Death and Rebirth

Death and Rebirth aired on May 22nd 1987, and discuses the ways in a nonphysical sense that a part of ourselves dies to be reborn in the Spirit.

Sometimes people feel as if they are dying, but this isn't really happening in a physical sense, but in a psychic or spiritual sense. This occurs in many ways, often being affected by traumas in life, when we sense relationships may be ending, or are not the same as they used to be. Astrologically, you may be having a long square (90 degrees) or an opposition (180 degrees) to your Mars as a woman, or similar aspects to your Venus as a man. Then frankly, relationships don't seem to be the same. Trying to hold on to a marriage or a relationship for example with a Uranus, Neptune or Pluto square to your Mars.

The effects some of these pretty heavy transits have is they sometimes ask us to be alone, have space. However, if you're married, involved, or in love with someone, then often you can't make that space unless you go through some sort of ordeal of changes. That is why when people get into this rut, spiritually and metaphysically, they feel as if they are dying. You're not dying in a physical sense, but you are ready to go through an evolution of your Soul, a rebirth so to speak, where you will become much different.

There are many times we feel like dying in our lives. Like the death of a friend, the end of a career, a change of residence, loss of friends, the end of a relationship, or the end of a marriage. There's this empty feeling. You're darned if you do, and you're darned if you don't feeling where you feel emptiness. In to order to process this feeling of dying or death you need to get through the experience and make a choice to do something. It's a time where if you're a woman you may not like men anymore, or vice versa. Sometimes it's a choice of whether, right now you want to be alone, happy, processed and rebirthed, or, involved with a person in pain and misery during this transit if you can't handle it.

Relationships are probably more fun, and more romantic, and more adventurous than we'd ever care to imagine or think about in creating. So many times when new relationships come to us Astrologically, we are experiencing a powerful trine (120 degrees) to a Venus or a Mars in our charts. Venus rules the female factor, so for men who are interested in the female factor, you need to find out where your Venus is. Mars is the planet that rules men, so check out your chart and find Mars there if as a woman, you want to understand the men in your life. The best times of love and marriage come upon us when we fall into the throws of romantic ecstasy, when we're having a trine to our Venus and/or the Mars (i.e., Pluto trine, Moon trine, Jupiter trine or a Saturn trine to that Venus or Mars).

The interesting part of Astrology is that the planets keep moving, and we find that relationships are formed under the best stable situations during the trines, but what happens when something comes up and squares Venus and Mars? Will the trine bring stability, harmony, love, happiness, balance, cooperation, and negotiation? Squares can bring about internal unrest, where suddenly the stability and the environment for proper association no longer seem to be there. Some of the squares can take months and years (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). I'll talk to these people and I'll say you know what, I don't see any commitment for you, or no relationship for you, and the person will say, well I've been married one and a half years, you mean I got married while all this stuff was happening? Well, the time was not ideal or to be recommended for a marriage commitment but that's the way it goes.

Seems like for me, Farley, if it's a trine playing with my Venus, I meet people, if it's a square they dump me, and the relationship ends. That's why there is a relationship roller coaster, and frankly, the more invested in relationships you get, the more you give your power away. If you think this person is the final journey, that this person is your Soul mate, and you decide to give them so much love and attention that you love them more than you love your own self! So you lack self-esteem and what you do love more than anything else is the mate, and God forbid that the relationship doesn't work because now you're left without the mate, and why you feel like you’re dying. That's why it's hard to see why Shirley MacLane based so much of the relationships in her book based upon traumas. Dating a married man, she didn't have him and she was hurting from it.

I got into Astrology by a scandalous, traumatic divorce situation that forced me into such an intense pain situation because I gave all my love to my wife and was very much in love with her and I had no self-esteem. So when the relationship ended and I felt abandoned by her because she went onto another journey. I was left without the love I had for her because she was gone, and I was left without the self-esteem that I so desperately needed.

Look, everyone is human, and not everyone has those happy marriages or those Soul-mate relationships, and are subjected to going through relationships that eventually don't work. They find themselves over-invested in this stuff, as far as giving all of their love power to another person, leaving themselves vacant, empty, a vacuum, and then when they get disappointed in their lovers because suddenly they do weird things or strange things. They change their behavioral patterns, or get into drugs or drinking. It's hard to be married to someone who is intoxicated, or not clear headed. That could always lead to the destruction of marriage. Maybe it is something psychic going on, or maybe they have another lover and so there's cheating happening here. Maybe you feel like a Slave, or they don't give you enough time, or you don't feel as if you're a partner anymore.

Things happen, and suddenly you're confronted with the reality and like, wow! This whole thing was fun in the beginning, but now I'm faced with the situation and must process it, if I want to be happy, I have to cut off this part of me that I love the most. It’s like cutting off an arm. When you cut off a lover, boyfriend, husband, wife or girlfriend, what's the difference (it feels like part of your being), because they've already become bonded to you, and that's the symbol of the oneness with God. The symbol of the male/female, or the relationship with two people, bonded in the relationship, bonded as one. So whenever we break up we feel as if we're dying because there is a death of that entity. That's why it's important to:

  1. Identify if you are going through that death and rebirth transit, possibly in relationships, identify if you are going through the long square of Saturn, Uranus or Pluto, perhaps square your Mars, or Venus. Saturn and Uranus are the two biggest planets of Karma and they usually ask you to serve or suffer, which means process and get out, or process, approve or change. So there will come a time for some people to change or to make choices. Often a woman with Uranus and Saturn square Mars, it's like a no-win situation, because your being asked to be spiritual and your being asked to spend time with yourself. So the Karma with any one in your life must be tremendously cooperative for you to handle a relationship during certain transits, because the force is asking you to be more into yourself.
  2. Freedom is a topic that all of us should know about. My suggestions are that if you love somebody then love thyself. Work on your own self-love and self-esteem in any love or marriage relationship. That way you'll get more love and respect from your mate because they know you have high self-esteem, and high self-esteem is one of the most beautiful qualities I can see in a person. It is the person who has a low self-esteem and is insecure that falls in love with somebody and leaves themselves in a weak position, just like a panty waist, what kind of partner is this, boring! I got this puppy on a leash. What you want is someone who is a powerful super-hero and love unto themselves. That way they will really show the power in that relationship. Two people with powerful self-esteem build the best relationships. The love between the two should be obvious. The bond between the two should be obvious. Where they don't have to say, you know I'm really in love with you. It's as if I love myself because you're with me and I feel blest that I am with a person like you. So protect that self-esteem.

Don't be so quick to follow the soap opera's and romantic novels that take all the love and power out of your own heart and give it to someone else to do what ever they wish with it. Relationships can work fine as long as people are more mellow, cool and not so intense and mushy about the whole thing. During long tiring transits, the secret is to hang in there and handle the transit. If you care for your mate then work on your own self-esteem and just ride the rapids of it, or, the other choice is to process and rebirth. Frankly, when you do let go of a partner in marriage, or love relationship, you finally realize that, hey! This is not good for me, it's not the way it was. The Karma road has come to an end.

When you realize that you've done everything you can with a person, then the most courageous thing you have to face is not only processing, and just being alone, but also being free again. When you finally process the relationship you've been in, you get over the anxiety, stress and the crying, it is similar to a death. That is why people who are very intuitive, New Age people, feel as if they're dying, because a rebirth, a change, a metamorphoses is on the horizon, where you will never be the same again. You will leave behind that weak, vulnerable side to yourself, and you'll glow and burst forth spiritually, because that is what relationships are all about. If they don't work we're meant to process it, without getting self-destructive, by smoking cigarettes, drinking or taking drugs. Just be real about it, and get in touch with your real feelings, meditate and pray. Learn how to build your self-esteem, and rebirth into the light, Gods love, that's the priority in life. The priority in life is the Spirit, nothing more, everything down here is an illusion, material. We get caught up in the illusion of separation, that this person is so important. This illusion of this God entity, separated from the whole, and in his image and in his mind is more important than anything.

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