Karma Free

This topic is extracted from Farley Malorrus' shows on the June 5th, 1987, August 12th, 1987 and September 21st, 1988, covering variations on the subject of processing Karma.

Every year the Jewish people traditionally have the holiday of Yom Kippur, which follows their Jewish New Year (RoshHashanah). Yom Kippur is the day that millions of Jewish people don't eat or drink; they just pray all day. But do they all know what it means? Do people know why on a special day they go to the temple? Do you think they even have any idea of what they are doing?

Now the tradition behind this fasting is interesting, because Jewish people in a group feel like they can absolve and atone for all of their sins—no matter what they've done for the whole yearby just not eating, for one day a year. It's interesting how this tradition came about and has a metaphysical explanation. Once understood, it allows everyone, including the Jewish people, to understand why they do this. The fact that the Jewish nation picked Yom Kippur on one special day a year is fine, but in truth, it has a lot to do with being Karma free, or being free of sins. Fasting depletes food in the body and therefore one's energy is not focused on the digestive tract and it can focus on other parts of the body. This allows for the opening of the chakras to center and ground yourself.

As the word sin is being used, I should explain for a moment what this term means. The true definition of sin is to miss the mark. Most biblical interpretations lead people to infer that it is to do something terribly wrong. Both interpretations are correct; it simply embraces a wider meaning than most people think about.

In other topics you will notice how I've stressed the importance of meditation in absolving Karma. This is because you are allowed in your meditation to pull away from this dimension in a trance-like state and look in perspective at your life. The transcendental type of meditation allows people to see their lives in perspective. While in that spiritual state of consciousness, you are allowed to pay off debts, work off Karma, absolve and atone for your sins. So it's very logical that the Jewish nation, thousands of years ago, chose Yom Kippur, one day a year, for their culture to stop eating, drinking and pray for 24 hours.

It's a logical metaphysical act, to go into a meditative state without any food or drink in the body, and allow the chakras to open. The sad part about this is that it's really not explained to the Jewish children. I'm not putting Jewish people down for the holiday, because it is an important holiday and I do believe the fasting is a cleansing process for the body to release the toxins. I have some Jewish heritage and it wasn't really explained to us when we were growing up, the process and the logic behind the atonement of the sins., Meaning that if you do meditate and fast all day that you will absolve your Karma. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Many people from certain races, creeds, and religions carry bad reputations. For example, a lot of the Jewish people and the black people have been brutalized in being the focus of hated through out history. In Germany, Adolph Hitler tried to annihilate and exterminate them. Obviously, being Jewish or carrying around that nature may have something to do with money, finances, success, sometimes a little altering of the truth, manipulation of the truth perhaps. If you're a little bit too greedy, sometimes people will say you're being too Jewish or some such comment.

Whatever wrongful action anyone does, be they of any culture, there is this Day of Atonement. Sometimes people might try to get away with anything within their environment, with families, children, business, where they can take advantage. Did you ever make a call and charge it to the wrong number, or sneak into a line just before the show doors open, or sneak in the side door, or end up getting something for free without paying for it? I hate to relate this, but in Jewish traditions there are certain tricks that you learn from people you know and love in your family where you get away with stealing, taking advantage of people, or taking advantage of situations. Then Yom Kippur comes along and everybody fasts and prays and it's OK!

It is unfortunate that the true spiritual nature of Judaism, in some ways, has been lost by many of the people that participate in this holiday. It does have such an incredible significant spiritual impact. If you are truly Jewish, or you really want to adhere to this tradition of atoning for your transgression, it does work. It's not as if God sits there up on a chair and says "Well you didn't eat or drink anything all day so you're cool." That's not how it works. God is inside of you and your body is susceptible to the energy that is created in this dimension. This means that your body is subject to putting out negative vibrations, and creating Karma.

In the Bible, creating a transgression results in negative vibrations as payment in case you don't atone for it. So the logic behind this Jewish tradition is so magnificent, that it blows my mind that no one ever explained it to me. I understand this tradition now because I've studied the cabalistic, or the mystical aspects of Judaism. Also, from my intuitive mind, my higher self, that knows what it's all about. Now all through the Bible it always mentions that fasting and prayer are normal ways to improve your life, and to get in touch with God, and to center, balance, and heal yourself.

I remember Earnest Angley, my favorite at Angeles; he's a little pudgy guy who's a minister on TV and he's always slapping people on the forehead going Y-E-A-S! But I love this guy because he promotes fasting and praying. It's amazing because they don't explain to the people what this does. If I was a prisoner, or institutionalized, I would probably spend the majority of my time, in fast and in meditation to absolve my Karma. I'm referring to Karma here as anything in this dimension that you're susceptible to—the third dimension being a dimension of desire, craving, possessions and acquisition. We as individual particles of the God force, as a spiritual flame, occupy these bodies under the illusion of being separate from what we really are, part of the God-force. We are separated, sliced into billions of pieces of separate pies, put into these bodies, and then subjected to these desires, and almost every one of them is karmic because they go beyond the Spirit.

We must aspire to be happy, comfortable, safe, aware, and evolved within this dimension. This is to be able to flee this plane one day and go to a higher realm, which is a lot less painful than this dimension can be. We should retain a spiritual priority, which is often forgotten. It's like those Jewish people that all year long are focusing on the business, buying a race horse, constructing a Real Estate building or, double charging the customer. Then along comes Yom Kippur, they put their hats on, go into the temple, Yish this, Yish that, and it's all right! If only these people remembered and retained the logical tradition behind what they are really doing—which is creating a relationship with their Soul.

The body can be so busy dealing with life that it often doesn't allow the Spirit to get through. When the Spirit can get through, it aids the body, helps the body grow, heal itself (thyself), and therefore experience less pain. It's interesting that the simple process of fasting, even if it's for a day or two, with just water and juice is healthier than going without anything. The Jewish tradition of course requires you don't consume anything. Some people will fast, but they smoke and get nicotined out.

I fast every day, and avoid food for at least a 12 to 16 hour period. I've lived this way for the past 20 years, fasting until 3 or 4 o'clock when my body is naturally hungry. I feel wonderful, very healthy and have gotten along great. It allows me to do the show and get in touch with higher parts of myself because I'm clear; I don't have stuff in my stomach to interfere. I find it normal not to load up every day. Many nutritionists will say, you ought to have breakfast in the morning. I say no way. I miss the eggs, of course, but not the meat which I don't eat anymore. People will load up on the worst things during breakfast, and no wonder they get heart disease.

Fasting is so utterly logical, because if you think about it, the body is a vehicle of God. It is the God shell, and excluding food or water into it, allows the body to proceed with its natural waste processes. Because without digestion, the pancreas, liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and the lungs are allowed to process some of the poison that's saved up there. About ten years ago, I went on a long juice and distilled water fast with Roger Reinhart, for seven days. You probably wouldn't believe the poison that came out of my system in those seven days. This event might have saved my life, because I've been fine ever since, much better actually. I would not recommend this for anyone unless you rest during the whole thing. If you've never done any fasting before, don't do it unless you are supervised or have someone controlling it, or know more about it, because it doesn't work for everybody.

It's nearly impossible or difficult for most people in this century to fast that long but I wasn't doing anything. I was out of work, had some money, but didn't have anything to do so I looked at Roger and said, "Should we go for a week?" He said, "Let's do it." You know the two of us were like a couple of lightning bugs. Roger often recalls the amount of garbage we gunked out of our arteries then. I think this kind of fast (if you have the time!), is like getting a bypass. Some people who are so busy, accept having the inevitable bypass, then in a month get better, go back to work, and flood themselves with more clogging stuff. The wiser person will fast for a day or two and allow the body, the magic of the human body, to heal itself.

Some of us are so damn busy we don't have time to allow ourselves to heal. The human body is an instrument of God. It's an instrument of God and what we do is we keep saying no to it. We say, no way, no way, no yogurt, no cottage cheese, OK have a steak, another hot dog, and the body is sitting there screaming. You're in pain, you're weak, lazy, and tired. Nurturing the body is not going to work for everybody because it's what you believe. If you are definitely in control and in touch with your own God Self, and your God Self believes you are safe having Astral projections, safe in fasting and safe in your house, then so be it. That's what works for me. I believe that I am safe when I do certain things. Other people feel like, "Oh my God, if I don't have any protein I'm going to die." I personally haven't had any animal protein in years, and I'm OK! It's whatever your mind believes to be so.

Some people use the words 'I-Am' which is the definition of God in the English language, and put a negative life condition behind it. A friend recently reminded me of how his life had been so horrible, wracked with illness, and how the current I-Am was also negative, and I shuddered. I said to myself "Wow! How could you use the God mantra this way? Even if I do have something wrong with me, I will say I-Am fine, I feel better, I-Am OK", because I know that those words manifest, everything manifests.

Within this dimension you are born into a specific set of Karma and desires. I use Astrology to identify my karmic patterns, and to understand what desires I'm going to be susceptible to. They happen to be: women, love, sex, romance, money, power, domination, insecurity (that's a desire). When you get your chart done you'll be amazed how your Karma can be revealed.

Karma is so strange, because it designates insignificant things in this plane that hold us here. One of the main reasons people reincarnate over and over again is because they want that connection sexually, or romantically with another person. Beyond this realm we are connected romantically, cosmically and spiritually to everything. But on Earth we have to seek this connection as if it doesn't exist. It's an illusion of separation. Rather than forming a bond with the Universe, we want to form intense personal relationships. When you experience the universal bond, you can feel all people, the essence of what is beyond this realm. Beyond this realm is true sanctuary and bliss. The only reason why you are here and why you are held here is because your little body thinks that Earth experiences are so important next to what exists beyond. People are ignorant and naive to the truth of what God and what the blissful experience of this Universe really truly offers beyond this realm. They just don't know.

Do you know how much importance people place in money? And not to put Jewish people down again, but I notice that most of my Jewish friends and relatives put a high importance, and even give themselves heart attacks over money. This is not the secret to life. This is Karma, whatever or whenever you put emphasis, importance or priority over anything beyond your Spirit is what holds you to this plane. Because your Spirit is the connection, which I call the bliss connection. You cannot escape Earth, and the Reincarnation cycle. You cannot atone, or absolve your Karma totally, even if you meditate, pray and fast every day, unless you can look at everything on this planet and basically say, "So what!"

Now I have a friend named Micheal Alcana, he died about eleven years ago. One of the wisest masters I ever knew. He made mistakes. He was self destructive. But, a couple of weeks before he died, he had some realizations and some visions. He used to tell me, "Farley, the hell with all this stuff down here." This stuff on Earth here is so insignificant and everyone makes a big deal out of it. The fact that you would waste one microsecond worrying about anything on the Earth plane is ludicrous to your Spirit. But you do it, and that's why you have Karma. If you really think that career, romance, success, relationships, and money are so important, you can have it as soon as you let go. The only reason you can't have it is because you have identified it and designated it as a Karma. Because you are so obsessed with what you think you need to make you happy. The desire to separate from the source and experience the physical and material in this dimension is a karmic trap over countless lifetimes. When you are wealthy in Spirit, however, you have everything you need.

People in the world who have fulfilled their Dharma will accept death, even if from hunger or thirst. Do you know that as they're dying, they realize they're not going to get any water or food, so why fight it? They probably reach a bliss-like state prior to their death from not having any food or water. Prior to their death their essence tells them it's all right, that they are going to be away from all this; they don't need it, it's finished, over, and Karma Free.

The reason why you incarnate is because you have something here on Earth in this illusion that has a hold on you. There is nothing in this illusion that has a hold on me, because I know what true bliss is. I've been in the higher realms. I live there. I've only come to Earth this time to help. Occasionally some of us come down from the higher realms, attempting, risking blowing our Karma, and getting obsessed with it all. I've got a Scorpio Moon in the first house, which is an intense obsession with sex, and women. But I don't need it. I'm not going to let that hold me to Earth. My friends know I get into talking sexy on the air and hit up on some of the girls, but it's not something that's going to anchor me here because I know true bliss. I have been there in my meditation, sleep, and dreams. When I'm on the air I am plugged into higher realms.

I find that using meditation to absolve my Karma, atone my sins on a regular basis, heal my body, and my own personal control fasting works for me. So by meditating in the morning before you eat, your body is clear. It gives you a chance to plug into your higher self, see your life in perspective and some of these trivial things that are holding you here.

There's no such thing as a bad astrological transit, we're just going through transition, transformation, and metamorphosis. It is unto us to accept the Universe as being perfect, and all these things as being necessary. But what do we do? We go through hell. People come up to me and say, "Farley my Saturn's square my Mars, Uranus is opposed my Venus, the Moon is square my Mercury, and I'm going to die, I'm scared." Give me a break! When you let the dimension get to you, by placing importance and significance on any of this reflection—which is really you—that's when you are blowing it. That's when you're creating Karma. What you have to do is retain the Spirit, retain the center.

Remember what's importantThe Spiritand what's beyond this dimension, and enjoy the illusion as a reflection of your own self. If you don't like that illusion, as an artist recreate it, manifest something else. Ask the Universe to send something better to you. Get out of that bad situation. But don't take it so hard, maybe one day you'll be Karma free and you'll be able to split this dimension like I have. The next time you say "I'm this" or "I'm that" or "I own this, I own that" make sure you say "I am powerful, I am healthy, I am loving, I am philanthropical." Put a positive behind the God Mantra "I-Am" because it does work. OK, now the angel of the Lord will speak. Y - E - A - S!

We are the world—people literally are a reflection of themselves. Beyond this dimension we have more balance than here on Earth. On Earth, it's a constant struggle to gain balance. Karmically speaking, we are aware of that struggle, as people we are close to seem to turn on us, and what's their excuse? Its "Well, we're supposed to fight and get upset sometimes." I don't believe that's true. I prefer the peace, harmony and balance, rather than the screaming, fighting and so forth on a daily basis.

There are people that don't freak out and blow up, and are more on an even keel with control over their lives. But those of us that have an emotional Karma with the world seem to attract people with short fuses, short tempers, and then we get mad at them. Karmically speaking, this is an energy that is being returned to us. If you find yourself in an emotional environment, you are receiving a force that has rebounded off of the ether, off the fabric of the third dimension, to Karmically return to you the essence of time emotional tension that you sent forth, either during this lifetime, or beyond. This is why especially in a career, we may find ourselves in hostile environments, where we face the type of boss who wants to sledge-hammer us into the ground. He may yell at you for no reason, for something you did do wrong, or he may yell because he is having a bad day. Maybe that's why he hired you, just to yell at you.

If there are fixed energies in your chart (energies like Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus), then you were meant to be the leader, boss, manager or supervisor, in this world. Being a leader, one must learn to lead with grace and humility. If we leave victims in our wake, while in charge of people by abusing this power for career power, we create Karma. Most of us experience this dog-eat-dog competitive race, especially in America. Did you get a promotion because you went ahead and overpowered, over-shadowed, or won some contest of sales or whatever with another person that is totally nice, friendly, gentle and sensitive? Because of your quest for power, success and fame you will do things, manipulate people, make choices and decisions that will somehow effect and hurt other people.

History is filled with examples of tiny Lordships and with nations where there have been corporate type situations holding people to a Master-Slave environment. One of the reasons we experience problems with our career, Karmically, is because what we have returned to is a Karma of this Master-Slave soliloquy that has been played throughout history. There were slaves in Egypt, America, England and all throughout the world. Until we sense the unity under one consciousness, there will be those who dominate the fellow male and female kind on this planet, and think that they can get away with it. There are people of a God fearing nature; Christian, Jewish and Arabic people, who would while worshipping a God, be religious and still be able to hold slaves. This type of thing does not go unheeded!

Those who were held as slaves in past lives, and tried to abuse or escape from their bosses, return in this lifetime to be given the choice of controlling, dominating, or manipulating others who would have been their bosses and masters in past lives. That's why if you work in an environment where suddenly you sense a stress with people that work for you, or organize you, the situation is often a Karmic reversal from a past life. If as a boss, you have been a rather hard on people around you, then perhaps it is time to recognize these people as a reflection of your own Soul, of your own life's force.

As we are all linked to the oneness of God the Karma that befalls other people is a reflection of the self and often returns in an absolute and sometimes perfect reversal from a past life event. So the next time you fire somebody, try to remember to show some compassion, because one day you might get fired, as payment, especially if the reason is unwarranted. The same holds true if you decide to turn against your boss, turn states evidence, or yell and scream at them, when one day you are a boss. Everyone is a Master and Slave in their own right, but once we decide to stop being a Slave, or Master, is when the Karma is absolved—especially in career.

Current generations of individuals are dealing with a return of all the hundreds of thousands years of garbage that has been laid down on others. If you want to identify your Karma in your life, then make a list of the things that hurt you. Things that bring you pain. Whether it's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or whatever. For example:

  1. Seeing my father hurts me.
  2. Going to work hurts me.
  3. Commitment.
  4. Rejection.
  5. Issues of money.

As you are writing down these things, go over the list and see which of the hurts has become an obsession. If seeing your father makes you feel bad, give the guy a break and leave him alone;, that's a Karma with yourself, in having to deal with your father. If going to work can drive you crazy, sick, generate headaches, ulcers or whatever, then change your job. Process the painful work situation, and identify it as a Karma with yourself and career. Problems with commitment (particularly with an individual) reflects a Karma with yourself too, so process it. The problem with life and the problem on Earth is that we fall into Karmic ruts and we don't admit to ourselves where the pain is really coming from. I'm referring to the intense, excruciating pain that we ride with on a day in day out basis. We think that things are going to get better. Sometimes even the power of the mind is not going to be enough to manifest sufficient change to make things better. During such times it's better to just make a blessing of God on that item, or participle in your life that causes pain and suffering. The key is to process it out, bless it in peace, send it off, and make a change. It's the only way in my mind other than meditation, to absolve that Karma.

So understanding Karma, Metaphysics, and Astrology are some simple basics. Meditation and prayer helps to get in touch with the higher self. You will then become more positive and spiritual which allows you to let go of obsessions, selfishness and pain situations.

If you are very stubborn, you would be identified as a person with planet stelliums in Leo, 3 or 4 planets in Scorpio, a couple of planets in Aquarius or Taurus. People with Aquarius Moons and certain planets can be very subtle in slamming doors on you. Leo and Taurus people are more direct in being flat stubborn.

The people who don't like to admit how negative, confused, and obsessed they are become anchored to their Karma. This spiritual dogma will hold them to successive lives of increasing pain, until they can finally let it go. To clear Karmic influence, we merely need to bless these situations, process them and send them into the light. I have proven that absolution occurs to resolve Karma by making a peace with yourself (peace is always with yourself), concerning other people, situations and obsessions. So make that peace and let go, and your Spirit will grow. It's the best way to water that spiritual flower.

Meditation is such an incredible way to process lifetimes of Karma—just by centering yourself twice a day. I suggest just after you wake up in the morning, about twenty minutes before your morning meal, and again twenty minutes before your dinner. Sit in a comfortable chair or assume the Lotus position. Zero in on your self, center yourself. Count down from 20 to reach that relaxed mantra, zero out and go into your meditative mantra. If you're really good at meditation then you'll never stop saying your mantra. You'll be given pictures like videos in your mind of your Karma. Because when you meditate, you are paying homage, and praising the Spirit. This gives exercise the God-self inside you. A bridge is also formed from the conscious human physical self and the higher mind. This allows the higher self to process the Karma in your life, throughout all the life cycles. There can be many visions, including plays and dramas, in which you can act out if you're really good.

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