Creating A Beautiful Universe

Creating a Beautiful Universe aired on May 15th 1989. Farley discusses this topic in terms of manifestations, visualizations, and how you can get anything you want.

As I deliver this topic, I feel pretty good. I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Gosh! Life can be so much fun when you make it so. So I am going to tell you how you can create a beautiful Universe. The reason some of you will want to follow this is that there are those who are going through that certain period Astrologically that we call Chart-on-Fire. That means that you are probably going through some transits in your Astrology chart; squares and oppositions and inconjunct transits that can make your life rather stressful. This occurs especially if you are pushing for things that won't work, or if you're being selfish for something that won't happen, or if you are chasing a wraith, shadow or dream. Let's face it, I know some of you out there want to be super stars in show business and I know some of you want to be millionaires. I know some of you want careers that are fun It's just not going to happen until you start visualizing the positives.

So many of us are into Murphy's Law syndrome that we surround ourselves not only in our childhood but also as we grow up and become adults with people that are always telling us what we can or can't do. That is why I have learned to avoid people who use the words, you can't do that Farley. There are a couple of reasons why people make it in this world. You get a rock star like Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond or just some of these people who become super stars and you take a look at their Astrology charts, and yes, there it is! Clear as the nose on your face, this person is destined when they were a child to become mega-famous. Almost like George Bush's chart or Ronald Reagan's chart, some people are just meant to rise up and be there, and they know it. So no matter what anyone says they never let any negatives get to them. They are much more of a stronger, emotional and mental fiber. They have that no lose attitude a win-win-win attitude, which is wonderful but then the rest of us are extremely sensitive.

Let's say you have a little Cancer in your chart; maybe a tad of Scorpio, Like me, maybe some Pisces in your chart and you have that elephant memory that never forgets. When you were growing up in your childhood environment, and you were around that person who was so used to failure. It could have been parents, or someone who would sit there with some beer or some scotch. It could be someone with a joint, watching TV wasting their lives, being miserable and depressed and focused on nothingness. This kind of rubbed off on you. Maybe you're the one with the bottle of scotch and a cigarette, a beer, or whatever and wasted your life too. Then the rest of us are able to somehow process and shake off, the demons and these negative effects of conditioning and environment that are literally able to make our lives work.

If you can imagine something good, and you actually believe it's possible then you have the poster of God inside you to will it to happen. Many people call me up and say "well Farley, I visualized being rich and famous and I visualized having a perfect relationship and I visualized having all this money and not being in jail anymore." My response is, well, that's really good, did you believe it was possible though? And they'll say, "well not really. I really didn't believe the whole time it was possible." Therein lies the problem. You know its a total sacrifice. It's an unconditional surrender to the Universe. Allowing the Universe to bring you situations and events, to your higher good. Usually you have to go through a waiting period. The mistake that people make is they sit there and they follow the Metaphysical instructions, right. They visualize, think about and imagine and they try to manifest things occurring in their lives, and they don't get any immediate response. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a few days, a week, two weeks, a month, 2 months, or 5 months and they go, Ahhh! that Metaphysical stuffs a bunch of bologna.

You know the things I have in my life, like the radio show, some of my close friends, my car and some of the people in my life, that are so wonderful, exciting, enthusiastic, positive and confident. We're talking about years and years of being Metaphysically involved, sitting around, and meditating on these principles. Surrendering and sacrificing my morals, ethics, and conditioning to the Universe. Allowing the Universe to bring me these elements for my highest good. You know that saying, `you gotta believe,' well it's true. If you have one iota, one .001 percentage point of doubt in your mind, then that's it, you can blow it. It's really sad, but negative energy somehow can either shatter, overwhelm, postpone or totally negate positive energy. I'll give you a comparison. Let's say that you were in a relationship that's wonderful for 10 years, no problems, none at all, its going along great. All of a sudden one day you make one itty-bitty mistake. You either don't come home one night, right. You met an old girlfriend and you kissed her a few times. Then your wife finds out about it, and the next thing that happens is you're divorced. Now isn't it strange how much power negative energy has in this Universe.

This dimension, the third dimension is a Yin/Yang dimension that has energies that are 50/50. Usually a 50/50 pull. So that means there could be negative forces underlying that marriage, or relationship. The negative energy that would come about would trigger arm that negative energy. Anything that could possibly be held in regret, remorse, doubt or whatever by that woman, so now she is given a cop out, an escape route to get out of that marriage from the one mistake that her husband would make. Well, it's the same thing with life. You can be as positive and as positive as you want. You can sit there every day and visualize and imagine all this good in your life. You can think that you are patient as the dickens to get what you're asking the Universe, but if you're not patient, and I have learned that sometimes it takes a little time.

I've also learned that you better believe, because down deep inside you. There is the I-Am force. The I-Am energy inside you that is so incredibly awesome that no matter what you say, no matter what you think and no matter what you believe, will become manifest for sure. Especially the negative energy, because of the power that negative force has in this realm, in this dimension—the third dimension. That is why as part of the philosophy of this show I always tell you to keep an open mind and don't form any bottom lines and practice, practice, practice being optimistic, confident, positive. Like Terry Cole Whitaker says just retaining a basic common denominator no matter what you do in your life, I'm blissful I'm happy that's it, very simple that's my philosophy. I'm blissful I'm happy if you don't like it, back off. If you want to get in my way then get out of here because I'm blissful and I'm happy, and no one's going to stop me from being blissful.

There are so many ways that you can design your future. I am somebody that sort of likes to twiddle with things. I'm a fix-it sort of guy. I use to make model airplanes, model trains and boats, and sometimes I think the airplane glue affected me. I think about how much I enjoyed smelling it as a young boy [laughter]. Nobody knew it invoked brain damage back then, but I liked to tinker with things. Sometimes I feel so metaphysical, so powerful when I meditate and get in touch with this enormous force of energy inside me. I know that I have the capability to design what ever I want.

For those of you that have a Leo force in your chart, because Leo is the sign that tunes the Sun in this part of the galaxy, our Sun sign, the star, is more in touch with this creative willpower, this creative power of manifestation. That is why we say that if you have trines or sextiles to your Sun, trines to Leo or 5th house planets, you would be more capable, more qualified and more able to be more confident. Also more optimistic, more in touch and in control of this willpower energy that I'm talking about. I know some people that have grand trines in their chart and they can do anything with their lives. Do you know why? Because the Universe provides for them the basics. I know people that don't work, and they don't really do much except have a good time. They go to movies, eat, travel, sleep, they party with their friends. They don't have much of a work resume, because they don't need to. They are from rich families and they're taken care of. However, they also are not aware of these metaphysical principles we're talking about today. Because if they were, they wouldn't be held back by being taken care of by the government, by welfare, by social security or if you're being taken care of by a rich family or whatever. The Universe somehow is providing for you. You're still sort of in a rut. It's still very frustrating to see other people striving to be happier and successful and have relationships and such.

So many people do allow the Universe to provide for them by they don't get ambitious or enthusiastic about exactly what they can truly do with their power. If I was in a position where I was being spoon fed by the Universe and given so much free time, instead of watching TV, going to movies, spending time traveling or going to a concert, I'd probably get into an intense visualization meditation schedule and routine everyday. I could literally take this Leo force in my chart, which is so strong because I have Sun, Pluto, and Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter. I have been known to sit down for between one and six hours and design, with a pen and paper or tape recorder, exactly the type or incident that I want in my like to occur. For instance, many people with trines say Farley, why aren't you on TV? Why haven't you done a Television show? Often times I'll say, well down deep I really don't want it. Maybe down deep I'm frightened of it. Maybe frightened of some of the publicity nationally, as far as Astrology is concerned. Maybe not everybody will be like Southern California. Maybe they'll be too many hostile elements out there. Maybe intuitively I know why. Maybe that's part of what will be created, if I actually sat down, with a piece of paper and a pencil everyday and designed the principles of the Astrology Hour Television Program. I could visualize, write out, and organize exactly how the show would come off, the format, the advertisers, and maybe specifically the companies who would advertise the topics, the guests, and the people that would be involved. If I did it everyday it would manifest. Because that's what I know and what I have proven works.

People call and say Farley, why don't I have that relationship I want? or Farley, why is it I keep going through so many people relationships? or Farley, why can't I have that career I want? You know why? Because people are frightened. They're afraid and they don't want to embrace the responsibility that is involved with them having the success they think they want. Once again it is that single thread, that .001% of doubt that prevents all of these thousands of actors and actresses out there that want to be a super star. There's a part of you inside you that says, no, either you can't do it or, no, you're afraid to really be in that position and its that fiber of doubt that limits you from getting the job in the cattle call. When there's somebody out there that has no doubt, they have no doubt, they know they already are a winner.

I had somebody call me the other day from a hotel chain and ask me if I wanted to do a daily horoscope for the chain of hotels. I said to the guy, I know if I did that for you that it would be a major winner. It would make your company sky rocket. It would be tremendous for my personal publicity, if that's what I wanted. This guy was amazed at my attitude. He said that he had never met someone with such a positive attitude before. That's the way my life is; its win-win-win.

People who win the lotto, they are so sure that they're going to win, that they win, so they get it. I would have to say it is the people that probably have the most absolute level of confidence that allows them to climb the mountain, rise up over the top of it and finally attain it. So there's a couple of things I recommend for this topic as far as designing whatever you want to happen in your life:

  1. It's removing the fear.
  2. It is removing the doubt.
  3. It is removing the failure syndrome that may be ingrained in your Soul.
  4. It is embracing a positive and confidant and no lose attitude.
  5. To design on a regular basis either on paper, on a tape recorder or in your mind, and visualize and imagine exactly the scene that you want in your life, exactly the characters that you want.

I use to think this manifestation/visualization stuff is important because, lets say somebody is sick (and of course I'm not a doctor, and I make no guarantees medically, but I would have to tend to think considering the power of God we do have), that no matter what illness you do have, and no matter what other doctors might say, that person can visualize healing. I can't stand it in society, when the American Medical association creates this energy, and this force that is known as terminal. They have everyone in society believing that Aids is a terminal disease, because they can't cure it right now, or because it is so devastating they've created this energy force that is killing all these people with Aids. You know, if they could reverse that and create hope and light and love and say, no we have discovered that Aids is no way terminal. Of course some people might have died from it, but it is not a final disease. It's the same with leukemia, cancer and heart disease. They have all these finite limitations that are everywhere in society. They're like ghosts, and they are everywhere; in our families, in our friendships, and in our environment. They not only threaten us, they anchor us, hold us down, and hold us firm, and prevent us from having the bliss. They stifle the happiness, mobility, creativity, excitement, enlightenment, and the confident positive attitudes that we know when visualizing and designing these projects. Could be a business, it might be theatrical, could be radio and television, might be relationships, could be a family, might be a baby that you want, maybe it's a weight change, it could be some kind of life change or life goal.

And all it takes is a matter of you sitting down with yourself involving yourself with this new hobby in believing you can do something and willing something to happen and imagining it can be done and re moving arm that doubt. Like I say, some things might take a little while. If you really want to be a super star, lose your anonymity, go everywhere in the world and let people where ever you go bother you for your autograph and to touch you, and have a particle of your clothing or whatever. If you sit there and you believe hard enough, look out, because you just might get your wish. Then you'll call me up one day, like many people I know that are in show business, that have risen up in show business and become famous and practice this detailed design of visualizing, manifesting and asking the Universe for your highest good. I always say for my highest good this is what I want I'll give you an example of what I will say. For my highest good, what I would like is, I would like my mother and my father to be very happy and very blissful in their older years and to be surrounded with an aura of glistening glowing health, and to be allowed to have adventure, fun, variety, new friends, and maintain a blissful relationship with their children. As they grow older they'll feel younger and healthier and more energetic and they'll also be able to do things they never did before. Conquer goals they never thought achievable, and also be able to do everything they've wanted to do in their lives for their highest good.

You know things like that are what we do in order to create and manifest exactly what we want to happen in our lives and we practice that over and over again. You sit there and think negative thoughts of your friends, parents, yourself, or anyone in your life. Like your birds, your pets, your animals, your dog, your cat what ever and then all of a sudden you notice their condition deteriorating and exactly becoming the way you visualize it, and there's no wonder. Surround yourself, your loved ones, the people you know, and the world with love and light and positive thinking. You can sit there and design peace on Earth, everyday on a piece or paper just the way you'd like to see it and look out because it might happen. If there's enough people out there practically designing in specifics what they want in the new age for this Earth, that's exactly what will turn it around. People like that will rise up as leaders, they might turn around with certain concepts and philosophies which will be just what the world or a certain particular government might need. They'll suddenly gain recognition and be recognized by others with like-minded interests and before you know it, bingo! it changes. God initiates stuff, to make it happen. So really this is a critical topic, especially for those of you who are in a rut, that don't know what to do about career, relationships, your life's missions or goals.

If you follow some of these procedures, especially believing it can happen. You have to believe. Taking the time to specifically design what you want, asking the Universe for permission to your highest good, for the highest good, or anyone you might want to be helping manifesting good for. I say stop the worry, negativity, judgment, and criticism. If you don't like the way somebody is in their life don't tell them, put them down, criticize them, make them feel bad, and create a negative when you have private time on the side. What you need to do is sit down and depict a happier picture for their lives on your piece of paper. Design it for them. If you don't like the way they drink or they smoke visualize them being sober and design it in detail on tape or on paper so you can help them institute that quality. Instead of giving them more pressure by being critical, judgmental, being forceful or a thorn in their side, help them visualize and manifest something good in their life and then look out because it might work they may go sober. When we are critical of others, we often initiate something that will make them want to get hooked.

I did that for I visualized a friend of mine being sober after I saw he was having a problem and he's been sober for going on three years now. So you can do it. That was a guy many people thought, no way. That's why it was so hard for him to be sober because of all those people with that attitude of "no way," but we turned it around, and he's fine now. That's why if there's somebody that's sick, dying or has a disease that everyone else in the world has predicted is terminal, but you and your family surround this person with love, light and healing energy, look out because he might survive. There will be so much power involved in that force of confidence that maybe the patient themselves might start to believe it, and that will help them turn it around. That's how healing light and love works.

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