Good versus Evil

Good versus Evil aired on June 29, 1987. Farley talks about the future of the world, and the individuals' involvement as we strive to overcome the negative forces in our lives that sometimes prevent us from being good.

If only good existed, without evil having a chance to rise up, we probably wouldn't understand the term 'good.' I can't imagine evil rising up without any good to counter it. The fact is of course, that good and evil coexists in this dimension. It is vital to understand with this subject that in order for good to overcome evil, evil must overcome evil itself first, with good left remaining and hopefully a survivor.

However, a long time ago beings abused the power of God, this power of love (understanding that we do share a oneness). What they wanted to do was create selfishness and obsession, to de-emphasize the power of God and the power of love. This was to create an illusion of separation so that these evil individuals could dominate their fellow beings down here. To manipulate them to believe that they were separate and alone, and away from the source.

Many people fight and die on this planet because of their separation and segregation of religious and political beliefs. Throughout the concept of time in this dimension, people have lost the truth, lost the love and the light. This is why there is so much suffering on this planet. Because there are evil, dark, belial forces out there that would like to instead of restoring the love principle on this planet, make people believe that they need something other than themselves. I wonder what will happen in the world as basically good people strive to be peaceful, pacifistic, pleasant, calm, meditative and spiritual. It always seems as if evil is armed to the teeth, very aggressive. So one may wonder how this spiritual sage-type person in a Roman-style arena will overcome the gladiator.

It is the power of the individual that is the power of God which will eventually restore true harmony to the planet one day. It's crazy to have all these nuclear weapons on a planet occupied by one being in the guise of the views of billions. Can you imagine God sitting in a house that would destroy him—it doesn't make sense does it?

No matter where you go, there will still be people that will be New Age and Metaphysical types, and they will still want to place the emphasis in someone other than themselves. I think Jesus, Moses and Mohammed and Buddha are very important concepts, but there is no spiritual difference between these beings and youyou are God, just as they are. When we get to a point when people make up their minds and accept this, then that's when the suffering, anxiety, struggling and the loneliness, insecurity and low self esteem will end. It's simple, logical and basic philosophy.

I do a lot of thinking about life and the world situation, history, the future, life, death and nuclear war. Astrologically, if we do not disarm by 1993 when Uranus and Neptune go into Aquarius for many years, the odds of a nuclear war, or any kind of world related war, is very high. So the good verses evil that has really raped us throughout history, by killing and slaughtering millions of people in the competition of war, is going to come to a peak around 1993 and beyond the year 2000. It is a good idea that we have either abolished war on this planet or that we have at least abolished weapons of mass destruction.

The chance of an accidental nuclear war with two large planets Uranus and Neptune in the sign of accidents and humanity, can be high or low. One nuclear bomb could spoil your whole day of course. Hopefully there will be some sanity on this planet by the time 1993 approaches. We should make some major headway in getting Astrology across to the masses. The world leaders will take into account what is going on and will have yet another Geneva Convention and finally abolish nuclear weapons as a total blaspheme on humanity. Why even have a doomsday machine like nuclear bombs when this great grand conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius strikes. Saturn will be in Aquarius first, and that will be a big enough test as it is.

Saturn is the planet of Karma which in that sign of accidents and humanity means that technology must be for the benefit of humanity. Otherwise, we'll be shocked into finally getting it right, and forced into finally doing something for humanity. Saturn in Aquarius transit begins in 1991, 92 and 93. In April 1995, Uranus goes into Aquarius (so we must be disarmed by then); it will fluctuate between Capricorn and Aquarius by retrograde motion in 1996. It will stabilize in Aquarius in 1998 and Neptune will enter Aquarius around New Years. These major planets will be conjunct in Aquarius in 1998 to 1999 and beyond the year 2000. Even Saturn is a temperamental placing in Aquarius (it was in Aquarius in 1962, 63 and 64, and that's when the Vietnam project was heating up). Events are coming to a head and are being focused as we approach the year 2000. Aquarius transits can instigate strange vibrations for those of us on the planet.

Metaphysically speaking, if governments and people are evil, Karma and humanity will make its mark during 1991 and beyond the year 2000. The question looms because of the Persian Gulf situation with USA and countries of that region, and if any blood is shed, they swear to retaliate with rivers of blood. When you consider the consciousness of the world leaders today concerning war, its technology, strategy and such, it is kind of frightening. It makes you wonder along the lines of world consciousness, how in the heck are we going to win? How is world consciousness going to overcome some of this fanatic drive and fanatically struggle to demolish and destroy and create rivers of blood? It is quite frightening, and looking at our current state there is definitely an internal struggle of good verses evil. So the question is, what are we going to do about it? What is going to happen? How will it all be resolved so we survive and have an age of consciousness, the golden age of awareness on this planet, of peace and love and the family of man?

An interesting point I'd like to mention; Saturday this happened, and as spiritual as I'd like to be, I can get very upset, aggravated, and lose my temper too. I was docking a 27 foot, 9000 lb. craft. When you're coming down into your slip and you don't have much room to dock it, you assume the slip is empty and you can get right in with one motion. Well, I was making my move when I saw a craft docked in my spot. You can't imagine all the anger, rage and venom that shot forth from me in a split second. So here I am trying to avoid hitting 6 or 7 other boats because someone else parked where he had no business being. So we all have a struggle of good verses evil when we least expect it, and it was difficult to ask this guy to please move his boat in a friendly manner while I am juggling mine around in such a limited space. So it isn't any wonder that the incredible struggle is going on and has reached huge proportions of good verses evil on this planet and it is rather frightening. Often, when you think about good verses evil on a planet, you have to think about good verses evil inside yourself. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, believe it or not between good and evil.

Before Watergate happened we look at a president like Nixon and think he's like a saint; he's our president and like a God. People put Reagan up on a pedestal before this Iran scam happened, and sometimes you don't know what is good or evil; and even when you get an outcome, you're not sure. It gets darn frightening to tell the difference. I compare this to the bible prophecy of Christ verses Anti-Christ. If we ever have to make that choice between what is good and what is evil, which is basically what the Christ/Anti-Christ philosophy is all about, how will you know which one is right and which one is wrong? If it was meant to be that easy, do you think it would be in the bible and prophesied like that? Any choice between good and evil is going to be a tough one.

Those who manipulate and steal and hurt you, are usually the gentle ones who pretend to be bearing gifts, until they corner you and rip you off and then the truth comes out that this isn't so goodit's evil. This is the thing I love about life and the way it is set up as Karma. This means that whatever goes out as an energy force will definitely come back. People who promote evil are themselves evil, or negative, and they are going to get their just due. If people try to be dominant and aggressive, it will blow up literally in their face. Unfortunately there might have to be a war or two on this planet before evil wipes itself out. I wish there were another alternative to that, but logic dictates events with the world armed to the teeth; especially now in the third world. Many insane lunatics and fanatics who preach violence, war, aggression and terrorism will probably end up wiping each other out before good actually does rise up and survive.

I believe that 'good' will win and that the Law of Karma will be the resolve on this planet, on a world wide scale. This will allow 'good' to prevail over evil and hopefully not after some horrible aftermath of some insane battle or aggression. It is difficult sometimes to recognize good over evil; for instance, just because a certain good is good now, it doesn't always mean it will be good. People and situations change. My hope is that we outlaw nuclear weapons and that way the whole planet will not be the price for some kind of Karmic rebellion or warfare that might stretch planet wide. If there is going to be a war, I hope it won't be a world-wide catastrophe where everybody dies.

It seems almost impossible with leaders like Gadaffi, the Ayatollah or some of the dictators in the world to reach a near nirvana golden age of consciousness state on this planet, unless all of these people can transform. Somehow we have created these leaders. They either aspire to fill a vacuum, or because of an injustice initially. Sometimes I compare the Earth to a person, an entity that has gone astray. I like to look at this planet as a whole, because there is a side to this planet that is very spiritual, sacred and very whole. However, there is another side to this planet that is totally self-destructive, very angry, very stubborn and very warlike. It is just as if there is an angel and a devil on each one of our shoulders, so it is with our planet also.

When I take a look at very loving caring people, a Pisces for example, I may be looking at a drug addict or an alcoholic deeply under the influence of quaaludes, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, uppers or downers or whatever. These people are struggling with the good and evil inside of them, and the evil seems to dominate as they literally seem to get possessed. They take all these drugs and become totally wrecked, ruining their lives. Consequently, they can become thieves, murderer's and criminals, which is disgusting.

If you are an alcoholic, or drug addict, you have three choices: quit, go to jail or die. What eventually happens to these people is that they will gradually bottom out, and then be forced to make that choice—life or death? When they bottom out, often it is because of a trauma; one too many drunk driving arrests, confrontations, bloodshed, fighting with their loved ones, relatives, strangers or even victimless people. They reach that point where they must choose life or death. I hate to think of the planet in those terms, but when I do, I see it as one consciousness or entity; then I know that we are literally going to have to bottom out until we reach the point where we make that choice. You don't want to bottom out with nuclear weapons in your pockets either. This is why they should be outlawed to protect us in case we do bottom out and it does come to a war on a massive scale. That way, maybe the evil factions on this planet will wipe themselves out. Then good still rise up to survive in what is left.

I hope we will disarm before the Aquarius transits in 1991. If we have to bottom out, people of a higher consciousness (new-age family of man venue) will be able to rise up and overpower this planet with consciousness, peace and love instead of with weapons. That is the way we could emerge into the new Golden age of man, and the Earth will literally shift dimensional patterns. That is what I think will happen to earth. I think it will go through this trauma, and the aftermath of that will be this glowing golden age which will last thousands of years on this planet and I do have the faith and the hope that we can do it. It won't be a milk walk, but I think we can handle it individually and collectively.

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