How to Create your Own Universe

How to Create your own Universe aired on November 16th 1989. Farley details the processes he uses and provides numerous affirmations to make your life that much easier and better.

Certain things have happened in my life that was set up many years ago. So I am going to give you a Farley Malorrus secret, along with some affirmations which I have used to become a part of my life. I used to see myself giving the planetary news on a national broadcast, like Doctor George gives the weather report. This is not that far fetched, by using the power of the mind, that no matter how insignificant you think your thoughts are, remember no matter what you say, think, or do, these actions will in fact manifest, and we should never forget that. There are people in life who are so negative, they are so worrisome and they wonder why their lives end up in such turmoil.

I got a letter from a listener who is having this incredible transit coming up, at least he thinks so. I even did a topic for him a couple days ago dealing with difficult transits. He is worried that there is going to be danger, loss of health, life, or whatever, among family and friends. Transits are only as bad or difficult as the negative power of your mind. So as an Astrologer student, if you learn to love and embrace your transits, no matter how good or bad they may seem sometimes. I will say that a transit is tough because inside of my heart I know that person is going to have to say goodbye to themselves the way they are. It's like death or having a death of yourself the way you are, and then saying goodbye to that. It's the same for the person who smokes pot, there are people out there who have not really taken a lot of drugs, but they smoke dope. They enjoy it and think it is fun, they don't see it as anything really bad, but it comes to a point in their lives when they have to stop smoking, because of their health. Maybe they start having black outs for example. The sad part of that transit is that if you don't give it up you will suffer. But if you do give it up, you have to say goodbye to that party side of yourself that enjoyed smoking the joint everyday, all day long. This is why transits are sometimes difficult because you have to say goodbye, farewell, move along from a part of your life that actually might be bad for you, but you still enjoyed it.

I know a guy who used to take Quaaludes regularly, nothing really detrimental happened to his life, he doesn't work and hasn't worked in years. But still he had fun and he enjoyed taking the ludes and he didn't think they hurt him that much. He stopped anyway, because he wanted a change and he was having a transit. But it was hard to say goodbye to that part of his self.

So it is important is to realize that what you say, think or visualize, or the things you do actively, will become manifest, and perhaps understanding this will help us to live our lives a lot better, easier and a lot happier. I am going to teach you the process that I use and how I create my Universe, and maybe you will be a lot happier for it.

  1. First of all realize that whatever you say, think or do will become manifest, and it might not become manifest tomorrow, I think the problem that some people have is that they are impatient, They don't allow the Universe enough time to metamorphoses what they want. Some people want to become successful as a star, or be successful in a business. It might take time, like even 15 years for this thought pattern to manifest, but it will as long as you don't loose the pattern and as long as you don't loose your patience or fall into a self destructive vortex, that would prevent it from ever happening. Negative thinking and negative manifestation can override your positive thinking if you let it. So understand that whatever you say, think or do, will become manifest, but it does take patience.
  2. Recognize yourself as a miracle machine or a nightmare machine depending on your choice. Last night I had some nightmares that were like the return of the living dead. It was ghastly, but I wasn't frightened, I rather enjoyed it because my higher self knew that I was processing some nightmarish fears of death, dying, transformation and stuff, so I woke up and I felt refreshed. You should recognize yourself as a God machine, as a miracle machine or a nightmare machine depending on your choice.
  3. Study your own behavioral patterns to see how you might create problems for yourself in your life. People who talk about problems a lot or if you admit to having a lot of problems they become compound. You have to learn to channel this stress but not dwell on it. So if you have a problem create affirmations that will turn it around.
  4. Ask yourself the following questions. What do you always worry about? What can you do as an alternate behavior modification when you catch yourself worrying about things. Why not chant? What are you afraid of? What are you frightened of? Why not process this on paper, or write a letter to yourself about it? Talk to someone about it or get therapy for it. Try to work on it, just don't let it sit there. How are you being negative in life? What makes you angry? How do you give others a hard time? How do you give yourself a hard time? Why do you need to express so much negative thought? Why can you be so negative? Are you depressed?
  5. Learn how to catch yourself in the previous behavioral pattern and practice adjusting to positive affirmations and conditioning to turn your life process in a positive, loving, pattern. Which means if you spend more time worrying and being negative then that is what you are going to make in your life, OK from the power of mind, the power of God process we are talking about today, , , but if you turn it around and use more affirmations, more confidence and positive thought in your life then you can turn that around no matter how negative you might think you might be.
  6. Use multiple affirmations, chanting (like at night if I have trouble centering myself before I go to sleep I will go into the Hari Krishna, Hari-Krishna, Krishna-Krishna, Hari-Hari, Hari-Romma, Hari-Romma, Romma-Romma-Hari-Hari chant to center myself and as I keep saying it, before I know it, it's morning. Transcendental Meditation is a wonderful way to use behavioral modification and/or prayer, just direct prayer to God to alter negative patterns. When you catch yourself worrying and being negative, start talking to God about it, Lord I need some help, adjustment, support, some light, love, power to be stronger, happier, more harmonious in my life.
  7. Carry a tape recorder around with you in record mode. When you are around people, see your miracle-nightmare machine at work or see theirs. You might create people in your life who are too negative for your own personal growth, and because of that, it could distort your miracle machine.
  8. Meditate daily to reduce stress and channel negative vibrations.
  9. Use your affirmations daily to make best use of your miracle machine.
  10. Learn how to visualize life the way you want it. If you want to see yourself behind cameras making movies, fine. Keep running the script over and over again. Want to be a big business tycoon? Fine, visualize yourself at a huge desk, wheeling and dealing with all those successful people. Look out that beautiful picture window, overlooking the city buildings, and really get into it. The only limitation here is your own fear, your own lack of self-confidence and security. Once you overcome this with your affirmations you are going to make it, you can't loose. So think about being a winner.
  11. Learn to catch yourself when you are in a negative thinking mode and alter that behavior pattern.
  12. Take a look at the people you have created in your life to see if they are manifesting worry, confusion, negativity, fear, anxiety, self-destructive behavior and problems with their thoughts, words, actions and talk to them about it. Frankly, and I hate to distort some of your belief systems, but if you are living with someone who is self-destructive, it might be difficult to force them to turn their life around into a positive miracle machine. People just are not going to do it unless they are ready to do it. This is why many times it takes a choice for us to bail out of that situation and kiss it goodbye. Even a lightning bolt effect might be the only way or recourse. If you procrastinate your life when you need a major decision made, frankly, it may never be made. So sometimes it takes an Aquarian incident to shock. OK, I need you to stop drinking, or doing drugs, and if you don't then I'll be gone, because I am not putting up with this any longer. You have 2 days, I'm not trying to put pressure on you, but it's either start getting some rehabilitation and help with this problem, or I'm gone. I am not trying to tell you what to do with your life, if you want to be a drug addict, or a drunk, it's fine, but not with me around. Then they will be choosing between you and the booze.
  13. Be loving, supportive, caring, compassionate, positive, confident, and consistent with yourself, loved ones, pets, children, family and co-workers and the world.
  14. Adhering to these basics to lead you on a road of cosmic evolution, plugging you into the messianic self, the God Molecule beyond your wildest dream. So be ready for what you visualize because when it happens, I hope you can handle the responsibility, that great power from which you manifest goes along with.


  1. I love and nurture myself on a constant basis.
  2. I have nothing to fear.
  3. I am strong, powerful, loving, compassionate, and very caring.
  4. I am extremely successful in my life, and anything I might attempt.
  5. My health is the best on the planet Earth.
  6. My vital organs are clear and healthy.
  7. My Aura is stunning and beautiful, glowing.
  8. I love all people.
  9. I am a positive, confident reflection of Gods Love.
  10. My Soul is eternal.
  11. I am blest with longevity.
  12. I am sober.
  13. I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence.
  14. I feel great and this is the best day of my life.
  15. Each day gets better.
  16. My Mother is happy, healthy and wonderfully supportive parent who is blest by God.
  17. I have the best friends in the world without question.
  18. I am a stable, loyal partner in relationships and attract only stable, happy, balanced people in my life.
  19. My pets are healthy happy loving beings.
  20. My pets are my close friends.
  21. I love and respect all animals and people.
  22. I enjoy my work immensely.
  23. I am a spiritual being.
  24. I understand people and vise versa.
  25. I love to travel and am blest with regular wonderful vacations.
  26. I am safe anywhere I go.
  27. I feel great.
  28. My Chevy truck and Ford Tempo are friendly entities and they both run fine.
  29. My VCR's are very helpful to my enjoyment and they are mechanically sound.
  30. All my technical equipment is top of the line and technologically secure.
  31. My friends are happy, loving, caring, sober people and very intelligent.
  32. They are slender and beautiful people.
  33. I am a beautiful and attractive person.
  34. I radiate love and light to every one I meet.
  35. The world is my family and the world is at peace.
  36. Nuclear weapons are a thing of the past.
  37. Man has out grown his need to create war.
  38. The human body is the temple of the Soul and the most powerful healing vehicle in the Universe.
  39. I receive much nutrition from the food I eat, no matter what food I eat.
  40. I enjoy having a good time so I have a great time every day.
  41. Every day is like a separate lifetime, so I must bask and enjoy each day to the fullest.
  42. I am a loving caring creative being.
  43. I will do much to help this planet in my life.
  44. I will do much to evolve to my spiritual self on a daily basis.
  45. People of this world have angelic properties and God blesses them.
  46. I have a dream to travel to outer space one day to other planets.
  47. The older I get the more youthful and attractive I feel.
  48. I have more energy the older I get.
  49. Age is an illusion
  50. My skin is vibrant.
  51. My body is beautiful.
  52. My face is attractive.
  53. I radiate with a glow and warmth, which is obvious.
  54. My love and light is a reflection of the incredible love and light around me.
  55. I can feel God.
  56. I know God.
  57. I am God.
  58. The light of life glows white and bright.
  59. I am God, I know I'm God, I am God, I know I an God.
  60. My mind is a clear Blue Lake, deep, calm, and serene.
  61. I am at peace with myself and the world.
  62. I am strong, I am loving, I am loved.
  63. I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality.


How To Improve Your Life.

  1. Count your blessings. Never take anything for granted, however small you may think it to be.
  2. Realize that you are truly happy and stop creating, recognizing, and manifesting problems. You don't have any problems.
  3. If it is appropriate, adopt a pet as a friend to love, share, nurture, and vice versa.
  4. Practice making positive affirmations and statements about your life every day to reinforce your happiness.
  5. Take up self-hypnosis, meditation and/or chanting to balance your Spirit, process Karma, reduce blood pressure, improve health, and reduce stress.
  6. Recognize addictive behavior and use behavioral modification to correct it.
  7. Make your priority of life your spiritual self; nothing more or less.
  8. Recognize your time on earth as limited, fleeting, passing, and de-stress materialistic obsessions. Take life as participation in a romantic comedy, with yourself as the lead character.
  9. Try to create harmony in your life with all people, and avoid those who would prevent harmonious vibrations until they are ready for them.
  10. Process negative vibrations out of your life, and create love, and happiness, by using affirmations, and mind manifestations.
  11. Embrace your Karma, bless it, and release selfish and obsessive behavior that manifests the pain accompanied with karmic experiences.
  12. Give yourself permission to have what you feel you deserve in life.
  13. Recognize the power of God and the oneness with God that you share by recognizing that you are one with all people, animals, and the Universe.
  14. Study Astrology, metaphysics, and concepts of higher mind consciousness to prepare for a new age of awareness and humanitarianism that is upon us.
  15. The study of new age sciences helps put us in touch with the intuitive mind, and raises consciousness to trigger a rebirth in awareness.
  16. Practice manifesting a strong aura filled with white light and love and imagine a healthy body, mind and Spirit on a regular basis.
  17. Teach others what you have learned and share philosophies of open minded thinking and harmonic convergence of all philosophies of God.
  18. Use behavioral modification to catch yourself worrying or being negative, by using your affirmations, meditation, and chanting at these times.
  19. Recognize that you and all people are growing and on a path of evolution that may not happen or develop overnight, and exercise patience for yourself and the world.
  20. Learn to breathe regularly and deeply to increase your life force, personal energy, happiness, and healing abilities.
  21. Let go of the harmful past and embrace a bright new future for yourself and the world as you decide to permit yourself to be happy, free, loving, sharing, caring, and at peace.


16 points to Creating a Happy Life

The power of the mind/power of God

   1. Once or twice a day take the time to make time for yourself.
   2. In this way, develop a relationship with your self, so you can learn how to become your own best friend.
   3. Look in the mirror with confidence, optimism, humility, and grace.
   4. Learn to like, love, and honor whatever you see in the mirror.
   5. Identify the meaning of true self-love, self-esteem, and personal security and expound upon this definition.
   6. Organize a diary of personal affirmations on a regular basis so you can practice being positive about life.
   7. Examples of affirmations:
  a. I am healthy
  b. I am calm
  c. I am secure
  d. I am confident
  e. I am a winner
  f. I am in love with myself.
  g. I am God.
   8. Meditate on these affirmations and use mantras to chant on, or meditate on to open your chakras, ground your body, and balance your Soul.
   9. Visualize yourself on a regular basis in the happiest most harmonious state, recognizing that you should not be obsessed or selfish with any single desire you may have.
  10. Always retain a spiritual priority in your Soul over and above any materialistic desire to protect your karmic levels and optimize Soul growth.
  11. Surround yourself with happy, loving, positive, confident, people and pleasant pets as friends and supporters to your creative process.
  12. Practice behavioral modification by recognizing negative behavioral patterns or thoughts, and practice using affirmations and meditation to counter this negative process.
  13. See yourself as a winner, successful, happy, and qualified to have relationships and success in your life.
  14. Give yourself permission to have whatever you visualize you want and be prepared to assume the responsibility for what you will create.
  15. Keep a diary of your progress, dreams, and desires, and be proud of your growth.
  16. Write a romantic comedy about your life the way you want it to be and make it funny, exciting, happy, and fun, with new interesting people in your life and it will manifest.


How to have a Relationship with Yourself

   1. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror everyday to get a partial idea of how people see you.
   2. Record your conversations with people to hear how you sound.
   3. If possible, participate in a videotape session of what you look like on camera.
   4. Try not to be subjective about what you see, hear, or notice about what's on camera, or in the mirror.
   5. Identify your Soul within your body by looking through your eyes and accept the difference between your Soul and the body it occupies.
   6. Understand that the relationship with yourself must lie at many levels attempting contact with the multi-dimensional part of your nature.
   7. Identify past moments in your life, or in your childhood, when people criticized you, put you down, or tried to identify your nature with negative remarks and accept this information as incorrect (may take some processing).
   8. Accept your Soul as gentle, kind, aware, sensitive, innocent, eternal, and an active part of the God entity.
   9. Accept your body as a vehicle for this Soul, which is a reflection of this Soul in the physical state, and a representation of what you have chosen to look like during this life existence.
  10. Transcend any negativity that you may have heard about yourself or your life and embrace the body/Soul combination you see in the mirror with a gradual acceptance or a love for this being in which you have become.
  11. Practice the following mantras in meditation or while looking at yourself in the mirror, or into a tape recorder.
  a. I love you [your name], you are very near and dear to me. I protect myself with the white light of God's love and embrace this physical mission of love that I have chosen.
  b. I understand why people would love me, and choose to love myself at the highest level of unconditional respect and humility.
  c. It is safe to be me, and no matter how anyone may judge me.
  d. I know that I have chosen this identity and that it is perfect for me.
  e. The I-Am force is within me, the essence of the God-force. I am my own best friend and I bask in the wonderful relationship I have with myself.
  f. I will love myself as others might love me and totally surrender to the bliss of self-love, self-realization, self-preservation, and inner personal security.
  g. I will not let anyone or anything interfere with the spiritual priority of the perfect loving relationship that I have with myself.
  h. If I should qualify for a love relationship with another person, I will enhance my own self-love blessing in my life for allowing another person to enter. Realizing and feeling how deeply another could feel for me, and encouraging my love partner to enhance their own personal self-esteem in tribute to our newfound love bond.
  i. I will not let anything interfere or deter me from my spiritual road of self-realization, self-love, self-esteem, contact with the God-Self, and my need to be confident, feel positive, and enjoy life to the fullest each and every special day that I shall live.
  j. My mind is a clear blue lake, deep, calm and serene. I am at peace with myself and the world. I reflect the divine light. I am strong, I am loving, I am loved. I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality. Prosperity and comfort surround me. I am aware of my mind and all of its aspects. My thoughts are peaceful, calm, and confident. The glowing circle of God's love envelope's my mind. I am secure. I am creative. Health and vitality flow through my mind and my body. I am blessed with the abundance of God's love. With harmony and love, I share my blessings with all living things. My Soul is immortal. I open myself to the light of truth and receive divine inspiration. I am successful. With faith in God and myself, I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence. I enter into the fulfillment of my being and live forever in the light of God's love.
  12. Practice your mantras and know that high self-esteem, and self-love with humility and not selfishness are the most wonderful attributes a human being can have and offer to the world.
  13. Identify Astrological factors in the natal chart that would lower self-esteem and threaten a relationship that your would have with yourself.
Examples: afflicted 1st house afflicted chart ruler Saturn in the first or in Aries. Little or no fire afflicted Jupiter. Overdose of Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Too many squares, Moon squares and oppositions. Any Pisces at all, lack of Sagittarius and Leo.
  14. Identify people and situations in your life that are detrimental to having a positive relationship with yourself, i.e. those who aid in low self-esteem, and overall make you feel low down. Process these relationships and situations out of your life to reduce the negative input around you.
  15. Know that having a loving relationship and high levels of self-esteem are the building blocks to love, success, balance, and overall happiness in your life and embrace your new philosophy of love thyself.


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