The God-Self

The God-Self, extracted from Farley's show on the 29th May 1987, explains our relationship with the God-Self and the Spirit of God.

Sometimes when you plug into your Messianic or God-Self you kind of leave behind your individuality, so it can be a little frightening here. You have to be really ready to leave behind your individuality. So it is no wonder that people have trouble letting go of their humanity. Getting in touch with the Messianic self or the God-Self is the highest level of human consciousness. It acts as a bridge;, the God-Self is the bridge between God and man.

The messianic self allows you to plug the Spirit of man, into the Spirit of God and channel or relate to God, or try to. The Higher-self, the messianic self, and the God-Self in my opinion is the I-Am force. The force that is the basic force to our identity and triggers our animation; the body.

The higher you get into messianic consciousness, spiritual awareness, and the evolution of your Soul, the more you will plug into the family of man. This is united, bonded, as one with God, one with humanity, and as one with the entire Universe. Actually feeling the hearts and minds of billions of people on this planet and entities beyond this galaxy and this dimension. So that's one of the things you become aware of when you plug into the God-Self.

If you ever do reach messianic consciousness, where you do become aware of your God-Self (the particle inside you), then you can literally plug into all levels of consciousness at all dimensions and levels of thought, all levels of the multi-dimensional self, or be completely aware within you. This state is the epitome of all compassion, all truth, authentic love, leaving the self and the identity behind; and actual disappearance of individuality, separation of being an individual, plugging more into being the whole. Like a puzzle piece fitting into the God force. It is a detachment of the self, a total selflessness. As humans we are conditioned to perceive the individual so it becomes frightening to let that go. It means giving up individuality, freedom, idealization, but the more evolved you become you leave behind the individual and embrace the whole. Every Soul has its own vibration.

The reason each Soul has its own vibration is that in separating from the oneness of God, the Soul induces a conflicting desire; one is to return, and the other is to separate from the higher plane to experience life in this dimension. Sometimes, due to resolution of karmic debt, one is forced to return to absolve past life actions. The level of desire therefore, and the type of experience is generally always unique.

The more evolved a Soul is in this dimension, the greater the pain one can experience (if we get off track) in order to reach the pinnacle of ones' existence here. This is why Metaphysics can be more readily accepted by those of a more evolved nature. When we have absolved our Karma, and can dissolve all external desires, such as the material, the emotional securities, and possessions in general, and when we can embrace ourselves as being one with God, then we are ready to leave this dimension forever.

In leaving, and ascending into higher realms, some may choose to return someday, to assist others in their evolutionary journey. This is often necessary, as many souls can become trapped in this dimension; caught in a never ending wheel of instinctive actions that constantly create Karma unto themselves.

The conscious mind is virtually incapable of understanding very much beyond this dimension. The subconscious mind acts as an interface to both the intuitive higher mind and the Soul or God-Self. The subconscious mind also acts a video recorder for the conscious mind. The conscious mind is mortal, but the God-Self is immortal. When we die, we experience a life review so that the God-Self can take that record to the Akashic Stream—a place where all information and events in the Universe are stored. The reason the conscious mind is incapable of understanding very much beyond this dimension is simple to the Soul, but difficult for the conscious mind to embrace.

The limited understanding of the conscious is connected to Reincarnation cycles, evolution, physical environment, conditioning patterns, and the history connected to why we are here at all. When man initially embarked on an Earthly sojourn, eager souls, collectively inspired by their own light of God, deemed that the chance for survival in this dimension and the new world, would be at the price of the memory of self—all of this occurring millions of years ago.

If all humans remembered their past lives, there would be chaos, because the physical laws here denote certain forms of separateness. Part of our survival is connected to family or group patterns that involve learning and teaching with others. Living within different areas of the globe, without sophisticated technology, created tribes and different cultures with unique languages. As we have seen throughout the history of man (and in extreme circumstances), survival of the species can generate violent behavior at times, particularly as we distance ourselves apart from one another and further from the source.

So we have come a long way in the last million years or so, and we have experienced a number of souls who have evolved permanently into higher realms. These beings incarnated as Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, etc. We can all aspire to these levels of consciousness, and it is the essence of my message within this book. There are also many topics that I give on the radio, to explain how one can develop and embrace the oneness of God; how to let go of the blocks that hinder our personal growth.

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