Evolution of the Soul

This topic, extracted from Farley Malorrus's show on August 4th 1987, discusses the concepts of spiritual growth, and how to evolve your Soul.

We talk about the concepts of God, love, and Spirit, but it is our growth and heightened awareness that pertains to evolution of the Soul. You see your Soul is trapped in this body, this vehicle, which it travels through. As the body improves the receptor/transmitter function, the physical consciousness becomes more aware of Soul consciousness. We call this process evolution of the Soul or Soul growth. The most loving people on the planet, people who have unconditional love for self and others, people who are in harmony with their lives, don't concern themselves with karmic implications or whatever. They just somehow manage to overcome everything, they lack obsession, they lack selfishness, they are into helping others, and they have intense compassion for themselves and the planet. These are people who are so evolved and experience significant Soul growth.

One of the reasons we incarnate into this dimension is to separate from the source, the God-force. We also have a desire to return. These conflicting desires manifest our individual experience and evolution. The level of desire itself creates particular experiences and personal realities that are always unique. Once we embark on a journey within this third dimension, we create Karma, and therefore must return to absolve our debts. The purpose each of us has here can be examined by getting in touch with our higher self, and by examining certain aspects within our natal horoscope charts.

Many people on this planet have bad days and they don't know what to do about it. At times they will get scorned, they'll run, try to escape, get distraught, experience high anxiety stress in a situation and they won't know how to get out of it. So they just go ahead and feel rotten all day. Obviously if you are into Zen Buddhism or Hari Krishna philosophies, you'll know the chants and how to ground or center yourself and channel that stress. I think that people who are more evolved, people who have heightened awareness, give their credence to the power of God and the messianic God-self inside us all. These people are usually blessed with a higher evolved Soul, Soul growth and higher awareness levels and this ability to channel their higher self, ground their self, and center their self no matter what the trauma. I am reminded of a particular famous actor who is into Zen and he was able to chant and center himself when his mother and father were killed. Tthe chanting helped him get over that horrible trauma of losing both of his parents at once.

Of course there is no easy way to get over a trauma like that, but that is why I am so glad that I am into spiritual growth and spiritual philosophies. And although we are human beings and we are subject to setbacks, problems and becoming a jerk just like anybody else, at least it is important to rebound and retain your spiritual self, your God-self, center and ground yourself through meditation and chanting. Many people are distracted in their lives when they enter this dimension for this lifetime because there are many diversions, and distractions. Often times it is difficult to figure out as a child what is going on, and exactly what you want to do with your life. Sometimes we are encouraged by mothers, fathers, teachers and school counselors to do certain things that may really be unnatural to our individual needs.

Our friends do certain things, which really aren't proper for us, tease us. So sometimes it is very hard for the true purpose, the true vibration of our Soul to break through in any one life-cycle, because of the diversion and distraction and so much dogmatic teaching that is laid on our head as we grow. Trying to burst through to the truth is sometimes very difficult. It reminds me of the John Lennon song, "All You Need is Love" because when you get down to everything in this dimension in my opinion, from all I've learned this entire dimension is just an illusion, a hallucination. It's a vibratory effect that we all go through, we experience through this process called metaphysical experience in this dimension where everything we sense to be real, really isn't. The only thing that is real is love. Once again God being love, and love being Spirit and God being Spirit, of course all being synonymous, it is very important that we adhere to this priority if we want to understand what is going on.

I used to have a philosophy that I like to talk aboutit's called flounderingand I felt that most people in this dimension or born in the third dimension were literally like fish in the ocean. Because fish may live in the ocean their whole lives and the only time they realize that there is anything other than the ocean is if they come to the surface and maybe jump out of the water. Then they think, "Oh my! There is a whole new world out here." Of course like a fish out of water, beached, or on the poolside or whatever, floundering around, we many times are like that also. We feel we know so much, we pretend to be experts, we create a generation of experts, but in truth there is so much beyond what we think we know.

Life on earth has gone so fast, so rapid with this incredible technological and computer growth in the last 100 years that often we forget little things like Love and the Spirit. This might be why we are in trouble. Some really important things have happened in the last 30 to 40 years. We have this free sex, and a drug culture that has come upon the billions of people on the planet. We have all this violent behavior happening, even accepted violence. We have hero worship that gets into the war-like tendency like Rambo. The question is, where is love, where is the Spirit?

People need to center themselves. To do this we must harmonize the seven energy centers of the Soul, located in the upper body, called the chakras. These start at the bottom in the genital region where the root chakras is. Moving up to the spleen area where the spleen chakra is, then to the stomach chakra, which is feelings for the world, and the heart chakra, which is feelings for the self. The throat chakra represents clairaudience, or your ability to intuitively hear or speak things you might not ordinarily do, like words or thoughts of sudden wisdom. Your brow chakra that's on your forehead is your clairvoyance, and your Crown chakra, which is the God Head, is your God Consciousness.

I like to see where a person's vibration level is, from the root in the genital region all the way up to the top of the head the crown where the God-self is. If we take a look at the typical evolution of where this planet is, at the acts of violence, it is similar to the root chakra, like an act of sexual power, or an act of sexual ego. Whenever people try to kill or dominate others or compete with each other, they are using this root chakra behavior. So I think what is going on, on this planet is that there hasn't been that much spiritual growth on this planet because of the emphasis placed on competition, acts of violence or aggression or this sexual power dominant behavior.

However, we are individualand Soul-growth starts with the individual. As an individual, if you are trying to pull out of this rut that you might have gotten into in your life, the third dimension is totally Gestaltwhich means just like that rat in the cage, when he makes a mistake he gets shocked, if he does well there is a reward of food. This dimension, karmically speaking, is very similar to that. If you do things in this world that are right, good and loving and positive, then you will be rewarded through Soul-growth, evolution and benefits. When you do things that aren't right, such as not being able to let go of a relationship that you know is totally wrong for you, and instead of going forward and evolving you won't let go of that, or not letting go of an obsession like your drive for a career.

Those of youwho have questions on career, forget about your chartsif you want to have positive relationships in your career you have to give yourself permission. Once you give yourself permission like saying, "It is OK for me to relate to others, it is OK for me to love, I am qualified to have intimacy with others. It is OK for me to have a commitment." When you meditate on that stuff no matter what your chart says, you will open up the doorway with the power of the mind, with the power of God, to allow yourself relationships. People will forever call me on the air and say, "Farley, tell me about my relationships." The reason they don't have any or have problems is that they won't allow themselves to have any.

If you want to be successful then try meditating on: I am successful; I am evolved; I am on a successful path; I will have a stable, happy, exciting career; I allow myself to work; I allow myself to work freely and to obtain money; I allow myself to have prosperity; prosperity and comfort surround me. Try meditating on this stuff no matter what the state of your birth chart is, and you'll get in touch with the power of your mind and the power of Godthen you'll be able to manifest anything. I hear so many questions about career and relationships. I like to give them affirmations to meditate on and turn it around. It's tiring looking for potentials in others' charts. Everyone is allowed to have careers and relationships. The transits of the planets just show us the cycles of better or stressful periods. Everyone is given permission to have it, if you give yourself permission to have it. If you don't have it, obviously you are not giving yourself permission to have it.

This topic is good for getting out of that ocean, getting in touch with your God-self, taking a look at what is around you, what is out there and available to you, beyond what you thought was there. And God-bless all those people out there who think they know it all, the Atheists and those stuck in their dogmatic beliefs. I love to think about what John Lennon sang, "Imagine there's no country, Imagine there's no religion, and imagine there's no possession." It is just the epitome of spiritual priority. The fact that people are stuck, and fighting and killing each other over all these things that they think are so important, when all there is, is love and all other things are hallucinations. But we go ahead and tie ourselves up in the trivia and the obsession of what we think is so important to us. Like the almighty dollar, the obsession to be rich. The obsession to be free, or lust and passion, or loaded out of our minds.

There are people out there who believe using cocaine gives them prestige because they can afford to buy itothers don't have any money so they can't buy any. Sports figures and athletes are examples of that. This is root chakra behavior, it's what we call an alternate reality, consciousness alteration by unnatural means, by people who pretend to be in their God-self by getting themselves intoxicated. It is not a natural way to reach that level.

Often we talk about the evolution of your Soul and where you are in your chakra growth or chakra evolution. If you wake up everyday and you are horny, always thinking about sex, or thinking about power, or thinking about money or thinking about domination, or you're thinking about anything that is not love or spiritualthen you are closer to your root chakra in behavior. We can just picture you as one big genital walking around in society. Then there are those of you who place a higher priority on spiritual growth and on the God-self, compassion for this planet. Everyone is still qualified to go back and forth from crown chakra behavior to root chakra behavior, even though it is best and less painful to try to stay in your crown and brow chakra. This is because we are granted more awareness, more messianic feeling, more connectedness, and bondedness with all people, that I-Am force, that God-self that lies within all of us is there. Frankly, I think that the crown chakra behavior moves you more into your God-self, the meditative self, the chanting self, the spiritual self, where you can be in bliss through just feeling your own Spirit, rather than just getting involved with whatever gut level behavior you think is important for you.

We are going to talk about different areas and ways that people will go through evolution, and how and why they rebirth. Why one day they are suddenly shocked into going from a place where they are trapped in middle class ethics of making money, career and success, then all of a sudden one day they are Spiritual. They find out wow! Astrology exists, Metaphysics is neat, and chanting and meditation and all that stuff. Healing and Holistic medicine is akin to Soul-Flowerspeople are like caterpillars, they do cocoon and do turn into butterflies. We can all go through this state.

There are many reasons why people suddenly get to a point where they seem smarter. I am not talking about book smart or street smart, I am talking about overall awareness. It is almost as if you can feel the planet, you can feel others, you can feel emotions, and you can feel thoughts. It is as if you almost become super-powered for some reason. It seems like one day you live your life in pain and the next day things seem a lot easier, you seem to be more capable and understand more, and are stronger to handle things. I don't care what kind of trauma people go through, you can find out if people are into new age philosophy. Tthey can chant or meditate if they have a proper attitude on the power of God or the power of their mind, they can pull out of any third dimensional rut, in my personal opinion.

Let's take a look at why people go through these changes. Well, much of it has to do with climbing out of that hole that we grow up in. Few of us are blessed with evolved New Age parents that will tell to us about meditation and chanting and Astrology. Hopefully one day we will be able to show our kids about Metaphysics, Soul-concepts, evolution and concepts of Karma and Astrology when they are growing up. God bless you if you are parents and are teaching your children these concepts earlier. You'll be opening them up ahead of time and giving them a major head start on everyone around them, and also on much of the world. So it is really very powerful in case you are teaching your children that.

Most of us are trapped on religious and cultural dogma, societal beliefs that are supposedly so perfect, and how many times are we told, "No you can't do this," or, "No you can't do that." Often we are trapped in the obsessions that society, family, friends and peers force upon us and we do get married, try to assume responsibilities, hold onto that career, and we find our lives literally going to hell. And we're drug addicted or alcoholic because we are freaking out, frightened and have nowhere to go. Then one day things happen to yourself, you make yourself sick. You can throw yourself into a physical and emotional trauma, end up with divorce, get into so much pressure and stress that you can suffer psychological trauma—it might get so bad that you can suffer a psychological trauma. It might get so bad that you finally manifest a disease and end up going through surgery or something, with this trauma going on in your life. You are literally forced, Gestalt fashion, to do something else with your life.

Like with my divorce, I was in emotional shock and making myself sick with a digestive ailment. I was hurting and seeking answers everywhere, just totally freaking out. Finally, I found Astrology, Metaphysics, Karma and spiritual awareness, psychic awareness, but it took me a while. I was actually knocking on all of the doors of religion to find answers. It is different for every person. People might find the Zen Buddhist philosophy, Hindu philosophy or for some people, basic Astrology, or any kind of meditation or chanting might help them. For me it was Astrology and spiritual awareness. Sometimes this Soul growth will happen on its own.

A person, before getting into a traumatic experience, will take his free will choice and just decide to take up meditation. They don't need a trauma to impel them to get into the evolution of their Soul. Some people just naturally evolve. Sometimes it just happens because they have done something terribly compassionate for themselves or for other people as a pay back from the benefits of that compassion is Soul growth. If you go through a trauma with a bad relationship, bad career, bad family, or God forbid violent crime, rape or something like that, when you come out of it you'll do something for yourself, like raising your own self-esteem and processing that. Trying as hard as you can to let it go and form some harmony in your lifemanifest harmony and you also receive benefits for that. It will allow you to have Soul growthyour body, the vehicle, will improve, you'll become a higher receptive person, a better transmitter. You become more aware and understand more that is going on with life, self, the messianic self, the Soul, the metaphysical structures in this dimension. Alternatively, astrological awareness if that's your choice. Many times there are major differences between people in the world, those who have re-birthed in the Spirit, and those who have not.

Even people who pretend to be so religious, attend church every week and are really into thatthey are still wrapped up in competition, in domination, in root chakra behavior, getting money, power and lust! They think that attending church will absolve that. But there is a definite difference between souls that are re-birthed in the Spirit, and those that are not. Many of you out there are even in mixed level marriages, where you yourself know that you are re-birthed in the Spirit and you are living with a husband or a wife that has that root chakra behavior.

They are still not rebirthed in the Spiritthey haven't evolved. That in itself is clear proof that evolution of the Soul does in fact exist, as we see the difference between peoples' awareness levels, just by checking their behavioral patterns and seeing how locked in they are to that dogmatic thinking they won't let go of. That stubborn thinking that they think is so good for them. On top of that they think they are so smart they will put us down; being spiritual, metaphysical, into healing, chanting, or meditating is a joke to them. They call us weirdo's. But we're not suffering because we are able to use those processes to help free us, and to help relieve us of some of the pain you can be effected by in this dimension of obsession, the third dimension, the dimension of matter.

This dimension was created as an illusion to offer material pleasures with the truth of this dimension, with the logic of this dimension, with the simplicity of this dimension being just the Spirit. That matter really isn't real, it is a test. So anything dealing with matter is only an obsession to be processed and to get over, to retain that priority of love and spiritual awareness will definitely provide Soul growth, spiritual growth and in a Gestalt sort of manner to help free you from the pain of your life that holds you down. So God bless you if you are into Soul growth philosophies and good luck to you if you are married or going with somebody who is not. It is a mixed marriage or relationship, and many times you are not going to get to the depth of the matter until that other person has his or her rebirth. Lets hope the Harmonic Convergence will help bring about the evolution and rebirth of many, many souls.

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