This topic broadcast on June 10, 1987, discusses an event that Farley personally took part in to validate that the power of one's consciousness is of angelic proportion.

Last weekend, and on the crest of the Laker miracle, I want to discuss a group meditation we had during the fourth quarter, in my home. I will then discuss how to do a group meditation and how to form power vortex's to bless and heal people, and bless situations. I will also discuss angelic consciousness and angelic potential. Now since this is the city of the Angeles, it is a very symbolic name.

I was watching the Lakers playing basketball knowing that Boston Celtics had won 94 out of 97 games in their home court. One of the three times they lost the Lakers beat them. When the Boston Celtics, who have been world champs 16 times and current champs for the last year, were leading in the fourth quarter with 7 or 8 minutes to go by 16 points, most people would say the game was over. Had you turned off the TV you'd have missed one of the most exciting victories ever seen. So when it looked the worst I got our group of arm chair sports' fans in group meditation. We took all my crystal from the ledge of my bed, opened up my Bible to my favorite chapter, sat in the Lotus position on the floor and joined hands (the joining of hands in meditation is much more powerful). With less than 9 minutes left into the game we formed a white light vortex. It went down to the center of the earth and out into infinity. We visualized the Lakers in that Vortex, beating the Celtic's in a miracle finish (the TV was off when this happened). We sent light and love to all the players, individually.

We just decided to do it for fun, with the crystals in the middle of the vortex and each holding hands. By moving the energy from left to right through us we could feel a power, and current, that I could only relate to the God-force itself. It was so incredible that we actually visualized the Lakers winning the championship on Thursday night also. We pictured Boston making critical mistakes, experimentally, and on very spiritual principles in which I was personally in a total trance. We turned the TV back on about 5 or 6 minutes later, and the Lakers were only down by 7 points. I have never seen Boston make so many mistakesI was so confident at this point the Lakers were going to win, that nothing would change my mind. We were using the powers of our mind and the powers of our spirituality to bless this team just for fun to see what it would do.

The topic has to do with the power people have in a group meditation. Unfortunately, people can be so insecure, by putting themselves down and being so hard on themselves. Astrology Hour listeners are all such lovely, spiritual, holy, and sacred beingsbut I don't think that many in Los Angeles know that their consciousness is of angelic proportion. Now I believe in Angels, and that my guides are Angels. If someone asked me to define an Angel, I'd say that it would be an individual who has absolved Karma in this dimension, and evolved beyond it. It could also be a person who has chosen to come back unconditionally, in a selfless fashion to teach and help others into the Light with very little or no Karma. In returning they would risk inducing a Karma cycle in coming here. I don't think it is an accident that our city is called Los Angeles—The City of the Angels. I think this city is a spiritual center, if not the spiritual capital of Earth. Of the 10 million people who live here, between one to two million of us are people of angelic consciousness potential.

Sometimes I get insecure and need reminding of my own personal power. It's amazing what you can do, if you sit down with a group of friends that are into this sort of thing. These are people with a high-consciousness, spiritual meditators, with a pure, clear, clean thought. We are talking about the power of God, the power of self, plugging into the higher self in a group meditation and feeling the oneness of God, with the people whom you join hands with. I can't remember a more glorious experience in my meditation experiences than I had yesterday during the 4th quarter of the Laker game. I feel that we had something to do with that miracle. I proved to myself that what we believe we can manifest, and make it work.

The point of this topic is to let you know that if you are insecure, frightened, afraid, choose a person in your life whom you love and trust, that you can sit with in a small circle and join hands, close your eyes, center and ground yourselves. Let the white light flow through your bodies into your left hand and out your right, and form that vortex. By being in a trance, silent meditation or quiet meditation, and affirming certain things and repeating them in the group, you would be amazed at the healing potential. This has the potential of changing your life, and life on this planet for the better. This is why I wonder when they did hands across America that we didn't have a silent meditation rather than just singing "We are the World" or what ever we did. It's disappointing that we didn't we have a group meditation at that point, by saying many affirmations to try to turn it around. I believe that when you have a vortex or people sitting in a circle, holding hands especially those of higher consciousness, you can really feel their angelic potential.

When you feel alone, separate, unique or by yourself, try getting involved in a group meditation, by holding hands to create this holy vortex. This will allow you to plug into that oneness with the people in that room. You plug into that oneness of God, that we all do share, and then you plug into your angelic identity and angelic character. I feel that the planet Earth is going through a major transformation toward world peace. I think this planet will trash their nuclear weapons, before the Aquarian factor begins in 1993. I believe that the leadership will change. I believe that we here in Los Angeles, we the Angelsthose who have incarnated, to teach, to heal, to share, to manifest power, love and light on this planetI believe that we as teachers, will make a major impact, in this coming critical 6 year period that is approaching us before Saturn, Uranus, Neptune all go into Aquarius and Pluto enters Sagittarius in the mid-nineties (If we do have nuclear arms, then a situation like the space shuttle catastrophe will be in a constant existence).

We don't want to risk an accidental nuclear war, at that point. So it just may be that if you are one of those who gets rid of a drug habit or, destructive obsessions, and turns their life around through listening to the Astrology Hour program, that maybe you are one of those Angels to incarnate here in the Los Angeles area. There is a Light in the eye of one out of 8 or 9 people here in this citya light that I consider the light of God's love, that is so powerful, gentle, healing, and magnificent, that united in a cause I don't see how we in this city could fail. I think that my friends and I along with the thousands of fans helped the Lakers pull out that energy that helped them win the championship for Los Angeles.

I think this topic is important to pull you out of a rut, out of the gutter to consider the totally awesome potential of your power. If all you have to work out in your life cycle is relationship Karma, then consider yourself truly blessed. Because there are people out there still fighting wars, still killing their brothers and sisters, still hoarding food and medicine. The world is a concentration camp in many ways, but we must meditate and manifest on the world being a spiritual sanctuary for this planet. That's what we will have to do to turn it around. That is why we have so many Metaphysical bookstores, like the Bodhi Tree, the Spectrum or spiritual centers throughout the L.A. area. It's also why we have our program: to teach, learn, and turn it all around. We can do it, and we can change it. It's just a matter of people recognizing, identifying and accepting their angelic potentials. You people out there and your Guides are all people of angelic qualifications.

Before you can live in the light, sometimes you have to live in the darkness. This may involve drugs, alcohol, relationship problems or trauma in your life. It may be a death of a loved one, or a friend moves away. The wars we've had with Korea or Vietnam or World War II, but the thing is that once you discover the light it is very powerful. Also, I want you to know that you are all surrounded by Spirit guides, and these are Guides of angelic proportion. The angelic qualification and potential can be obtained by finding, understanding and sharing the sacred knowledge with other people in a selfless manner.

If you can learn to let go of your obsessions, the worry, and be able to center and ground yourself, show humility, kindness, and compassion in life, you are plugging into the angelic qualities of your Soul. That is your amazing potential. If any of you are aware of your Guides, and aware that you are blessed by your Guides, then you must also identify that they in fact are Guides of angelic proportion also. Otherwise they would have reincarnated also. They want to change the world, because they know that the world and its people are all united under the oneness of God. And the better we become the better it is for all people, for the over-mind, for the God-Self for the God-Soul. That is what it is all about. We are on a mission of world consciousness on this station. The Astrology Hour program would like to see changes made to nurture and protect the people and children in the world in the future.

I don't like it one bit that there are thousands of nuclear weapons targeting the children of this planet. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs killed babies and children. How did we escape the Geneva Convention outlawing Nuclear war? We are not allowed to torture prisoners during wartime. It outlaws biochemical and germ-warfare, but there is nothing said about nuclear weapons. The only way we can change this is to alter world conscious. If we are not disarmed by the mid-90's then I'd just as soon be off this planet; it will be like living on a keg of nitroglycerin. What would happen if someone came back here within a Time Machine, say the year 2000, and they informed us that the world did in fact blow up because we had nuclear weapons? If we had that information ahead of time, don't you think that logic would dictate that we would just trash them and save the planet and heritage of humanity? Also, all the animals and creatures of this planet, doesn't that make sense?

Look at the oddscheck the odds of the Aquarian factor in the Aquarian transitsof us accidentally triggering the nuclear war; it's out there, the odds are visible. We've had accidents already (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl); this stuff is real, there are nuclear bombs under the ocean from planes and submarines that have sunkactive, armed, nuclear bombs—that's right. It's getting a little insane. We need all these warheads because we are insecure. Maybe we should call another convention and outlaw this nuclear madness for the sake of the children and the future generations of this planet. So that's what it is all about AngelesIt's about us manifesting something Spiritual and powerful on this planet to turn the madness around and to create a happy future. Humanity is our highest priority.

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