Crystals, Metaphysics and Astrology

Broadcast on 1-15-88, Farley explains his experience with crystals and their relationship to Astrology and Metaphysics.

I became involved in crystals when I took a ship down to Brazil in 1987. I went into a wizard’s show in Brazil and picked up a quartz crystal cluster. I feel this has literally changed and improved my life tremendously. These crystals are like entities, they have Spirit, and they definitely are like creatures. I kind of refer to them as aliens even though actually they are even more residents of Earth than we probably are, because they last for who knows, maybe millions of years. The following points identify what this crystalline business is all about.

   1. The third dimension is the material world, and this dimension is made up of light particles that we call neutrons, electrons, photons, and molecules. This in turn creates an energy force that we call the material world that we sense to be solid or material, even though none of it is solid. Everything you do sense, no matter how cold or hot it is, is in constant rapid motion.
   2. In this dimension as far as physical laws are concerned matter cannot really ever be destroyed. It can be divided, split, change shape or transformed. It never stops moving, it alters, metamorphoses, but you cannot destroy these electrons, neutrons, or photons. That's why I identify these light particles really as the God-force in action.
   3. Molecules are like mini-solar systems. A lot of people identify the charge of this solar system, as being similar to the charge, believe it or not, of a chlorine molecule. Molecules basically are like small systems of minute energy balls that orbit around a nucleus at multiple times the speed of light.
   4. Every thing in this dimension has a vibration because of these molecular structures, and everything has a different vibration, a unique vibration.
   5. Planets, stars, asteroids and other celestial bodies, such as comets and meteors, are like high vibrational systems that feature many elements made up of crystalline structures that vibrate.
   6. Certain mineral structures seem to have a more significant or a stronger vibration than other mineral structures. For example; mineral structures that make up organic life forms, like fruit and vegetables, insects, animals and people. When we get beyond the organic life forms into the inorganic life forms, and we try to zero in on which one of these elements have significant structure, then we're starting to talk about crystals, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emeralds and quarts crystals.
   7. Quartz crystals are used in many electrical and timing devices, including watches that provide incredible accuracy. When we think about inorganic matter, we use these crystals in electrical timing devices like watches due to the unique vibration given off within their structure.
   8. Other mineral crystals give off different vibrations that seem to effect people in different ways. Substances like rose quartz relax the emotions, and can mellow people. People use amethysts, diamonds, rubies, and different types of crystals for specific uses. Strong zodiacal influences on a person’s chart can indicate a certain crystal or stone that is particularly beneficial, i.e. topaz is good for Scorpio energy to calm intensive drives.
   9. People are like crystals, in that our bodies contain tiny crystalline structures like sodium, iron, copper, and other metals. Each individual therefor has its own particular crystal vibration, especially in our brains, which is why certain people are affected in special ways by different crystals.
  10. The astrological charge at birth, generates a biological body that is formed in the womb which is the result of the genetic combination of mother and father creating a certain crystalline structure in your brain, body, genes, and in your vital organs. These are literally charged and effected by the mass crystal structures that exist in the Universe. Consider for a moment the significant crystalline structure that's within a planet like Mars, Pluto, or the Moon. This crystalline power affects our own crystalline structure at birth. The vibration from the Universe is injected into us at that first breath. This is why the natal chart—the birth chart—tells us how the planets are important. These energies continue to influence our individual crystalline structure throughout life. The crystal energy that emanates from a planet in our solar system is affected by the influence of other planetary objects and the Zodiac constellation energies. Another name for a natal chart in this context is a universal crystalline vibrational effect.
  11. I use rose quartz, not only for emotional mellowing, but for relaxation and meditation. It can also be used to relax a spouse or mate prior to making love. Amethyst is wonderful for meditation and chakra opening. Diamonds are quite mystical, they are just really powerful, but it’s hard to find a really big diamond unless you’re a billionaire! I carry a little one in my pocket all the time that was a gift from a friend. There are also emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and hundreds of different types of crystals that you could find. I find above and beyond all the crystals I have seen, the one I love the most is the Brazilian Quartz crystal. The crystal structure, the double enters and the one I hold while I give the Astrology hour, which I call my little puppy. When I first got into crystals I thought it was a bunch of Hooey! Then one day I happened to start sleeping with a crystal, nothing sexual here of course, it was very spiritual in fact. Since then, I've set up a ledge right over my bed, so that all my crystals (some 50 pounds of them) are within a foot or two of my head. My head now acts like a crystal generator, and you haven't dreamed until you sleep with quartz crystal. When I first started experimenting with crystals I recall having fifteen to twenty individual dreams, all in detail, all very long, and I'd write them all down when I got up in the morning. Talk about processing stress, and processing energy at high levels. Quartz crystals are definitely a transmitter, a clear channel transmitter that helps your conscious mind get through to your intuitive mind and your higher self. Considering all the astrological knowledge that I have discovered that lies in the intuitive mind, because your Soul needs this information to incarnate in this dimension. Once you get into crystals and sleep with them, and meditate with them, you’re going to open yourself up, get into more control of your chakras. You can plug into your intuitive mind where that astrology stuff lies, and you’re going to become a lot smarter and aware.

The next item summarizes this:

  12. A. It will definitely enhance the dream state, unless your a total drunk or a drug addict. I have found 99 percent of the people that use crystals find that their dream state is enhanced at least five to ten times. So its very powerful.
    B. It will definitely enhance psychic ability and intuition.
    C. Contact with the intuitive mind, where the astrological and metaphysical knowledge lies. Plus, easier contact with your guides, recognition of your chakras and aura manifestation.
    D. Healing for headaches and whatever. Note that the effect here is a combination of the power of your mind and the entity in the crystal that will help correct your life or whatever the imbalance may be. I have a headache crystal and that's what its used for. I put that puppy on my third eye when I come home if I have a headache, and I lay down and relax. It just goes berserk, but its better than an aspirin! Frankly, if I was, or I knew of, a person that had a terminal illness, I'd probably spend about two or three thousand dollars on huge crystals and make a bed of crystals. Not to sleep on them, but to surround my body with that energy. Crystals need charging, which you can do by placing them in the Sun. Some people wash them in ocean water, or let them soak in sea salt for about a week and after which let the Sun hit them through the window (some use the last full Moon 2 days before and 2 days after). Then make a huge bed of crystals. I have heard some incredible effects on healing from people using crystals. The more crystals you use and the bigger ones you use, creates a different effect. They will change your life in fact.
    E. They're wonderful for good luck as far as I'm concerned—my opinion.
    F. Identifiable entity within the crystal becomes like unto a friend. You can name your crystals like this one; its name is puppy, and for a good reason because this puppy is really powerful.
    G. Gradual life improvement and spiritual evolution, which I guarantee for myself at least.
    H. Magical and mystical qualities.
    I. Mystical meditation qualities.
    J. That might add to visions and miracles, which I have personally had with my crystals.
    K. Increased happiness.
    L. Better health at least for myself, and much less of a self destructive life style.
    M. The logic of the Universe and Astrology revealed metaphysically speaking.

Quartz may actually be a cosmic connection or a transmitter between the material world and the spiritual plane of consciousness. So if your looking for a way to contact God, then this is my opinion on how to do it. Maybe when Moses went up to the burning bush he had a double-ender with him or a cluster, who knows.

The proof of Astrology also lies in the vibration factors of all crystalline structures in the stars, planets, solar systems, the Moon, and other celestial bodies in relation to the crystalline structure inside of people. So when we get down to trying to mate Astrology and crystals, they make a fine relationship. It definitely helps you get into what this is all about.

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