The Center of the Universe

This topic, which aired on 11/25/88, is a continuation in a series of topics concerning the Body, Spirit and Karma.

Today's topic is called the Center of the Universe. I'm going to try to take you on a trip today to the center of the Universe where we can absolve Karma, where we can feel the light. We can also feel the legacy of the God course through us.

I want you to know I don't like to manifest plane crashes or helicopter crashes or any of that bad stuff that happens. But this is the sort of thing that occurs during a Moon wobble. Unfortunately people want to know what the Moon wobble means. Moon wobble beginnings usually mean disappointments, and many times that will mean mechanical disappointments. The Moon wobble is similar to a Mercury retrograde, usually always identified by 2-3-4- even up to 10 plane crashes, or helicopter crashes or some kind of crash that occurs. Now I know a lot of you are traveling over the weekend, and some you are flying over the weekend. Let me tell you something, everyday on this planet there are thousands and thousands of flights, maybe 10,000 flights a day. If we read about one crash in the paper, it just so happens to be more of a higher frequency of plane crashes—but it doesn't mean that every plane that takes off is going to crash. So it doesn't mean that you should be afraid to travel, because if your Karma is up, its up and there's not a whole lot you're going to be able to do about it. Just, when you go into the light you want to enter the light like an Olympic diver, you go OK, I'm ready to bail out, the planes going down, I'm going to say my Mantra, when the plane hits I'm going to dive out of this body. It's history, and I'm going to get out. You know this thing about death, too many people are frightened by death, if you want to do something good for yourself, then prepare yourself for death, you know, get ready for it, enjoy yourself. Pretend you're going on a trip to the Caribbean, or around the world.

There's a lot of you who like to travel, well when you leave your body, forget it, its not so bad. One of my main missions in life has been to overcome the fear of death, which I know and feel that I have done that. I think it's important for those of you to understand the adventure that is involved with passing out of the body and into the light and into the next cycle. So don't worry about dying number one. Don't worry about plane crashes, but be aware that when you see these headlines in the paper that Delta goes down. or this goes down or that goes down. Hey! Delta as far as I'm concerned their going to have a couple of crashes anyway. But still, at the same time be aware that this is another validation of Astrology, because the Moon wobble does effect transit flights and such, and also disappointments for big new beginnings.

I know somebody that got married during a Moon wobble, and was disappointed, so you shouldn't actually plan any major weddings during this wobble. It will be peaking in a few days, over the weekend actually. Now during these tough transits, during void course Moons, certain retrograde transits, Cardinal transits, when you get disappointed, have losses, loose people, when people pass on, break up with you, reject or deject you, abandon you or whatever. When you feel down, depressed, what you are feeling is you are feeling the response that the body feels. The body is like a sponge and the body absorbs all the light around it. Sometimes some of the light that's reflected to the human body is not always white. It sometimes can be black or be even gray, and what happens is, your Soul is of pure essence that basically would be unfettered if it didn't have this body to limit it.

So what we're dealing with in the third dimension oftentimes is we are being bombarded with this negative vibration that brings us down, anchors us and makes us feel small, depressed, strange, irritable, moody or give others a hard time. We can become obsessed, and selfish. I have a formula, during these heavy transits, and because I am such a extremist—all of us with Scorpio planets are the hot and cold edition of humanity,. We either love you or we hate you—its really difficult to be in between, and when you do have a chart like mine with Cancer planets, then I can of course be very moody, and very irritable and I have had a temper in my past. It's important for me to retain a spiritual attitude. So knowing about Astrology, knowing your vehicle, by mastering your natal chart is the first step, because when you start analyzing your natal chart you'll go wow! I have eighth house planets, and Farley told me that imitates Scorpio energy, no wonder I'm so hot and cold. I have that same extreme moodiness that he has, and my eighth house planets are all being set off right now. There being squared and opposed, no wonder everyone's been giving me a hard time. So here you are sitting at home crying, depressed, miserable, lonely, pigging out, bingeing, purging, whatever, getting stoned, or just being self destructive and feeling weird about everything, when actually it can anchor your whole life.

Negativity as far as I'm concerned is something that should be identified not by the American Medical Association, but by the metaphysical community as a disease. If you are a person of negative thinking and negative vibration and God bless you. Now I'm a progressed Virgo, and people with heavy Virgo energy, sixth house planets, Gemini energies and heavy third house planets. are people who tend to think too much. There's generally lots of garbage computerization going on in the mind, when you analyze and think too much, oftentimes your mind automatically goes into some of the negative possibilities and negative options, and you know what happens? Sometimes eight times out of ten the negative manifests. So negative thinking is a disease. That's why I always recommend major behavioral modification, because when you understand your Natal chart, you can realize what you can go through with hard transits. Some of the symptoms may last for days, even longer. This can make you feel like being left alone, you don't want to see anybody, or talk to anybody. You can feel miserable, nauseous, even black out. All kinds of weird things; I got PMS and it hasn't left me yet. My periods here, I'm a man and I've got PMS. Just all kinds of weird things go on and you need the behavioral modification.

Now, behavioral modification is very simple, what it means is catching yourself at a negative behavior and then re-programming it to something good. For instance Neuro-Linguistic-Programming can be of great help for re-programming. But the key here is that when you get into behavioral modification then you catch yourself being negative, right, and then you go right into positive affirmations and visualizations as part of the re-programming.

[Note: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. NLP refers to a declared connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience ("programming"). As a form of therapy, it is used significantly in hypnosis, to negotiate with the sub-conscious in order to correct certain behavior or feelings. For example, if fear is a predominant element for someone, a hypnotherapist could negotiate with the sub-conscious to reduce this and allow confidence to grow at levels the sub-conscious agrees to allow.]

I have my mantra, which I have not shared with too many people, not even on the radio, that I have decided to present in today's topic. The mantra is basically: I am at the center of the Universe. OK, I am at the center of the Universe. Sometimes we feel so small, tiny, and insignificant that we can feel like an ant in the middle of an anthill, being attacked by billions of other ants. This smallness, weakness, vulnerability, or insecurity just compounds. When you have a hard transit, it can make it that much more difficult. When I have my hard transits, I can be at my strongest which is what I have learned with my behavioral modification. Somebody needs to give me a bad time or threaten me when I'm having a hard transit, because I am like a monolith of power at that point, because I am at the center of the Universe.

I know a lot of people know about American Indian ideologies, philosophies, magic and such, but did you know that often times—especially if you saw the movie "The Man Called Horse,"—you'll note that there were some barbaric traditions that the Sioux went through when they incited their braves. This is when they needed resolution, absolution, and when they needed to figure things out, to analyze their lives. Often times they would go through an intense fast, an intense altercation of consciousness through whatever means, and they would go to the center of the Universe to meet their God-self. In so doing, that in this confrontation with the Great Spirit, with the God-self, which was identified as the Great Spirit, then they were able to gain resolution. You know the sad part that bothers me about people is that they don't understand who they are, or what they are, or what they are made of.

People are so powerful, why hasn't somebody written a book, and why hasn't somebody written a Bible? Maybe I should, and call it The People. One often hears "God bless these Messiahs" and these saviors and these teachers that have made it. I'm very proud that they did that. I wonder why Jesus Christ didn't write his own book? Like the story of God by Jesus. Somebody else is passing on this hearsay, and such a story, and they're trying to turn out what's important in the Universe. What we find that's important is that we have a savior, but what about us? We're the savior, but everybody's been trained, taught and led like sheep to the slaughter with this ridiculous, absurd philosophy that totally obliterates the power that's in the individual, because the individual is the power! Understand?

If people on this planet knew that they were God and no one else above and beyond them is any more or less God than they are, I don't care if it's Moses, Albert Einstein, Roosevelt, Reagan, Jesus, Mohammed, whoever, any of these beings. God bless them, they reached high levels. Maybe they didn't live long enough to communicate exactly what they did. Maybe the people were too stupid or dumb to receive the significance of what they had attained. But if anybody out there is into a sober, holistic, vegetarian lifestyle and they meditate, pray, and they use the power of positive thinking, the power of mind, and the power of God, then they will eventually come to the conclusion that they are the center of the Universe. The being that's inside of you, that animates you, runs you, is only one. There is only one being, and that being is at the center of the Universe. In fact, that being is the center of the Universe. When you put your life into this kind of perspective, that you are God and that you are in fact always at the center of the Universe, it kind of makes normal everyday trivial third dimensional life seem not as important. Otherwise, it can really strike you, when you submit to vulnerable events, by giving yourself a heart attack or an ulcer over it, worrying about it, freaking yourself out about it. The basic bottom line truth is that all there is, is Spirit and nothing more. That's it, its just Spirit.

I see people that do not want to listen to good advice about what they can do to extend their life, correct their life, and make their life happy. I am weary of people dwelling on the past. People quote to me what doctors say from the American Medical Association as the only way to cure this, or the only way to cure that, or you’re terminally ill, and you're going to develop whatever, come on, that to me is baloney. I don't believe in any of that finite stuff. I don't believe in any of those people having enough power to sentence another human being to an illness or to a fate of death or worse than death. But people allow that because they give their power to the world. They say go ahead and do what you will with me. Oh no! If I'm at the center of the Universe then I'm in control because I am the Universe. I'm the producer and the director of this entire scene. With all these different people out there, I've got to be centered all the time, within this big bauble of light and I'm right in the middle of it. I'm right in the focus of it. That's the only way you can approach the focus in anyone whatsoever to taste this God concept inside of you, this God particle, this Messianic being. You've got to get the main visualization down first, and that visualization is that you are at the center of this vast, broad, incredible monolith of bright light, which spiritually is all that exists. That light is love, this love is Spirit, the Spirit is God, and that God is you.

However, people will live their lives and torture themselves and worry about this crap. In the overall scheme of things, this life cycle is going to be over in a flicker. When you review this life in the higher state of mind, if you do go into the light, it will be presented in such a finite time. We are talking eternity here, and of course everything is slowed down in our perspective. A lot of things are really made to look in extreme slow motion. Waiting, waiting, learning patience, watching the clock, waiting for the seconds to tic. Waiting for the minutes. It goes by quick, first you're ten, then you're twenty, thirty, forty, even fifty, if you're not dead yet, sixty, seventy, and eighty. How much farther do you have to go? Life goes by very quickly. Yet we have the gall to make these slow moments a miserable time for us.

I don't know why people just don't place themselves at the center of the Universe and let go of all the crap. And realize what they are dealing with and experience a lesson, a schooling, a growth process, and just let it all go, embrace it, let the Universe handle it because you're at the center. Watch the Universe handle it and go uhum! So you love me huh! So you're obsessed with me, well that's interesting, Okay, well I'm not obsessed with anybody and it's unfortunate that you're obsessed with me because I'm not. I'm just enjoying this scenery, my life is a romantic comedy and I'm having a neat time, and being in this position in the center of the Universe, I'm getting a nice view of everyone, and everything, it feels great. I bask in it, it's wonderful, it's a wonderful glow, and I wish to share that with all people.

It's so fascinating, so interesting when you put yourself at the center of the Universe. Let me tell you, if you're into meditation, then try this mantra. Try meditating on, I am at the center of the Universe, I am the center of all things, I am at the center of the Light of Gods love, I am the center, I am the center. Try that, and if you are really relaxed and in an Alpha state, look out for the realization you may come to. You may come to the same exact realization that I have, the fact that this thing inside of Farley is the same exact element that's inside of you. It's hard for me to explain to you unless you're there, but the same being that I am is what you are. That's why the Hebrew's finally came to this definition of God, and when they translated it into English that definition came up. I-Am basically means God. The I-Am—there's only one essence—it's powerful, and when you plug into it, welcome to Nirvana, welcome to bliss city.

So during these hard transits that may create career and romantic frustrations, avoid the torture that can manifest. Just because you didn't get your little sex this week or you can't pay the insurance, or get the big house you want because the Escrow didn't go through, realize that you are at the center of the Universe. This is the only thing that should be important to you. Don't worry about your weight, height, hair, face, body, or whatever, its part of you, but your Spirit has chosen this structure. Don't let anybody put you down, criticize, or be negative with you, and you must stop being negative, just go into the light, and enjoy. It was meant to be a positive experience, not torture.

When negative influences pressure you, like rush-hour freeway driving, remember that you are still the center of the Universe. Remember the song, "We are the World," spiritually, it goes beyond that, as "We are the Universe." If you want some further reading on this topic, I suggest "The Course in Miracles," which I consider the only real Bible, and should have displaced the one we commonly refer to. This and other Silver Birch books, which is a channeled American Indian Spirit, provide excellent information.

So you're at the center of the Universe now? You're feeling a little better and instead of a Bufferin, you just have to center. That's really what the point is, which is if you truly are a new age person, if you are truly making headway, working out your addictions, obsessions, selfish behaviors, and working out the illusion that you need anything outside of this body, if you are working out any of these problems, limitations, or inhibitions that you have, then you're almost ready, if not now, to recognize and embrace what you truly are. Much more than a super hero, much more than a super being you have the God power. You are the Universe and you can manifest being at the center.

When you live your life and you envision yourself at the center of all things, it makes life a lot easier. It creates a grace, a Mercy, and humility within that I think is unbelievably powerful. It also creates the ability and the power, which I think is one of the most incredible powers of the human being, which is to finally see things in life from other people's perspective. You know the lowest consciousness people in this world are hard headed. So if you're that hard headed with your Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius planets, try putting yourself at the center of the Universe for a while. Then perhaps you'll start seeing things from other peoples perspective and you'll feel a lot better for it. You'll say yeah, I understand why you are the way you are now. Okay, I respect that, that's OK. I wasn't able to see that before, but now I'm at the center of the Universe. I can see it through your eyes suddenly, and feel through your brain. It's funny how that works. The center of the Universe philosophy will lift your consciousness, it will empower your Spirit, it will lift your awareness and make you psychic, and feel people more; their auras, consciousness, the oneness you share with them. The I-Am inside of them that's inside of you. It is a powerful mantra. I am the center of the Universe, I always am at the center of the Universe. Some of you need to return to the center, because you are not centered.

When somebody in a metaphysical class asks you if you are centered? What they really want to know is if you are at the center of the Universe, because that's the only way you can center anything in this Universe. So instead of trying to center your aura and limiting yourself just put yourself in the middle of the bauble of light from the entire spectrum of the Universe, and you'll feel much better. It's the healthy thing to do.

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