Expect a Miracle

This topic, extracted from Farley Malorrus's show on July 20th 1987, discusses how we can all Expect a Miracle just by affirming this as thought within a Mantra.

This topic "Expect a Miracle" is really a seed that I would like to plant inside each of you. I hope this seed will one day propagate, create and spread across this planet, letting the rest of the world know, and all the people know that they are cells of God. They are the God-force. Whatever they do, think, and believe, will in fact become manifest, because all of us do have saintly and messianic powers. You've must believe that if Moses was able to manifest Miracles in the Bible, then you can too. This is portrayed with all those curses that were laid down on Egypt, the Red Sea parting, bread appearing in the desert, and all that stuff. Also, Jesus being able to walk on water, healing people and all the great miracles performed by Mohammed, Buddha, and many of the Masters. I'm telling you that each and every human being that has ever been born on this planet, could be qualified if they worked on the mystical life and learned how to meditate and pray, and be Holistic and Spiritual.

It is Spiritual priority, that Crown chakra behavior, far above the root chakra, or gut level, (the sexual and power chakra behavior). There is really a massive competition and usually people end up dying in that root chakra behavior. If we can pull it the other way, to the other side of the fence, and raise the world consciousness, teach people about the power of God, the power of the mind that they all have, and have them meditate on a mantra so simple, a mantra that is just called "Expect a Miracle," and right now I give you this gift. I hand you this Mantra. I also suggest you read the Course in Miracles. This book is a whole outline of what the Bible should be about, when it talks about the messianic self inside all of us.

Recognize that the human body is the Temple of the Soul, and the Soul is a particle of God of the God-self, of the God-force and we all have messianic abilities. People seem to forget, the ones who wrote the Bible, like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John the five books of Moses, Moses himself, Paul, these are just people like you, me, and everyone else. The Christ, Jesus and Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu were men too. Saint Joan of Ark, Saint Mary these are all people, humans just like us. People are out there and they are walking around with so much negativity and you know it's even sad that a doctor will go up to someone and say you have cancer, you have AIDs and you are going to die. I mean like come on, does that sound like a holy, sacred way to run your life. I mean frankly, I think that life is sacred, and if you have made some mistakes and have abused this gift of life, then you are probably well aware of the errors you have made.

Quite often, people go through their lives and they are not aware of the stupidity that they live. In fact they will look at people like you and I and they will put us down, because we live our lives in a ceremony, we like to light candles, say prayers or pay penance to the God-force, the great Spirit. Not under a religious organization but under an all-one family of man philosophy that embraces all people, all races, colors, creeds, and all entities and life forces in this Universe, the third dimension, or any dimension. Many people don't like to limit themselves or segregate themselves.

I got a letter from a guy the other day that has literally been in hell. He has been into Black Magic, his brother had open heart surgery when he was 27 years old, he'd been a drug addict and an alcoholic all of his life. He got shot several times and was in the hospital when he first started to listen to this show. Now he's telling me he has become a Catholic and he likes to read the Bible while smoking pot, and drinking beer. I read these kinds of letters and I think my gosh, people lead their lives so scared, so insecure and frightened and feeling so small.

I'd like to use a little test, I like to go up to a person and ask how tall are you? Then they can use their hand to show me from the ground up how tall they feel. Let me ask you right now. How tall do you feel? Use your hand and show me next to your body. Whether it's a little tiny ant or a little boy or a little girl, or maybe medium size, 12 years, 15 years, or like me do you hold both hands up and glare at that monolith of strength, power, and selflessness that is towering way above you. That is really how you feel about yourself. That is the way you should feel about yourself. Some people say, well Farley, aren't you showing too much ego? There are different ways to analyze ego, really, in this dimension. One kind of ego that is harmful is a selfish, dominant betrayal kind of ego that tries to manipulate and control fellow human beings on this planet. The other kind of ego that I feel is very important and powerful is self-love and family of man love, and feeling of Godliness and messianic self, that will heal self and people around you, it is a selfless approach of ego. So when I say do you see your self way above, towering, I hope you see it in the selfless kind of ego.

When you take a look at your childhood, and raise your hand if you were raised in a negative environment. Just like the many times when I said to my parents, "I want to be president one day," or "I want to have my own radio show," or, "I want to be on television or the movies." The number of times people whom I held very sacred in my heart came up with, "Farley you really can't do something like that." This is because too many people are made to feel that they are part of the masses and this is why we feel as if we are ant colonies. The defeatism, negativity, insecurity that exists in this world is overwhelming.

The reason it is overwhelming is that people are not aware of the power of God they hold, and the powers of the mind that they bestow whenever they say, think, act or do the action, it manifests. This leads to so much insecurity out there, so much negativity. Why? Because there is an evil-negative force in this dimension, that radiates all that hostility, fear and negativity. Would you believe that on a planet like Earth, where the worst sin on this planet is killing another human being. One of the Ten Commandments being "Thou shalt not kill." Almost every minute on this planet, since the dawn of modern history, say post-Atlantis, that human beings have been killing each other, even right now on this planet, somewhere on Earth someone is being killed by another human being almost every other second. It's happening every day. It's as if the hunt is on, and it's also between male and female, anybody except self, and it seems to be very insane.

People say when does the Golden Age begin, when does The Age of Aquarius begin? And I would have to say, this whole stuff will come to an end (the murder, death and dying) and stop when human kind basically stops killing each other. Many of us can't envision something like that. Well right now a great majority of this country is involved in employment, working in factories of war, that make weapons that kill people. This has been going on for hundreds of years, where people are involved in careers where other people will die. So when we take a look at the negativity and the defeatist attitude and the horror we have manifested, we forget that as beings we are cells of God.

Whether people are aware that they have the messianic Soul inside them or not makes no difference because a person like a Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler still has the power of God because they are still human. You can misuse this power and totally betray yourself, destroying your personal Karma of course, by hurting another person or yourself or loved one, or killing them. But the thing is, that this is the type of energy that has been propagated way out of control, totally into hysteria, out of control, and this is why we are dealing with the mess we have in today's world.

So why don't you give yourself 20 minutes a day and meditate on the words, Expect-a-Miracle, and see if it doesn't in fact manifest. See if a Miracle doesn't happen in your life. I have seen and helped manifest and experienced many miracles in my life. I have seen people pronounced dead and dying and doctors lay down death sentences on their patients. I have seen it overturned, because of the compassion, power, and incredible force that lies within a persons' heart, (God-force) that they can make manifest. Expect a Miracle and turn around anything that anyone else would try to manifest upon them in their aura, into their lives. It is important that we all recognize that we all have the cell, molecule, the sainthood, the messianic ability to be a prophet, and be likened unto the God-force itself, as long as we learn to manage this energy in a humble selfless fashion. You will lose the energy if you don't, and learn to lose this insecure, defeatist attitude, that's been laid upon us by perhaps thousands of people in our lives, as we try to grow and reach toward the light. Often, a wall rises in front of us and people say you can't, you can't reach toward the light, Astrology doesn't work, or Metaphysic's is wrong, or you are headed the wrong way. How many people try to stop you from reaching for the light. This is what the great choice of life here on earth is all about in the third dimension.

We are talking today about the mind, the messianic self, the power of God and many people doubt that. Would you believe that if you go up to someone that is into fundamentalist Religion and right away they say no way, you're not God, no way are you God. You don't have that particle of God, Jesus Christ is the son of God, he is God. So whenever I meet up with a person like this, I walk away because I don't wish to discuss it. Frankly, people who are in this area are of the belief that has taken away the power of God within the individual, and placed it elsewhere.

I'll tell you if I had Jesus Christ sitting right here in the station, as a guest on this show, he would tell you the very same thing. Because he is quoted in the Bible that the people on this Earth are all the sons and daughters of God, which points out logically to me that there is none better or worse than the other. That we are all bonded in this messianic force that is incredible, can you imagine what we could do on this planet id all 2 billion of us were aware of the Power of God, in a selfless way. Do you know what would happen? We would finally realize in fact that we really are part of the God-Force.

It's incredible, look at what we are doing to this planet. Just because you have the power of God, if you allow the negative forces in this Universe to control that power, just look at how you'll ravage this planet, and we are ravaging this planet, believe me. We are polluting the air, polluting the ocean and water, killing off beautiful creatures, even people, whales, dolphins, all kinds of animals are being slaughtered, even people are being slaughtered. The ecosystem is being plundered. There are people out there pleading for the whales, and can you believe there are not enough people out there pleading for people? What about those being slaughtered everyday?

I love the whales they are people too, I love all animals, but the killing has to stop some place, we forget there are wars going on all over the planet right now. This is world war III, talk about a major cover-up. Welcome to world war III people. The definition of World war is when there is a war going on all over the planet, should I point out the hot spots? South East Asia, The Middle East, how about Central America, South America, and cities in the Ghettos in USA. How about all over this country right now, if you don't believe there is a war going on, then ask a policeman somewhere, he will tell you they wear flak jackets, and bullet proof vests. The reason is they are being killed out there, yet people walk around and they are totally oblivious, they only know what they see on the TV set. They turn on the news and see what the media wants to bring them. The media force-feeds and hypnotizes (I'm not saying hypnotism is the best thing either because frankly TV and people who hypnotize people can control your mind). Your mind is God, so when they control your mind they control your power. They control the God-force and its choices on this planet. Just because God exists, doesn't mean that the power of God has to be good, because on this planet the power is often misused and that is why there is so much suffering.

Now if we could just take a simple little mantra, like Expect a Miracle and start to use some more humble, holistic, selfless, self-love, family of man, oneness of God type approaches on this planet. If we could just turn the other cheek and God bless all these other people who are into Religion. There is so much separation, segregation, hate and competition, and I'm tired of people claiming that they are chosen, and this one is chosen, and this one is the one to believe. If you don't believe in this one, or if you don't believe in this, that or the next thing, something terrible will happen to you. There is something wrong with you, you should be killed or something. Look at the Catholics in Ireland fighting the Protestants, when will it end? It will really only end when we start to go back to the basics, and start to let down all these walls we have conveniently built up. Don't you know people build business's, and they build Religions, and they build organizations, so they can have power, so they can make money, so they can do something with their lives at the cost of other human beings.

No matter what way it is, or what the cost, all those people who would hate me, and say Farley who are you to say that people should be united under the one philosophy of the Great Spirit? Hey! I'm just another one of the Chickens, but I am one who is frankly fed up with the way that things are going. If the systems and institutions we had now were so good or wonderful, then we wouldn't have the problems or the killings, murdering in the streets, the slaughter, the hate, the malice, the greed, and the competition that we have on this planet.

So once again I go back to a very simple basic thought of Expect a Miracle and recognize the force inside you. Ask any American Indian about the Great Spirit and they'll tell you, or, call me on (310) 415-9222 and I'll tell you how to pick up the Silver Birch Philosophies, it is all there spelled out for you. The power is with the individual. The power of God lies within the individual and there is no single human being that has ever been born that is above or below another human being. We are all equal in the force of God that dwells within the hearts minds of all men and women. When we finally reach a level of consciousness, when this fact is obvious, then the suffering will be over. That is what the Age of Aquarius is all about, but may take a few years to take hold.

Expect a Miracle

Love is all You Need


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