The Intuitive Higher Mind

The Intuitive Mind extracted from Farley's shows on the 27th May 1987 and February 28th 1889. He discusses the part of our mind that is responsible for the link to our higher selves and the psychic or intuitive feelings we experience.

That part of us between our conscious mind and our higher mind, that has the sum total knowledge of all our past lives; all of our reincarnations and that Karmic bank. It's what we plug into when we are psychic or intuitive, when we have feelings that we know are right, that are right. The part of us that allows us to channel ourselves and allows us to get in touch with our higher-self or Spirit guides. It's also the area of the mind of the multi-dimensional self or where the sacred metaphysical knowledge lies including Astrology. It has much to do with shaping the destiny of each individual lifetime and filtering the consciousness from the intuitive mind to the conscious mind.

There are several designations or levels of consciousness, when we talk about human beings. What we experience or identify to be conscious reality is really the tip of the iceberg of massive proportion, potentially and literally God-like ability. However, down here in the conscious state we tend to limit ourselves. We tend to be sometimes defeatist, negative or self destructive due to our conditioning. The separation that we have down here on this dimension can induce these negative feelings and feelings of being small and insignificant. The truth of the matter is that we are not small and not insignificant; we are plugged into a mega-being, a mega-entity, the God-Force of incredible proportions. The road to getting through to understanding your legacy, your connection to this force, to the I-Am force inside each person, is that we are literally a portion of this God particle in its simplest human form.

Down here in these vehicles, in these human bodies, we are literally struck dumb or led to believe that we are individuals. We lead lives where we feel that we are alone. However, the truth of the matter is that the more aware you become, the more intuitive you become, and the more you plug into other parts of your mind that are not readily visible in this dimension in this awareness state. The higher you do plug into that mind, the more you become qualified to evolve to those higher levels depending on your Karmic state.

The attainment level of growth will depend on how you treat your body, along with the level of self-love and Universal-love. Also, how you live your life and make your choices. You are granted a graduation, to qualify into higher levels of awareness, and higher levels of intuition. Beyond this dimension lies the rest of our mind, or the over mind or the God-self, the higher mind. There is a bridge between the conscious mind and the higher mind, levels of mind consciousness that will connect us to the higher mind. That bridge is called the intuitive mind.

This is the result of my years of research and meditation. Because I am human, I believe the over mind dwarfs what ever could exist in the human mind even if you think and feel like a human being of a God-like or Messianic quality. You've got to believe that once you detach and let go completely of the material existence and are able to leave the body and you plug into the over mind, the over-Soul, the God Selfyou merge with the oneness of God that you share with all entities, beings and organisms in the entire Universe. By escaping the physical existence in this third dimension, no matter who you are, no matter what Christ-like being you might think you are, then you've got to believe that our potential in the human form is dwarfed by what exists in higher levels. You have to allow yourself to plug into the connection of all consciousness through out the entire Universe.

Now there are a few ways to get in touch with your intuitive mind of course., Meditation is the best. Many people have a natural bridge or a natural connection to their intuitive mind, and we call them intuitive people or Psychic. Sometimes when people channel Spiritual Guides or their higher-self it is because they have in fact tuned into their intuitive mind and learned the exercises that enabled them to channel information from the higher mind and the intuitive mind in this dimension. Or we may channel beings of like nature, Spirit Guides of a holy nature at higher levels which the intuitive mind allows us to receive transmission of a holy nature, which is what the Silver Birch books are all about. Silver Birch is an angelic American Indian guide that channeled spiritual information through a man called Maurice Barbanel for some sixty years, starting during the early part of this century in England. Many books were written about Silver Birch's teachings as transcribed by the Hannen Swaffer's Home circle group of which Maurice Barbanel was a part.

Now there are other ways to get in touch with the intuitive mind, which is when you are sleeping. When unconscious, you lose your consciousness and your astral-body goes back into the natural intuitive state, where the intuitive mind lies, and plugs into the dream world—which has a lot to do with intuitive consciousness in my opinion. Also, if you should die, or right before a birth and if you are qualified to go beyond the next level of consciousness, this is similar to Earth which is like a limbo state. You go into the light which is the bridge into the intuitive level where the Akashic stream of consciousness and the Akashic records lie. The Akashic records features the sum total of all of your experiences, from all of your past lives including all of your thoughts, all of your words and all of your actions. No matter how insignificant you think they are. This is what you might call an incredible past life regression. When you die and you go into the Light and you qualify to absorb this information, then you are truly plugging into your intuitive mind. The intuitive mind is where all the sacred Astrological, metaphysical, and spiritual knowledge lies, as well as your Karmic records concerning all of your past lives and Reincarnation throughout eternity not just the human experience but all, because we are talking about an eternal situation with a powerful force, the God-force.

You've got to believe we've gone through numerous alien type experiences, above and beyond human experience. There is quite an incredible wealth of information to plug into the intuitive mind which we all are attached to that bridges to the Higher mind. Often I will tell people that one of the fascinating parts of getting into the Astrology science was that I was able to plug into this vast wealth of Astrological knowledge that I had in my intuitive mind and that was delivered to me, by my intuitive mindthat proved to me that Astrology was real and it did work. I took up Astrology and meditation simultaneously, and during my first week of mediation I had such a miracle, a vision, an experience which was an identification with this intuitive mindthe bridge to the Higher self, that without even reading any books I plugged into this knowledge. So one of the purposes of me doing this show everyday is to hope that some of you out there will take up meditation.

So when people plug into that intuitive part of their minds, it will allow them to literally understand this information delivered to themwhich helps them to validate Astrology, metaphysics, sacred knowledge, intuitive mind, their psychic self , their God-self and their multi-dimensional self. This is a very, very powerful effect. So if you thought that getting your Astrology interpretations done was minor league from us, then forget it, because this is hard core stuff, for people who want to know and experience cosmic self-realization in the Cosmic fold. As a human being we have to learn things, almost like a computer and we are pulling from information and experiences. At higher levels of consciousness in the intuitive and higher mind, there is a vast wealth of information that is pulled from all lifetimes, all people throughout history, with experiences that are unbelievable, in how much information is there. The thing about Astrology, metaphysics, life, death, God, family, love, sex and stuff—they are things we have to learn down here in this dimension.

This should be a very interesting subject for you—those of you that have a mind. Do you remember when you had a mind? That's a good question. I was discussing with a friend earlier about the brain and how people go in circles and all of a sudden, I reached forward and pulled this topic outI thought "Hummm, that's very curious, finding out something here that I never was really aware of ,that I am too conscious." I am too much into my conscious mind, my conscious thoughts. And I'm too centered inside my brain and focused on my left brain. You know we get into trouble, if you've ever been in a position where you either feel like a know-it-all; or someone you know thinks they're a know-it-all, or someone you know, or yourself, is in a dogmatic frame of thinking. In other words where somehow, some way, they formed a bottom line or they think they know the answer.

If you've ever gone into circles with people because for some reason they keep coming out with the same stimulus, the same catalyst, the same discussion, the same subject; and they won't change or shift their opinion or the attitude on it, and they keep going round and round and round with you. Meanwhile, they stay in their conscious mind left brain and you are in your conscious mind left brain where nothing is going to get solved. This is the true definition of the Gemini force, which concerns itself with the brain, the mind, psychology, and communication, ideas, thoughts, creative forces and stuff like that. When we focus on the brain and inside the left brain, inside our bodies, we are typically being physically conscious minded people, or in our logical mind set—what appears to be the logical part of ourselves.

Well, I've developed an alternative theory as far as thought patterns, brain and mind development, and that is by going beyond the brain or by stepping outside of it. Now this is an interesting topic for me because you know what? I think some of the reasons why if I do have problems in relationships, with my family in my career, or with everyday occurrences, it would be that I'm too focused in my logical mind. I talked to a former friend of mine recently who the last time I saw him we were both excited and yelling at each other and after a year and a half later he didn't change. He was still excited and yelling at me, and if somebody is excited and yelling at you, or trying to dictate to you, you'd better believe that there is not a lot of channeling. They are not into their intuitive right brain higher self. They are focused in the computer bank in the middle of their head, and they are using their memories and the data that they have absorbed in this life time, which might not also be positive energy.

Often the energy that we refer to in our brains (and from the data we've received) is either brain-washed or conditioned to us by either society or families, friends, schools or whatever. The information that we pull in from the logical conscious mind, in the intellectual left brain thinking, is stuff that we are absorbing in our everyday life in this lifetime. So, the right brain is the more intuitive, higher self, channeling, psychic, and spiritual side. The left brain being the more conscious, logical, intellectual, and pulling data in the current life cycle. Right brain thinking is the ability to react beyond your brain, into the higher self, into the ether and pull from a source that goes beyond the limitations of this lifetime and into a realm of open-mindedness. This realm is actually void of dogma and stubborn thinking. You are pulling and connecting to a part of yourself that will give you a break and will also give you an idea, help, hint, or a tip that can allow you to get through a certain life situation with less difficulty, with more flow and with optimum happiness.

The Gemini factor in the mind is not at all bad. In fact without the Gemini factor we would have no use of our left brain at all and we wouldn't be able to function. We wouldn't have any responses at all; we wouldn't be able to think, eat, dress, write, talk, type, or any of that stuff. So the Gemini factor is absolutely essential in communion with and in cooperation with, the right brain functionthe antenna functionwhich reaches out into the higher realms of thought and thinking into our souls' pattern—into our souls' banks.

Why is it that Farley Malorrus will only reach out for a topic right before I go on the air? And when I get off the air, many people say, "Farley, you don't seem like the same kind of person on the radio." You know it's true, I go into a different type of preparation in the morningI usually fast on water or on juice, I usually don't eat any solid foods and I usually get into a real major, calm-centered state in the car, so I can reach out when I'm driving in kind of what I call an auto meditation, which I don't suggest you try unless you know what you're doing. Where I'm able to be in control with my conscious mind, and drive the car, but still reach forward for a topic and allow it to be poured into me from that part of myself, just exactly as this topic is being poured in and channeled out. If you were in the car with me, you would be aware that I did absolutely nothing to prepare for this topic today, which is pretty much what I do with most of the topics; they are just kind of something that is sent forth.

Well, I think that before I go out on a date, or maybe before I get ready to be with somebody special or a friend, or somebody in my family that I should actually go through some of this similar preparation. Ground myself, center myself, calm myself, reach out with my right brain with that antenna to my intuitive mind, and my higher-self, and use that function in my everyday life. Not just when I'm on the radio, or when I meditate, or when I'm alone. So I think the problem that many of us have is that we ride around and walk around with this sack of garbage that is harbored in the left brain, in the conscious mind, in the intelligent mind. That can be so hostile, violent, negative, improper, unbeneficial and not healthy for our life styles. Garbage that people have poured into our minds as gullible, vulnerable, even naive types, that love and respect the teachers we've known, the parents that we've lived with, the relatives, friends, brothers and sisters we've dealt withand we tend to take much this information as gospel.

People walk around in society with these books, no matter who and where they are, and say this is the word right here. You are raised generally in certain religious or philosophical situations, and people tell you a particular word, or a particular truth. Then you get put into a particular situation that can be rather uncomfortable in case one day in your life, you find out that the truth is not as the word dictated. That in fact it's a lie and that there is only further truth. What are you supposed to do with that mind set in your left brain that's been anchored there through years of acceptance? Do you see my point? You know you go through this stuff when you're searching, when you're seeking, and when you're dealing with input data to your mind as a childand also as an adult.

Sometimes you have to go through an awesome psychological and spiritual process to dump these mind sets in the left brainin the conscious mind, in the intellectual mindthat have control of us, that hold us as slaves, and that hold us down. Often times, if not all the time, whenever we are our most upset, whenever we are our most obsessed, whenever we are our most selfish, whenever we get into a position where we want, we need, we lust, we are totally being the logical mind. You are not reaching at all into the higher-self. Because the higher self would say "Forget it Farley. It doesn't matter; you're a Spirit and that's all you ever were and it's all you'll ever be, so why let third dimensional life get to you? It's bull! It's a bunch of bologna; your worried too much about this."

So I feel it's very important for me to deliver this philosophy, and to let you know that I believe that this philosophy exists. Although the foundation to the Astrology Hour is never forming any bottom lines, never closing your mind or developing fanaticism, but keeping your mind open to possibilities, to potentials and to situations that could open your mind up to understanding further truth, more than truthbeyond the truth of what you already know.

I don't like to be the type of person like I was as a child, where people will teach me and say, "Well Farley, one plus three equals four." When I get older I might find that one plus three equals sixI'm going to believe what they taught me but I'm not going to allow it to inhibit my personal progress, my growth, or my happiness. So what do you do? We may find ourselves being controlled by a Gemini factor, and find ourselves irritable, anxious, upset, or not balanced psychologically, and being stricken by anxieties. Well, part of the meditation process is learning how to reach beyond into your aura, and beyond your aura, and think out there. It's a very simple procedure, if you're conscious of your eyes and your ears, what's behind your ears, what's behind your eyes, and between your ears. Then you'll be aware that most of your thinking goes on right behind your eyes.

But what I do when I go into my right brain (this works for me, it might work for you and maybe it won't), or when I meditate, is I take that thought process out of my head, whether I have my eyes open or closedwhere my thinking is not inside my head, behind my eyes. It is in front of my head, on top of my head, right beyond the brow and the crown aura of the chakras on my forehead and the top of my head. That's how I pull information that really helps me understand the metaphysical, spiritual, and philosophical issues that I present to you on the Astrology Hour. And that's why when I present these issues on the Astrology HourI do it with a certain feeling of safety and stabilityI'm not trying to pour information down your brain, or down your intellectual mind, although many you are right brain when you listen to the show.

You don't realize it, but the tone of my voice and the way I present the material allows you to go beyond your logical mind into your intuitive mind, and the higher-self. And that's why many of you do receive the show and understand it a lot more efficiently with more quality than the rest of you that are still locked in your logical mind, when the show is on. Also, the focus of this topic, which is so important, and the reason why I come to grips or understanding or clarity about many things in life, is through Astrological investigation.

Many of us go through certain Gemini transits, as well as the planet. The failing Savings and Loan is a Gemini state that's affecting the planet. Instead of being our higher selves and New Age, psychic, spiritual and Piscean in nature, we're going through a Gemini period. Now if you know any Gemini's that get in touch with being too conscious, too intellectual and too wrapped up with the thinking, where they are so wrapped up that they can't even make a choice; where the're just confused. Well, if they went into their right brain, the antenna and they reached forward and grabbed some of that intuitive mind, higher-self stuff, they'd make the choice in a secondbecause they'd go with a gut or more of an intuitive feeling, instead of staying inside of their head.

The key to surviving a Gemini transit if you want guidanceand the reason many of us seek guidance is that we're so locked into our mindswhen we go to sleep at night we can't shut it off. I step outside my head when I go to sleep at night, to automatically reach outside and I put my thoughts beyond my bodyand before you know it my Astral body is out. It slithers out like a snake and the next thing I know it's morning, or dream state time or whatever. So I find myself using this procedure of going from my left brain thinking which is conscious mind, logical mind data banks, which are filled with negativity from my childhood and my adulthoodto my right brain thinking that is the antenna to the intuitive mind and the higher self. The Mars/Neptune in Libra in the 12th house I havewhich is like Mars/Neptune in Piscesallows me to use my power, which is the power of psychic gift, psychic behavior, intuitive behavior. Knowing what there is to know, or what you need to know.

The following applies if you have no balancing aspects within your chart, but if you have many planets in the 3rd house or in Gemini; or if you have an afflicted Mercury then you may tend to be more of a left brain, conscious mind, logical type person. However, if you have planets in water;in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancerwith emphasis on Pisces, or if you have a nice Neptune with trines to it, or you have planets in the twelfth house that are decently aspected, then you are gifted with the ability to be more right brained, or more intuitive, with greater ease. There are some out there that have a Karma with this philosophy.

It is important to note that you earn the right brain ability no matter what your chart is when you start reaching out and caring for people. When you make choices that are more selfless, compassionate, less obsessed, then your right brain automatically opens up. When you take up things like meditation, Astrology, Metaphysics, spiritual awareness and open-minded thinking, then you are plugging into the key that opens you right brain and allows your intuitive mind and your higher self to assist you and flow through you. It's a fact; I've proved it for myself. I'm not trying to tell you what is true for you, but this is true for me. It's a fact for Farley. So once again we establish truth, but we search for further truth, maybe another fact as life goes on.

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