The Harmonic Convergence

This topic broadcast on July 16, 1987 discusses the exact Astrological Aspects that were happening back then, the spiritual and metaphysical ramifications, the Rapture factor, the extraterrestrial factor which is involved in this convergence.

On August 16th and 17th 1987, a grand conjunction called the Harmonic Convergence occurs that consists of a number of planets in Leo that trines Jupiter in Aries, and also trines Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. This event initiates a spiritual humanity factor and mother Earth, which restores Mother Earth's' identity and spiritual nature as we converge harmonically in a major unification of souls with purpose on this planet.

Angie Thompson of Astral computing in San Diego sent the Astrology Hour an article about the Harmonic Convergence which reads as follows:

Harmonic Convergence; a planetary Art event of unprecedented scale, will be performed by artistically inspired people at numerous sites world wide which includes of course Mt. Shasta and Joshua Tree (and actually a sacred site could be inside your own heart too), on August 16th and 17th 1987. Dubbed the biggest global happening ever, the purpose of Harmonic Convergence is to create a Global signal of synchronized human intention, acting on behalf of a positive future for planet Earth. From tribal villages to urban industrial centers, the success of Harmonic Convergence will depend upon community grass roots efforts that draw upon celebrity endeavors, and collective artistic outpourings of all kinds. Concerts, rituals; dance, theater events, radio programs, kite flying and outdoor extravaganzas of every sort will create a Global Village Fair, woven together by an electronic media into a unique celebration that promises to raise the human Spirit, through a single collective experience. The purpose of extending the event from Sunday into Monday is to demonstrate the celebrity nature into the human experience which can be expanded into all aspects of everyday life. According to Doctor Jose Arguelas of Boulder Colorado, Harmonic Convergence will pick up where Earth day left off. While Earth day in 1970 launched the Ecology movement and a new awareness of spaceship Earth, he say's Harmonic Convergence will launch an even more significant awareness, that of Earth of a living conscious organism entity. We humans provide the nervous system of this organism Earth, and right now Earth is saying 'hay!' the way things are going I'm a nervous wreck, do something different. The impact of the perception of the Living Earth on our planetary role and purpose according to Argueles, will have far reaching effects on our social evolution, nothing else has worked so far in solving the problems of militarism, environmental pollution and social discontent. So why not give Art, artist and the creative Spirit a try.

Lets take a look at where the planets will be on August 16th & 17th. It interesting that all the trines will be starting about August 9th, when the Sun trines Saturn in Sagittarius (Sun in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius). Venus will be in Leo, trine Saturn and Sagittarius. Mars will be in Leo just passing the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius. As we get closer to the 16th of August, Mercury will be in Leo still trine Saturn in Sagittarius. So there is significant amount of fire as we note Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, all the planets except Neptune and Pluto, which are exactly Sextile (not exact but in positive configuration to each other) Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. We have seven planets in fire and on the 12th and 13th of August, we also have the Moon in fire, so that would be a total of eight, so I wonder why they didn't pick the 13th to get the Moon in there too? Moon Will be in Gemini on the 16th and 17th of August, and it will be Moon oppose Saturn at sundown on the 17th of Aug. The date correlates with the end of the Aztec and Mayan Calendars. But still, that is a lot of power.

Astrologically speaking, anybody that has Fire in their chart, if anybody you know has been stubborn or negative toward Astrology, or psychic or spiritual awareness, then this should nip that in the bud. What we are talking about here is the Aquarian Age, because the Leo polarity (the opposite to Leo) is Aquarius, and Aquarius does reflect clarity of higher consciousness thought, higher intelligence overall, more awareness and humanity. Also, the bonding of male and female on this planet—the family of man—a Leo polarity with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in wonderful aspect to the Jupiter in Aries, further aspecting Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius.

What's happening here is there is going to be a triggering of consciousness on this planet. You see a lot of people are going to finally come to grips with their Spirit. Now there are many of you out there who listen to the Astrology Hour who are faithful charter members, who listen every day no matter what happens. At 12-noon, you turn on the program, you learn and you grow, so a lot of us have a massive head start. Meanwhile the rest of the planet is going to be subject to what we call mass re-birth, meaning all the people out there, for example Pluto in Leo, those born in 1940 through the mid-50's. People in their late twenties, thirties and forties right now, who have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, are having a magnificent Saturn effect factor during the Harmonic Convergence. Also, people who have Neptune in Leo, some of the older generation born in the thirties.

It is interesting how in this century, when we take a look at Fire locations in people's charts, for example Uranus was in Leo in 1956, to 1961 and parts of 62. So a massive generation is affected by this Grand Fire effect. This is millions of people. Jupiter in Aries, another fire sign, 1963 and 1964, they are affected by it. Jupiter in Leo, 1966, 67, part of 68, these are affected. Moving on, Neptune entered Sagittarius in 1970, then for 12 years till 1982, this is more fire here. We also have Neptune in fire, in Leo, earlier in the century (while Saturn was in Leo 1915 to 1917), Neptune stayed in Leo till 1928. Uranus was in fire 1927 to 1936. Therefore, many people out there that have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in fire signs. Many of us have Jupiter and Saturn in fire signs. There are Leo's Sagittarius's, Arian's, the Moon signs, rising signs and some of us with planets in Fire. So the majority of the people on this planet are being given an awesome spiritual opportunity during the month of August 1987, more than ever before.

Of course you could blow the transit with obsessions. You can blow this transit and take August 1987 and make it that month to meet your relationships, get married, start business' to make money. My opinion is, and a strong intuition I also feel, is the Rapture in the Bible, I do believe the rapture effect will happen. I believe that whatever your choices are, philosophically, mentally and emotionally, will effect whether or not you will fit a qualification of the rapture, I hope and pray that there will not be a war, or a great struggle on this planet. I'm sure you also hope and pray for this.

I wish there was a way to beam the world leaders, dictators and bureaucrat's to a big starship, sit them down, and show them the truth, because spiritually the leadership on this planet does not reflect the needs of humanity. I know this is far fetched, so I think that if the philosophy in the Bible is correct, then what we are due for is a potential trauma on this planet, and I tend to think that the reason for the spiritual surge going on now is because we are being offered the great qualification, we are being offered the choice, that will qualify us for the Rapture effect, mentioned in the final chapter of the Bible. Frankly, the rapture in my opinion is an effect that will strike at hundreds of millions of people on this planet, and remove them from the danger, in case there is some kind of a world wide catastrophe. I believe that the major qualification for Rapture effect will be a spiritual priority type person, meaning just like the movie Cocoon. The courage of the older people on the spaceship, they were able to leave everything behind. Their clothes they wore were all they were allowed to take.

This Harmonic Convergence could be a wonderful new beginning, without a doubt, but in the meantime it is not that I want you to say to yourself, "Well, Farley, what if none of this happens, and what if there isn't a Rapture effect, what about my business, my money, my assets, my love life, and all this stuff?" The questions will continue to come even today, when people will still say "Farley, what about my career, relationships and Love life?" The point is with this show, almost more than any other Astrology show I've ever done, is to let you know something is happening in this dimension, it is localized on Earth. Earth is a very special, powerful planet, it is being looked at right now by higher consciousness beings, by inter-terrestrial entities and by the God-force itself as a planet that is going through a major re-birth, transformation, metamorphosis, hopefully not traumatic, but the way we are sitting on this powder keg it's still possible.

We must recognize that, so it is up to us to recognize that people on this planet are being confronted with a major choice. No matter what you think that choice is, one of the bottom lines would have to do with spiritual priority, understanding and respecting the God-self within. The messianic qualities that all people on this planet hold, endear to them, whether they know it or not, we are all bonded under the oneness of God. No matter what happens during this convergence we must understand that we are intimately bonded to the God-self inside this planet also. The God-self that exists everywhere in every essence, every cell and atom in every dimension is united by a God-bond, God-force, the great Spirit, we have waited too long not to recognize this bonding Force. So what I see happening during this Harmonic Convergence in my opinion, I see hundred's of millions of people, being given the choice of Spiritual evolution at that point, to let go of their obsessions, their addictions, their desires, and finally to give credence to the fact that there is a lot more out there than they sense to be true.

There are literally millions of people who give no serious thought to metaphysics, Astrology, to the oneness of God, or the family of man. People are trapped in all kinds of dogma (Religion, material possessions, relationship dogmas') people who would put their life on the line for an obsession, which I don't think is very healthy. People who put their life on the line for money, career, etc., are not very spiritual, but during the three week period in August, when the fire trines strike, I am so happy that I am a Leo, with four planets in fire, one in Sagittarius. Those of you with an abundance of fire in your chart may be prepped to become teachers, guides, or messengers in this very important year of 1988.

It is sad that so many people are trapped inside of their own lonely mess, selfishness, and obsessions, they are being held down and anchored very harshly by their own desires. The hand in the cookie jar, is the example I will never stop using. When it does get to the point, when you have to make choices between your home, car, family, bank account, all the riches and fame you've acquired, and that spaceship in the sky. When that being will beckon you and say come, come with us now. When that rapture effect happens, and literally hundreds of millions of people suddenly disappear off this planet, it will leave the rest of the selfish, obsessed and dogmatic group behind. This is what is portrayed in the Bible, in the last chapter of the Rapture. I think you will understand why you have gone through what you have gone through, and why it is so hard to let go of our obsessions, and why we constantly seem to be tested with love, sex, romance, relationships, career, money and the questions will never end.

I have previously explained how the Christ force was the spiritual God who was-in, or within us all, and as we evolved to that, it would be the true Christ within our self, that we would have to recognize and accept as a spiritual priority above and beyond anything, singularly or individualized, that we could accept as an individual as a Christ on this planet. The Harmonic conversion is a trigger for an incredible spiritual re-birth on our planet, involving the whole planet, bonding to mother Earth for a major spiritual surge. I'm not sure how its going to happen, whether it's going to be the Rapture effect, whether it actually happens during August, or whether seeds are sown for a gradual change over the next few years. Something is happening, we're all right in the middle of it, we have to think about the family of man and that is what the age of Aquarius is all about.

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