree with certain things Seth talks about, such as Jesus, I believe some of this information has been distorted, as it comes through. With any channel it can be distorted. I do believe in the chapter that discusses the multi-dimensional self in that book, which to me was one of the more valuable chapters I had ever read. I suddenly became aware that the Farley Malorrus that I saw in the mirror was just the tip of the iceberg of what I truly am, or truly can be. And all these people in my life telling me all these negatives, such as you can't do this, you can't do that, you can never be this. Your just a failure, you this, you that.

These negatives make me sad, so let me reverse that to all of you. You are wonderful, happy, successful, loving people. You are going to be magnificently creative and successful. You are all super stars in your own right. You are wonderful and I love you. See, just throwing those examples out, you might have gotten a little shock in your aura, and you can imagine hearing that stuff millions of times, growing up as a child. You make a mistake and right away people come across with this failure syndrome. Well, you know, you break out of that and you become aware, you go beyond your peers, your family group and relatives. You break out of this failure syndrome rut. You become aware of the multi-dimensional self, which is this magnificent creature. This magnificent entity that directs you, and you find out that not only do you have a higher self, and also a super conscious self that is in communion with that higher self, which is almost like your direct connection to God.

However, if you also have an intuitive mind, which is the window from your right brain to this higher self. You also have a dream state consciousness, which is very close to the intuitive mind that exists when our brain is kind of shut off, and the right brain takes over when we're sleeping. So actually you can really plug in not only to the conscious mind, or what is visible and real to you when you are alert and conscious with your eyes open, alive and sober in this dimension. But at the same time you have a very active mind that exists in a much more greater whole, as far as you are part of, that exists beyond this realm, which is very powerful, very exciting and very incredible. Especially when I say those of you that are from an extraterrestrial source, an extraterrestrial Soul.

Those of you who have had inter-planetary reincarnating experience like I have are people that are definitely gifted with powers of healing, powers of meditation, powers of telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, Spirit communication, contact with Spirit guides and ability to channel higher self, and guides. This stuff becomes very exciting.

Well, as I was moving along the road of Astrological, Metaphysical, psychic and spiritual awareness, I got into crystals (quartz crystals). In communion with my meditation, and I was able to discover that this other part of my self; the intuitive mind with the dream state of mind, what I call the Dream Realm, existed, and not only did it exist but I could finally jump in there feet first. And somehow control or manage this part of our mind. Now most people dream, but they don't think they have as much control in their dream state as they to in their conscious state. Well, I disagree with that, because I've gone far enough in my experiences. About seven years ago I was able to get in touch with a place where I would go when I dream over and over again. I eventually identified this place as my Dream Lab, which I would describe as almost like a super structure, an Atlantean crystalline super structure of some sort, which might be a reflection of a place that I held dear during an Atlantean past-life or an extraterrestrial past-life.

This particular structure that I go to is not only a full technology structure, you know, filled with monitors, computers and all kinds of visualization manifestation devices. I have a full blown multi-warp drive space shuttle outside that I use, and I am able to go to this place and pull in people I have known through several lifetimes. In fact, I actually lived there with my twin flame, with a female being whom I actually embrace more as a wife, and many of my children that I've been with through many of my past lives. Its like there's a whole school of children there, and animals of all shapes, sizes, colors and creations. When I get into this Dream Lab' state I am able to do experiments, studies, research: Astrological, Metaphysical, Spiritual and psychic things that help me coordinate this show, adjust and adapt better to my own life, visualize and manifest and affirm things on a higher level.

You can imagine if you're into visualization manifestation, which means if you're into visualizing good things for your life, you can imagine how powerful it is in a transcendental type meditation. Even better yet in a transcendental type dream state where you can go to a controlled environment like my dream lab and be able to manifest and visualize just what you want in your life. It’s pretty awesome and incredible when you are able to do that. If any of you have, or are aware of a controlled dream state type situation like my dream lab then I'd like to hear from you. I don't believe that I am the only person who goes to a controlled dream state type environment—where I am aware I'm in my dream state. Where I'm fully aware that I do Astral project, that I can Astral travel to anywhere in the Universe including and especially here on earth, with anyone I choose to be with.

I  have intense visualization manifestation powers that I can learn Astrology and Metaphysics at higher levels, plug into the Akashic stream and regress my Astral self, my Astral Soul. I also take life a lot easier by fortifying my health, my Astral body, the temple of my Soul and by learning to protect myself with tons of light and love. Living on earth can be fun its true, no question about it, but when you get in touch with and form a communion with your multi-dimensional self as discussed in Seth Speaks, in the Seth books. It's also discussed in many other Metaphysical texts, including the Silver Birch books of philosophy. Then suddenly, you will be able to handle life and live life in a much happier, blissful manner, without creating so many limitations.

One thing I have learned is that the power of the mind is the power of God, and that God is such a powerful force, and a powerful mind force that we deal with. It is important to maintain a positive mind set. Last night I talked to a friend of mine and she discussed with me how everyone she has ever known and loved (whether she believed this or not, she did try to correct it later), everyone she's ever known and loved including her parents had stabbed her in the back. I'm not using the exact words she said but people had stabbed her in the back one way or another. So she now has created a mind set and an assumption, that should anyone new come into her life that she should love, that she is setting them up, she is creating that negative vibration to stab herself in the back. Now I'm trying to raise this woman's consciousness, so I can help create a Dream Lab' for her. In fact, she even had an Astral projection when I was teaching her some chakra control, and at the same time she got a little frightened of that because we were just able to remove some or her negative entities to allow her to have more chakra control.

Its funny how people are frightened of getting in touch with their higher selves and their intuitive mind and their dream self because they are frightened of letting go of this left brain, conscious mind, or intellectual mind thinking. This is based on the data banks of the negativity and some of the propaganda that we have accumulated from our family, friends, peers, schooling, TV, newspapers, books and movies, that has conditioned us along a negative path. Obviously, if you stay in a negative mind set, you will create negative mental patterns that will sabotage anything wonderful, blissful, or positive that could possibly happen in your life. I'm talking about limitations. I'm talking about the way people set up limitations for themselves to test themselves. Just as if they have their mother father or aunt on their shoulder saying "look Farley, I don't think you should do this, because it's going to be wrong for you!" Notice I said don't and wrong in the same sentence, and this is the way people think, they think with negatives. I prefer to live my life even though it might be at times what you may call out of control and it can be a fun thing to be out of control because I'm an adventurer. I'm somebody that loves to experience, that loves to have fun, that loves to be happy, and loves to be blissful.

If I ever catch myself being one iota negative, or one iota limiting, I know that this is a symptom for a negative lifestyle and for psychological, emotional and physical instability. This includes health problems and disease, and also a way to anchor myself from growth and from having the best possible time I could have on planet Earth. What sabotages them with other relationships in their life. Getting back to the person I'm using as a symbol, notice that this person has blamed the other person, other people, when they talk about their lives, they're saying every person in their life has stabbed them in the back, not taking any responsibility at all for their own choices. See, because Metaphysically we create everything, we are God, and this is a creation process we go through. Which means we create our parents, we create people we know and love, we create relationships, and we create children. If a number of people are stabbing us in the back, this says a lot about our Karma from past lives, because we are creating these negative elements in our life, to stab us in the back so we can learn these lessons. It’s restrictive to think we can alter this pattern by trying to limit ourselves with new people, being negative with ourselves with new people, in order to try to cut this pattern off. It's specifically Karma.

Often times when we surrender ourselves to people and don't limit ourselves in a conscious state, we are setting ourselves up to be stabbed in the back, because specifically, we are just being obsessed and going after people that are just flat wrong for us and we know it. It's the ones that are right for us, that often times we limit ourselves with, because we are frightened to grow and evolve with these people, that are definitely right for us. You know this is a very important topic, which I call my Dream Lab. For those of you that are re-birthing in the Spirit—for those of you that are getting into a sober lifestyle, along with Meditation, Astrological information, and also crystal consciousness. For those of you that are getting in touch with your multi-dimensional self by reading books like Silver Birch philosophy, Seth Speaks, The Course in Miracles etc. For those of you that are taking up Transcendental Meditation and you're finally breaking away for the conscious mindsets, the negative limitations that were pumped into us as children.

I want you to know something; when I grew up, I was around people that were used to being put down a lot, so they put me down. For a long time I was very negative, and put many people down because I had all this energy inside me that needed to be discharged. When it came out, it came out in sarcasm and negatives, by trying to make other people feel small and like failures. Since I've gotten into Astrology, Metaphysics, Psychic and spiritual growth, I've tried to pull away from this intense propagandize environment that I grew up in. I try to put myself in more of a positive mind set, that says to myself, everyone that I know and love is going to be a vital part of my life, they are all going to offer me happiness and bliss. If I get out of control inside my body because I'm blissed out with happiness, fun, lust, or whatever, so be it. Why limit myself?

This stuff about being stabbed in the back or screwed over by people you know and love is not their fault. It's your fault, because you allowed it to happen because you manifested it. So don't blame others for it, you did it and don't blame them for it. You did it. Someone might say, "Farley I love you", does this mean they're going to stab me in the back? Only if I manifest this, will it happen, because I'm just a projection and a tentacle of their own Astral-Soul. We are all bonded and connected, we are all one. The twin flames and the Soul mates we have are much more closely defined as our Soul molecules. So we would automatically feel more of a oneness with those people we relate to, love, nurtured by, and seem magnetized to, than we would with any other people. These people are part of our own self, a reflection of our own oneness.

I received this topic just a couple minutes before I went on the air today. I thought what am I going to talk about. I'm going to tell them about my little personal dream world. I didn’t know whether to let that out of the bag, well I did it kids, the Dream Lab' is amazing. It’s because I have a visualization chamber where I can go in there and flip a switch, au naturel, and just float in the chamber, with my arms and legs out, and glow like a Christmas Tree, or a Nova star. Then go into a super conscious state of awareness, and visualize just the love and light that I want in my higher being. Wow! Let me tell you something, it takes away a lot of fear from your lifestyle.

Last night, I was in my Dream Lab' and I had about 50 dreams. I think I went through my childhood, all the way up to my adulthood. I processed a whole lot of old stuff that I had processed before, because I was trying to put my current lifestyle into total perspective, because I do feel like something very important is happening. My body seems to be changing, and my mind seems to be changing. I seem to be being groomed for some new creative process in my career or whatever. In addition, new people and friends are coming in, new foundations are occurring. Lots of old chapters are being closed, processed and completed. So Farley's cooking! My spirits cooking like a Christmas tree and I prefer not to limit that. I prefer to embrace it, love it, and just go with it.

Whenever I meet new people in my life, that I know are part of myself, because I can see my former [existing] self in them, and they're trapped by these limitations, negativity and this negative mind set of being screwed over by everyone who has ever known and loved them. It runs a chill right up from the back of my feet right up to the top of my spine, all the way up to the top of my head. It makes me feel like taking off in my astral body and just going to another dimension for about 10 years.

If the Astrology Hour show and this topic will help as a catalyst for your spiritual growth, I will bask in that, because this is the reason I was born; to help people rebirth in the light and the love of Gods Spirit for sure. That oneness we all share, and you know what the foundation of support this show offers to our new listeners, is an Astrological Metaphysical support system, because the funny thing about the Astrology Hour is, is that I really turned the corner when I got my chart done. I got it done once before but I wasn't ready, and then when I had my real trauma with my divorce, I got it done again and I was ready. So many of you who may have thought you were into Astrology previously, you might really feel a hunger to finally know your chart. If you really feel that hunger, then your really cooking spiritually and re-birthing, just like I am at one level or another.

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