Balance in the Universe

Balance in the Universe aired on October 14th, 1988. Farley discussed the reasons for imbalance together with ways to resolve and create balance in our lives.

The definition of the Universe, and this dimension, is balance, OK, that's it, that's all there is. The Universe is essentially like two huge giant scales and sometimes they tip a little bit to the left and sometimes they tip a little bit to the right. However, they always come back to the center, always! That's the way the Universe works, that is the law that controls everything in the Universe. Things go one way and then they come back another, there's a definite rhythm in the Universe. The way we breathe, the way our heart beats, the way the waves hit the beach, the way the Moon effects the tides, the way the planets rotate round and round and round the Sun, the way Moons rotate around planets and so on. There is balance, what goes out comes in, what goes around comes around. Whatever you send forth comes back. Some of us forget that. It is the Librian ethic that controls this Universe. I wonder if you knew that?

People that are Libra, Libra rising, Libra Moon, have such power. I have Mars and Neptune in Libra, and it is so powerful, it's unbelievable. The nation was charmed by a Catholic president, John F. Kennedy with Libra rising. This audience is sometimes hypnotized by my Libra rising. Libra is a very incredible power, it enables the one who bestows the Libra energy or the holder of the Libra energy to control others if they choose to do so. Alternatively, it may be to teach and balance, and to help others find balance. So it is one of the most outstanding powers that anyone can have in their chart: a Libra factor, a blessed Libra factor, that allows you to have balance, and also allows you to help and teach others, and encourage others to have balance.

Often, there are many weird things occurring on Earth. When you study astrology you find out that there are moments in life that sometimes make you think "well I don't want to look forward to this because after listening to Farley, the mid-life crisis doesn't sound so good." Hey! You turn 40, you know when you turn 40 whether there are planets out there or not, there's something terminal about that. You start to turn 40 and 50 and sit there going, hum hum, I haven't quite done what I needed to do in the first 40 years, does that mean I'm supposed to achieve five times more in the next ten if I have that much time left? You know, you start to automatically panic a little bit when you turn forty. It is a time, Astrologically, when you go through a difficult transit. Just before you turn 30, many of the youngsters out there under thirty that think you're on top of the world, when all of a sudden you start getting a Karma whipping around here, and things quite aren't the way they seem. If you think turning 40's tough, I think turning 30's tougher, and not just because of the numerical part, but Astrologically this is when balance occurs.

You know the whole thing with Astrology as a science, if you want to know the truth, and we have done an incredible Astrology Seminar Series (when I say we, I'm talking about myself, my guides, higher self, physical self, conscious mind and Monica too). What we have done is an incredible Astrology Seminar Series during the last 15 shows, and if you want to know what the definition of Astrology is, it is the analysis of energies for balance. That's what it is. Its also called karma and the reason why karma exists is to create balance. That's the whole key, and I'm going to say this many times during this topic because I want it to sink into your head. When you wake up in the morning with those chronic aches and pains, skin problems, that chronic back pain, or the stomach pain; When you look at yourself in the mirror and don't like what you see, or the person you're living with; When you start to get upset with dealing with the kids that you've raised, and with the career that you've chosen, and the house or the apartment that you live in; What you need to do is thank God for the little you have. Because you are all so spoiled, you all take the material world for granted.

When most of this planet has nothing, they have the kids, the partners, but they don't have the house to live in or the food to feed them, or the clothes to cloth them, and that's right, they are experiencing balance. That's because the metaphysical definition of this dimension is that it is perfect, and that everything happens for a reason, that there are no accidents, and that all Karma effects, all energies that go out, come back, just like the waves.

When you sometimes picture your life, it can be a lot more comfortable to be in the ocean on the beach, in the water when the waves are going out. Because if 10 or 12 foot waves are coming in, and you're standing in the water you are going to get knocked down. I don't know if you've ever been in the water on the beach when there's heavy surf, it's not fun, it's scary and it can be dangerous. You could even die in heavy surf. You know when I go to the ocean I think of life. I love the sea, I have a tremendous Pisces factor in my chart, with Mars and Neptune conjunct in Libra, in the 12th house. So a combination of my spiritual energy is a combination of a philosophical spiritual balance that I've fought to attain. But no matter what happens, whenever I look at my life and why my car would break down and start smoking, or why my girlfriend would leave me for another man, or why I never had children, or why this, or why that, why chronic this, or why chronic that? The answer is always the same, it's balance, and I'm not going to feel guilty about anything, and I'm not going to worry about anything, and I'm not going to be negative about anything. Because I know that everything happens for a reason.

Now in my life, I try to keep a balance, and do whatever I can to avoid too much of an imbalance. Because when that imbalance hits, and let me tell you something, no offense to those people out there that have high cholesterol, high fat, high sodium in diets, but if you smoke, I want to tell you something and I don't want to frighten you, but I know we have a drug problem in this country, and I don't care, I really don't care, because if people are going to take drugs that's their business, its free will choice, right! The number one killer in America is alcohol, and the number two killer is tobacco, and notice these are two drugs that are legal, but notice that our death rate is high, because of alcohol and tobacco. Notice also that many people that you have known and loved through the years are now gone. Clark Gable, and Yul Brenner and just millions of people have died. Richard Burton; many people we have known and loved that have smoked and drank during their lives and have cut their lives short prematurely. The thing is I'm not trying to put anybody down for smoking or drinking or doing anything in their life but you have to remember this law of balance. You have to remember that whenever you do something in the Universe that has a negative effect, whatever it might be, is subject to this law. In other words, it is your right and it is your duty, owing to the karmic law of balance, for you to protect your body. Because your body, the vehicle of your Soul, the temple of your Soul, is a very sacred element in this Universe, even if you are over weight. Hey! If you can beat the addictions of drugs, alcohol and smoking and cut out the fat and cholesterol and sodium in your diet, you're going to protect your temple, and you know death has an interesting balance too.

It's funny that death also has a balance, because if you live your life in imbalance, know that those scales counteract at the end of your life cycle. That is why many people go through intense or incredible suffering and torture when they die. I had one friend of mine, Ray, who died when he was walking. He was just walking and he dropped, he didn't have any pain or symptoms. Everybody just looked around and saw him lying there dead. He had a cardiac arrest, he didn't suffer though, and because that's the balance he had in his life. He wasn't the type of guy that was meant to go through one bypass after another and surgery after another, with twenty days in the hospital. His time came to an end. His life was in balance even though he did smoke and drink coffee. When his passing time came it was as if someone went, "whooooooosh" and blew out a candle, and that's what the Universe is all about.

Your life, body, Soul, and conscious mind are all in a balance scale system. What you need to do, in my opinion, is to take a look at your life and see what is out of balance as far as where this negative energy is coming from. It's a very basic philosophy. The Universe works on a very basic philosophy, it is energy, and it is either going to be one kind of energy or another kind of energy. In other words, in any activity or in any relationship or in any judgment or decision that you make, there's either going to be a positive energy connected to that, its going to be filled with love, morals, ethics and honesty, or, there's going to be a negative energy attached to it, that's going to be a lie, and you know that even though you might have a high cholesterol, high sodium count, that you are going to eat that chocolate cake (loaded with cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat), that could give you yet another heart problem. You know that you need calcium in your diet to protect your back, to protect your spine, your bones, and such. But instead, what do you do, you act in ways that depletes calcium in your body, such as smoking marijuana, cigarettes and drinking alcohol, and that's why you ache all over most of the time. You know there is balance.

If you understand this balance and if you are anything at all like Farley Malorrus, you'll be aware that everything I do in life has a connotation attached to it, and a consequence attached to it. I am so aware of this negative/positive balance, that I am always picturing the balance scales of Libra in my mind, in my heart and in my Soul, with an endeavor to keep them level. If they are not level then they're tilted to one side on the positive side. This is where I can create some karmic credits that are owed to me, and some debits where I can do something good for myself, for my body, for people in my life for a change.

Do you know what happens Astrologically? This Universe is such an incredible balance scale that in our charts when we learn about astrology and we learn about these squares and oppositions, we learn where we can be most negative. Where we can be most selfish, or most abusive to ourselves and others. That's why squares are insecurity and low self-esteem in the natal chart, and oppositions are creating people that are wrong for us, and doing it repeatedly, creating lots of negatives. People yelling, screaming, manipulating, and trying to control us, or deceive us, be deceitful, or arrogant to us.

Even being born and choosing parents that are wrong for us. Astrologically speaking, oppositions to the Sun and the Moon, can depict afflictions in childhood, a catastrophic traumatic childhood. However, there's a reason why you create all that crap in your childhood; It's so you can receive back a certain amount of vibration where you can learn the difference. You are given a crash course in balance. You recognize what being negative is. You see their bad habits, how they act, how they treat you, and have the experience to go on. You know what you have to do to be different so you can have balance unlike those who didn't have balance. So never ever be mad and unhappy because you had a miserable childhood. Be happy you've gone through lessons, to let you know the difference between positive and negative, good and bad. If you blow your Karma in any life, when you die your Soul goes through a review. It's a basic balance review, to checks the negative decisions and the positive decisions. It checks the positive and the negative energy. Obviously, if you die with too much negative that adds to your Karma. When you come back in another lifetime you have to experience the negative to balance out the energy, but without reacting negatively. Sometimes we must experience negative vibrations and negative energy to balance out the scales. See, let me teach you this, I want you to understand this. If you are negative then you must pay that off, it's an imbalance and negative must come back to you to pay off. In other words if you're engaged in negative behavior then sometimes you have to do positive things, right? And also receive a negative experience to re-balance that, it's a two-fold process. I want to make that clear. If you slap someone and beat them up every day, then not only do you have to be nice to that person, but you might also have to experience someone hurting you one day to completely pay off that debt and balance it.

So when you are suffering and you're going through hell due to a Mercury retrograde, or a Moon wobble (which is a void course Moon transit), when things are breaking down, and you're breaking up, running out of money, and things aren't going your way, remember that Farley Malorrus told you one word, balance, and that's why. You can get through your transit and your trauma a lot easier, faster, more efficiently, and also experience that Soul growth when you finally achieve balance. You get rewarded because you grow in awareness. That's what happens, there's a bridge formed from your brain and your conscious mind to your higher self, and the more balance you have then the closer that bridge is. The shorter that bridge is, and then one day it's, "How you doing Farley, I'm the cosmic space nomad, your higher self speaking, and I'm here to help you, because you've done enough to create balance where now you can know who I am, and I'm here to guide you" and that's what happens. That's metaphysical, that's how it works, everything is perfect in this dimension. I hate to tell you that, because many people don't want to hear it, but everything happens for a reason. The God-force is a merciful force and the definition of this God essence in this dimension is balance, and that's why the Universe works the way it does.

So if you have natal squares and oppositions in your chart, that's where the balance needs to be made, and if you're having transit squares and oppositions to your chart then that's the problems you're going through and that's where the balance is damming in. If you're being shown something that can help you balance those scales, in a more painless, Pritkin, manner right! You know the Pritkin way is just to eat low cholesterol, low fat, low salt diets, no smoking, no drinking. When Pritkin died they did an autopsy on him, they found that his Arteriosclerosis was in regression, in fact it disappeared. His arteries were clear. So obviously instead of going through a bypass, he went ahead and stopped eating the meat, fat and crap that causes this, and if you want to know what a bypass is like, ask someone who's gone through bypass surgery. Then ask someone who's gone through four, because there are people out there who have gone through multiple bypasses, and they still don't balance. They still have the occasional pork ribs, cake, the ice cream, cookies, candy, dairy products, meat, cholesterol, salt, and it's no wonder they go back; Don't they ever learn.

It makes you wonder why the hospitals are even in business, because its common sense. We all know the reasons why we get sick, we all know that alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy kill us. So why do we load up on it so much? Well, it has something to search about open-mindedness and further truth, and that's why I'm a vegetarian, I don't smoke, drink, and that's why I don't take drugs, because I'm scared. I don't want to go through two bypasses like my dad did. I witnessed that on the family end. So I'm doing everything I can in my life because I've learned the lesson, I've gained the experience, I've evolved my Soul, so I altered my life-style to try to prevent it happening to me; Because I don't want it to happen. I share it with other people because I don't want it to happen to you either. I don't see any reason why you should have to go through that kind of suffering and that kind of pain. You know its on my mind lately, my father just had another heart attack, and he decided not to have the third bypass, I can't blame him. My good friend, the brother of a guy I work with, just went through a bypass and a stroke problem; he's 36 years old. You know this type of thing is on my mind. You know, when you're thirty-six you don't expect to go through that stuff. I'm told he did smoke, ate lots of fatty food and such, and he had a high stress life-style. Where is the balance? Meditation is another way to balance. That's why people meditate, to balance their spirits, to balance their bodies. Not only do you have to watch what you eat and drink, the type of water you drink, but you need to rest your body and caress your body with meditation, and lower that stress because stress is not only a killer but a negative balance. You can either have a positive balance or a negative balance in this Universe, its your choice. The more you reach for, the more garbage and junk you reach for in your life, whatever it is, when you know it's not good for you, then that negative price is going to have to be paid one day.

You know the human body is a wonderful vehicle, it is marvelous, and it is meant to be treated with respect and love and nurturing and pampering. It's more than just your pet. Many people take care of their dogs. I say if you're going to feed a dog meat, then you might as well give them a lot of garlic too, to help them process the meat. I know some people who give raw garlic to their dogs, and they live a long time. They have nice clear arteries. Many dogs die prematurely of heart disease too by the way, I didn't know if you knew that.

You know, the way people treat their bodies, it's unbelievable. It blows my mind how some people think that drinking, smoking, eating a burgher and fries, is so casual. There's no such thing as casual. You know your body chokes whenever it gets poison put into it, for any reason. So especially those of you that are older, you know the older you set the more you have to be finicky about taking care of your body. The ones that are older, gosh, when I'm eighty, I'll probably have a diet of raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains and that's it, and I would hope to see eighty years old the way I'm living my life. But a lot of peoples lives are cut short because they do compound too much negative energy, and then it ends in a result of a negative explosion that can be very traumatic and painful. Sometimes that explosion can last for months, and I hate going to hospitals.

One of my karma's in my chart, wow! I have Mars in the twelfth house, which is a debt to mankind. It's also institutions, and if you don't go to jail, get arrested, or end up in a mental institution, there's not much left. The way I pay off my debts is that I have to visit people that get sick and die in the hospital. I've been to the hospital so many times. Visiting so many people, I have known and loved throughout the years that have experienced this negative feedback I call it. When you really blow your karma, and your balance scale is really off the epitomization of negative energy experience, which happens in the institutions. When you get to the point when you are either, busted, in jail, mentally insane and in that mental institution, or so sick you must be hospitalized, you know that you haven't done the balance that you should have done in your life. So you end up in the torture chambers of society, and I feel for people who are in jails, hospitals and institutions because I have to visit them, and I see what's going on with them and I feel their pain, and I say to myself, I get selfish, and I say, My God, I want to try to avoid being in these places, and I want to try to teach other people how to have balance so they can avoid being in these places. You know because it's not fun, it's not good.

You know I didn't tell anyone, but I had a pain in my side. A sharp pain in my side that could have been appendicitis right, six months ago. I didn't tell anyone because I thought, heck, my body is a temple of healing, I can correct this. You know I've been a vegetarian except for a few rare exceptions (maybe 3 exceptions) where I had a tuna and felt sick afterwards, had a piece of turkey and got sick afterwards. But for six full months, with those exceptions, I've had no meat at all, zero, none. That pain (knock on wood, right Mom) is gone, I'm fine, I didn't tell anybody, but you know what, I could have gone to the hospital, I could have gotten the upper and lower GI I might have needed surgery as recommended by the doctors, but I'm too sensitive for that crap. I'd rather go through a balanced scale situation in life that's more comfortable. I'm not masochistic, I'm not into pain. So when I have symptoms of ill health, I do things, I adapt, I make changes, I think about what I'm doing in my lifestyle that's negative. Well, I'm not the type of person that should be eating animals. Maybe that's why I have this pain, because I've been eating too many. I stopped eating animals and the pain is gone. It's simple, I got advice from some spiritualists, you know, and you find out answers if you search, and you can manage your own pain too, and you can get rid of it too, just by making some proper choices, and just by creating balance in a more painless way. Because that's the choice, you either balance with the positive, or experience the negative.

Remember that if you don't balance your life with positive action, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop the cholesterol, fat and salt. Stop treating yourself like dirt. Stop treating others like dirt, start meditation, start holistic living, start being nice to yourself and others. More respect in the world, right! That's positive action. If you don't create positive action, You have to pay the bill with negative experiences. That's the way the system works, and that's the way it works, and I can't stop it, that's the way it is. Now I want you to remember that and I'm going to listen to this tape a few times, because I want to hear it. If you don't create balance with positive action and positive behavior, respect to yourself and others and the world, then you must pay the debts you owe and balance the scales with negative painful harmful experiences.

Many things go out of balance especially when planets go retrograde. When planets go retrograde it seems that disappointments, unexpected occurrences and experiences, rejection, break ups, false starts, false hopes, shattered dreams, broken cars, broken boats, broken planes, broken bones, all kinds of strange things occur especially during retrograde cycles, and this creates imbalance. Often times if not all the time what we are looking to do is we are looking to try to be at peace. If you want to know what I believe perfect balance is, it's a calm comfortable carefree life where you feel no pain, you are happy, you are loving, you are able to rise above it, you have high self-esteem high Spirit, you are healthy, you are confident, you are optimistic and you have balance. Now it's so easy to be at balance but we make it so difficult for ourselves.

So we are experts at creating difficulties when it comes to this concept of balance. This may be apparent in our Astrology patterns, like turning 28 during the Saturn cycle, or even turning 21 during the Saturn cycle. Turning 14 can be difficult during a Saturn cycle. Also turning 42 during the mid-life crisis transits. Just all kinds of transits, you could be having squares to your Venus, squares to your Mars, long oppositions and Squares, transits from Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn or Jupiter.

Now, unfortunately when people experience situations where the scales are tipped, they are given the opportunity to create positive behavioral modification to manifest adjustment and adaptation so they can once again be in a comfortable realm. The point here is to let you know that it is always a choice that makes us feel free. One of the reasons why we feel imbalance is because we are enslaved to this dimension. The Spirit is free and the Spirit is in balance. It is actually the effect, the vibrational effect, the body endures with the brain inside the body that creates discomfort, pain or agony, whether emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically. Because there is something outside the Spirit, something outside this body, this shell which we occupy, that is so important that it creates an imbalance where we are anchored down to feel bad, sick, to be lonely or frustrated.

I always like to center myself, and I always like to remember a few basic things in my belief systems. Now because this topic is called "How to create Balance," wherein we define the Universe as balance for you—meaning that basically we define situations in the Universe that occur that are perfect. This means you're given the option to make the choice to re-focus, re-center, and re-spiritualize yourself, which is your body, your aura and your life, and let go of that particle, that element in your life outside your body, outside of your Spirit, away from the center, that can create an imbalance, which can be painful. You see, the Universe is a reflection of your reality and response. At times you will hear people comment that I'm going to let God deal with this; I'm going to let the Universe handle this stuff. I'm tired of hearing it. Other people try to manage their lives by forcing things. For example, there could be a bad relationship that you are trying to keep. By trying to manifest a relationship with somebody, that isn't giving you full zest emotionally, that is going to provide balance in your life, no way! Often, you have to take a look at your life and you have to understand the difference between balance and imbalance. Just because you love someone, or just because you are obsessed with a job, or money, or just because you are obsessed with a house or an apartment, or real estate, or a city, or a family situation, or a child's growth, does not mean that will be the element in your life that will offer or create balance. No way! Oh contraire! (quote by an ex-girlfriend from the year 1027), but the thing is, usually, it is those things that we fight the hardest for. It is the competition usually in sports events, in business between people, between friends, relatives, it is the jealousy. Because we see people that are with somebody that we know or love. It is the jealousy because we see people that have the power and the money, and we think that if we had that person they loved, or if we had that power and money, that it would bring balance, and once again, oh contraire! because it is not always true. The only thing that brings balance in this dimension or any dimension, from my research is Spirit, and that's it.

Now I want to define something to you. The definition of Spirit is God and the definition of God is Spirit. Spirit is mind essence. Spirit is an energy vibration of conscious or subconscious or astral thought that is actually a vibration of constant manifestation. I want you to understand that. Spirit manifests, it creates, and sometimes it gets a little too excited about what it creates—excited enough that it places too much of an importance on what it has created, more than its own center. Now the Universe forces Spirit to re-center itself, and re-balance. Now often times you will find people in life that refuse to center. They refuse to balance, and will not take the steps that is necessary for them to have the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual balance, and that's when pain will come in. Because if you do not take action, positive action, you will know imbalance. You all know what it is you need to be healthier. You all know the answer as to what you really need to be happier. Every one of you has the solution and the mystery solved as to what will really bring you balance, and it's not money, not power, not love, not sex, and its not anything in this dimension. It is Spirit.

If you ever make a choice beyond your own Spirit, that's when you create imbalance, and the funny thing about this dimension is that whenever you do choose anything beyond the Spirit, then you always have to pay a price for it. That's what Karma is. Karma is the ticket that you pay. The astrology chart that you are born with is the analysis of your ticket. In other words, when you are born in this dimension you are born with a certain karmic vibration, that charges the body of the baby that you inhabit. This is the vehicle of your Soul. This charge that occurs is one of a kind, and what it does effects your very brain cells and it effects the very cells in all your vital organs, everything in your body throughout your whole life cycle and if you add that to the understanding that there is a Spirit inside of this body that is trying to break through the garbage of this dimension, to gain awareness of itself, because that is really the purpose of life. The purpose of life is for the Spirit to become aware of itself. Because too many people live in a spiritless existence, they suffer through being tortured and having to go through pain that force them back into balance, through the pain syndromes. Once the Spirit becomes aware, it realizes what the major priority of life itself is. It encounters and it focuses on this love vibration, this love essence, which is made up within the Spirit within the self, and that's where the priority should lie. That's where the focus should really lie to obtain balance.

Now lets take a further look at this. The Astrology chart is interesting because when you come into this dimension, what happens is part of the test, if not all of the test, is that we lose our awareness. The price that we pay to come into this dimension at birth is total surrender of the awareness of the Spirit. Total void, OK, that's the price you pay. Now what happens is the Spirit occupies this body which is charged from these planetary locations at birth, that creates certain impulses that help us form values, judgments, help us make choices and play favorites. So the Spirit creates through the body it inhabits, and the body reacts from the charge that it absorbs at birth from the planets and where they are located, and that's why the planets bestow upon us patterns for certain experience. And information that lets us know why we might be interested more in maybe macho men with dark complexion, or blond women, or maybe African women. Also why we may not like heterosexual life at all, why we were born with a charge of a vehicle from certain planets, a Gemini/Virgo charge perhaps, or an Aquarius/Pisces charge that would encourage us into a bisexual or homosexual lifestyle, where it's difficult to be with people of the opposite sex.

Alternatively, we might think that it is absolutely natural for this particular body that we inhabit to be a technician, mechanic or lawyer. You see the body leans towards certain areas, where it must learn experiences in order to experience balance. Wherever you go in your life you are always guided into certain situations, particularly by the body and the brain. Let me tell you something, the body and the brain are separate from the Spirit. The part of you that is frightened and the part of you that feels mortal, the part of you that is scared is the part of you that will die—the body, the conscious self. You know when you leave the body after death and you become your astral self, your God Self, you know your higher self, you have to say goodbye to the body. One day my Spirit, its sad, will have to say goodbye to Farley Malorrus, because Farley Malorrus is a limited concept. Hopefully, one day my body and my brain will have a Viking funeral, just be cremated, maybe some of my family will want to bury me, God forbid. However, there is a relationship that exists between the Spirit and the body, and the body is constantly teasing the Spirit with the obsessions that it thinks it wants. This is because the body is charged, it's like a Corvette, like maybe a mobile home wants to drive to Arizona and a Corvette want to drive up the coast. Maybe one of these land cruisers wants to go to Baja, and maybe one of these Volkswagens wants to go to San Diego. Each vehicle has different directions and different impulses that it absorbs at birth and tries to mis-direct the Spirit to these obsessions and these tests that create this massive imbalance that we call Karma. Now we always have the choice, we always have the choice to let go and embrace the true purpose of our existence.

Now whenever you have imbalance, if you don't retract within your Spirit, and if you don't work on that relationship, that you must have in order for you to be truly happy. In my opinion, and others, is that you must have a loving, nurturing, caring relationship between your body, brain, skeleton and all your vital organs with the Spirit that is housed by this vehicle. People out there don't recognize this. They don't understand that there must be a relationship first and foremost and forever if you are going to really be happy between the body and the Soul. What they do is they neglect this relationship, and they hate themselves, they don't like themselves. The Spirit is sitting there saying love thy self and the body and the mind is being 3rd dimensional, looking in the mirror pointing out faults and remembering all these put-downs and negative vibrations and as far away from the truth of the spiritual love and the spiritual communion that the Soul has with the body. So what the body and the brain does it creates all these choices outside the body that says oh no, the marriage is more important than we are and the girlfriend is more important than we are, the car is more important than we are and the children are more important than the body and the Spirit are and money is more important. So when the money is gone because you lost it in the stock market, when the husband, wife or the girlfriend leaves you, when the car breaks down or you have the accident, you know these things happen to almost everybody you notice, not everybody has a perfect stability in life. What else do we have? All we ever have in life is the relationship between the body and the Spirit, and that's where the balance needs to be formed. That's why it is important for you to center and meditate and heal yourself and love yourself and create beauty within that reflects outward, instead of trying to create beauty outside and try to force it to reflect into you.

What you need to do is strengthen that light within. You should be able to look into your mirror and recognize this body that you're inhabiting, this car that you are driving as a nurturing loving best friend element, that your Spirit is using to evolve in its growth process in this dimension. This is how God works. This is how God learns and creates. You are forming a relationship with God by forming a bridge between the body and the mind and the brain (the physical self), the conscious mind with the Spirit that is within, that we neglect, that we forget about, and then we get so upset when we can't have the money, or the love or the career, the sex, candy, or whatever. So many things are taken away from us when you blow your karma, when you create so much imbalance.

One day the doctor says, "well, no more meat, soda, coffee, and smokes," which are the things you've been blowing your Karma with your whole life. Finally, if you don't make the choice to be good to yourself, someone out there will advise you for you, otherwise the physical pain will follow, and the system is very simple. It's love thy self or suffer, and love thyself in a spiritual manner does create balance, and the only reason why you ever get out of balance and the only reason why you ever experience pain to re-balance is because you don't recognize that Spirit side to yourself. Form that bridge, form that relationship, develop that bright white light from your heart chakra on out, let it cleanse your Soul and love yourself more than any thing in this Universe. Because you are all there is in this Universe, and everything outside you has just been created for your experience. You are reality and that's it. You are the center, the all, the whole, you're the one. That's it. Everything else is a tentacle from what exists at the center. So if you want to have positive experiences in your life you need to start at the center with the Soul, with the Spirit.

If you want to find out how to have a relationship with the Spirit I'm going to tell you. Some of the ways to balance the Spirit are Meditation, prayer, affirmation, confidence, visualizations, which ways I use all the time. Also learning how to heal yourself, seeing the light within, removing a lot of the poisons from your life that prevent you from having chakra consciousness. By having chakra consciousness and awareness of your chakras, then you become aware of the Soul because that is the Soul. the chakras are the physical part of the Soul, you have to make a bridge to your chakras to plug into your Soul. The only way to do that is to cleanse yourself, detox, become more sober, more holistic in your own time. You know one of the ways to understand this Universe of course is obviously through Astrology.

Astrology is the foundation of this show of this program. It is the total success of this program because through astrology we are able to teach people about this uniqueness they have chosen, about this illusion of being separate and alone that we have chosen. You know, understanding Astrology is so powerful, because once you zero in on this lesson that you have chosen, that is this one in a trillion lesson, then it is easier to overcome that because you understand it. It's like how are you to climb a mountain unless you have a map of that mountain? and where to put the hooks at? and where to throw the line? and where to hammer those nails? If you try to climb a mountain blindfolded then there's no sense in taking up Astrology. By taking up Astrology, you are able to understand more about this body and this brain that tries to force you into all these choices that create imbalance outside your body.

Sometimes there's a war going on. Do you know why? Because your body's been conditioned by who? Your parents, society, television (your Spirit is trying to get through to your body right) and it's trying to fight through the muck of conditioning that's reinforcing it to think "oh, this is what's important, middle class ethics, family, children, money" then you get involved in that and then something takes it away from you. Then you say, where's the balance at? It's back in the Spirit, and that's why we survive off of people sending for their charts, and if you send for a chart today not only will you be beyond yourself, when you get this in the mail, not only will you finally have that mystical key of understanding of this uniqueness you have chosen, because not only do we give you a chart of your planets at birth, we give you an outstanding profile on this character the way your body is charged. You may sit there and read it and think, oh my God, no wonder I'm like this. No wonder I'm so obsessed with this, no wonder I'm so stubborn. It answers almost every question you can think of. It's wonderful.

You know there's only one way to create balance in your life. Make a list and call it my bad habits. Find out what it is in your life that you are obsessed with, what is it in your life that you need every day? And besides brushing your teeth, drinking water, eating good food, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and taking a shower, things that are essential. What things do you create in your life? Things like television, I have to walk into the room and turn on that TV even though I know its throwing radiation out, distracting me from my work, and keeping me from doing things in my house I know I have to do, there's a habit I have. Something else, cigarettes, that glass of wine I need every night at dinner, any kind of alcohol, that joint, any kind of drugs, I'm a sugar-holic, a choca-holic. Make a list of your bad habits, make a list of all of them. You might come up with a thousand.

The only way you can create balance is to make a list of your habits that you know you can be obsessed with. Meaning that if the Universe takes away anyone of those habits, like the doctor says, you can't smoke. You know what, your girlfriend is a bad habit, because you're obsessed with her. It is not kosher to be obsessed with anything. Because all things must and do pass in this dimension. You must understand that. If you want to keep something, then the best thing to do is not make it more important than your Spirit. Because as soon as you and a lot of peoples definition of love (which I don't agree with) is when they feel somebody else is more important than them, you know what happens when that somebody else goes? your empty, there's nobody home anymore, and then your freaking out, and instead of it being love, the definition of love being in your mind, that person must be more important than you, what that really was, was an obsession. What is really important is you? When you look at that list of bad habits, right.

I want you to make a list of good habits. Things you should learn how to do. Eating right, balancing your diet, exercising with doctors permission, meditation, learning how to heal, affirmations prayer, chanting, visualizations, behavioral modifications, confidence. You know there are so many things you can get into that are not bad for you, that are not obsessive behavior, like meditation. You know why, because everything I just told you was of the Spirit. Did you dig that. I want you to know that everything I just told you, that I just listed, affirmations, visualizations, behavioral modifications, meditation, prayer. You know what that is? That's a communion from your body and your brain to your Spirit. You get it?

Your brain is trying to do something to create some light and love. So it's forming a bridge to the Spirit. It's a non-material thing. So when you take a look at your bad habits, if you remember that I'm telling you that if you are obsessed with any one of those habits, enough that if you can't have that routine anymore you’re going to suffer. Then you'll know that will be a key to where the imbalance in your life is, and then when you start looking at things that are spiritual, that you should do, like holistic life styles, like in my opinion vegetarianism (animal free diet), like meditation.

Things that will open your body up, open your chakras up, allow you to have communion with your Spirit and God. Things that will bring you to a state of bliss and balance that will dwarf anything that you consider important in this dimension. Things in this dimension will seem trivial, and you will finally reach a level of authentic love that relationships will automatically come to you. Because people will look at you like you are a beacon of love and light. No longer will you have to be insecure or feel meek, or little, or have low self-esteem because you will be power. You will be God, because you have formed that communion with your Spirit and when you come to the realization of what that Spirit really is, that it's really God. You understand that the definition of God is I-Am. Then you will finally reach the top or that mountain, and nothing in this dimension will effect you. Not an astrology chart, not an astrological transit, not a bad relationship, money, anything, because you will be at the center of the Universe.

Whenever you choose things outside of your body or outside of your Spirit that are more important to you like drugs and alcohol, then you create a vulnerability in your system that opens you up to interference. Not only from other entities, other people, like a possession, where you lose control, you lose choice and you lose ability to balance, where you are thrown into a pain syndrome of bottoming out, and almost dying sometimes, which is comparable to a demonic possession. So I want you to know when I give these topics I'm giving a strong subtle message that teaches people actually how to exorcise negatives and demons and entities from their life, not only people, discarnate beings, but all kinds of bad vibes that prevent happiness and love all over your life.

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