The Choice

Extracted from Farley's shows on the July 6th 1987. He discusses the Christ and the Anti-Christ philosophy and the various choices we have in embracing traditional beliefs as opposed to the more New Age beliefs.

I have done a lot of personal research on this topic, The Choice. Of course I went through all different kinds of religious and philosophical transformations in my life. I have done maybe 10,000 laps as far as trying to figure out the Christ and Anti-Christ thing. When I was younger, and less spiritual than I am now, I went to a Methodist College in the late 60's—actually the Central Methodist in Fayette, Missouri. I attended chapel every week, like a good boy, and if you listen to the evangelist preaching, well, Jesus is coming tomorrow. They also let you know that they are looking for an Anti-Christ. If you saw 'The Omen', they focused the character into either a president, or ambassador, of the United States. However, I just don't think that is how it will be.

I want to make some suggested reading for you here, because I believe we will be confronted with that choice—choosing between two major ideologies. The "Course in Miracles" is a powerful group of books that I feel is a true interpretation of the Bible, or what the Bible means. It talks about God inside the individual. This means what we have been taught, especially the last 2000 years during the age of Pisces, some variations of the truth. The age of Pisces, during the past 2000 years is also referred to as the age of religion. It was giving primitive man and society something to grasp onto, and to survive. Even though there has been a lot of killing in the name of God or religion in the last 2000 years, I think there might have been more had there not been religion or anything to believe in at all. So the age of Pisces and religion has served and proved its purpose.

The choice we have had in Pisces is to strive to spiritual truths or to go the opposite way and be self-destructive instead of being spiritual. The problem is that we have so many men out there that are trying to interpret God, Jesus, and the masters who have come to our world—I hesitate to think that the interpretation of religion today and the teachings are the way Jesus and the masters really wanted it to come across. When I read the Bible and the so called word of God, the best thing I can see in there is that we are all children of God. Why is it that so many people, especially the Christians (no offense), are waiting for one person to come around and save us, salvation? It is really sad because if you are sitting around waiting for a whole planet to get up off their butt and do something to save itself, others are waiting around for one person. I really don't think that is the way it was meant to be. When I look at life, I see it in a religious sort of a way. Just because there is religion, it doesn't mean that if someone decides to teach or write religious books like the Bible that they are necessarily good people.

Notice that there was a curse attached to certain parts of the Bible, that if it was ever re-written, that the society or civilization who rewrote it would be utterly destroyed. Note that all the civilizations that had the Bible in their possession are gone. What does that tell you about the Bible? It tells you that the Bible today is not the exact interpretation as laid down for us by the teachers and the masters who reached their higher selves or messianic selves, just as Christ did, to let us know that we too have the same potential. When you look back 20 or 40 years it is a long time to us, but 2000 years is really a long time ago, and a lot happens in 2000 years. The world was not as we know it; no TV, telephone, media or radioall the technological inventions today were not around. There were no controls, there were many dictatorships, stubborn rulers, and a lot of killing. People who claimed to be like unto Jesus, but were they?

So when I take a look at the choice it becomes logical to me, the choice is not really between two people. It is between two ideologies, and knowing that we are made up of hundreds of millions of people that are waiting for one man to save us, as if that one man was God. Not one of these people is accepting the messianic qualities that they have within or inside themselves. If you go up to a typical religious person, they will make God like a little old man in heaven, Jesus is like his son, and we are what? What about the individual? I think that is what is lost. Along the lines of the sacred knowledge and the Holy knowledge that was supposedly to be past on through time to all individuals.

Lets go back to the Belials on Atlantis; these were the evil or satanic types, who would be into really holding men and women trapped into this third dimension, found trapped into the illusion of separation. It is their job to keep their third dimension strong, because this dimension is one of power, obsession and materialism and they like to control people. You should know that the Belials didn't disappear, they have reincarnated just as we have. They haven't all come back as animals either, they came back as people. You can become one just by becoming evilit's that simple.

If you want to know the best way to hold men and women down on this planet and keep them from evolving, it's keeping the truth from them. The truth that's revealed in the Course in Miracles is that we are God; we have the God inside all of us. And we have the same Messianic ability and qualification if we play our Karma right to ascend to Christ-like levels of consciousness, plug into the God Self. There is not one of us is anymore, less, better or worse than what a man like Jesus Christ isthat's what I think. I think the Antichrist will probably be one person coming back pretending to Jesus and expecting all these sheep out there to blindly worship. And all these angelic pope types, that blindly are waiting for one man to come and save themthat in my opinion is what the Antichrist is.

It takes away from the God-force that is in the individual that I hold sacred. So to me the choice will be logical. The choice will be the God-Christ-Messiah in the self, the individual. The priority of that energy individual, preserved in humanity, and uniting this planet as all one, all God. All in one, revealed as the messianic self in The Course in Miracles. Of course if you talk about this kind of stuff with the fundamentalist types, and those who will not let go of the dogma that they do expect one person to return as Christ they will not listen.

So what if you do reach the messianic self, and you are fortunate enough to reach this state in this life cycle. I believe you will get in touch with that part of yourself that is Jesus Christ. That way he will not return in the physical. Nothing says he will return in the physical; but in fact if you plug into that God-self or plug into those beings who already are at messianic levels, and it will become clearly logical to you that the return is there in your own heart. After it is all over, after all the suffering, transformation, re-birth, and the phony Christ comes around, and the people all blindly accept him as God. At the same time all these millions of new age people are ascending to messianic levels, knowing where the true Christ-Messiah is in their own hearts and souls, when it is all over and the planet has gone through the whole transformation. At that point when there is total peace, no war, suffering, bloodshed, when we will all evolve to messianic self levels, and we all evolve telepathy, Kinesis, be able to fly, understand the family of man and the oneness of God that we all share. Hey, will you really need Jesus the Christ to appear in the physical at that point? Really, because you will embrace him, inside of you, just as we are all inside of you.

How are you going to Master your life until you Master the separation? There just isn't one; separation is an illusion, we are not alone, we are all particles of God. This dimension has been constructed by the creative process to give us an illusion of separation. The third dimension didn't always exist; there were much higher levels of consciousness. The third dimension came into existence when evil forces in this dimension took control and made people feel small, made them feel alone, and made them feel separated. And made them feel there was a higher power outside themselves, when the higher power is really inside you, inside me, and inside everyone else on the planet. Once we get to know this, then and only then will we spring into the New Age. A really powerful point of this issue is that if you want to get involved in finally getting over the illusion of separation, why not understand your Karma, life-cycle and your mission? Basically, that illusion of separation that you received at birth when you became an individual. Start off by getting yourself charted so you can tell where your planets are; find out what they mean.

All the Astrology hour was ever meant to be was an open forum for the open-minded. What I am doing is throwing food for thought out at you. I will admit that if two people do appear both claiming to be Jesus Christ then I'll admit that l was wrong and then we'll really have a heavy choice to make at that point. But in the meantime I spend my whole life meditating, researching and studying on the search for further truth. Astrologically, these are very heavy times that we are in; the Age of Aquarius and that clarity is coming up as far as inventions go. And people getting in touch with their higher-selves, channeling their own higher-selves, contacting with Spirit Guides and getting in touch with their God-Selves.

The number one thing that plugged me into what I am doing on the radio happened in Hong Kong in 1976. I got into meditation and Astrology after the hippie days were over for me. I was a fanatic about the chapter of Revelation in the Bible for years. I was waiting for the Fundamentalist choices to appear and ready to learn how to make them. Something very special happened during a trance state of meditation, what I feel I did was finally get in contact with my higher self for the first time in my life, and everything was clear to me. I was personally healed of a perforated duodenal ulcer I had for about six months, by removing all the fear and anxiety from within me. In the meditation, and I am not going to claim that I am in touch with my God-Self or even was then, but I will say this, that as far as I am concerned I've already made the choice. As far as the return of Christ, because that is what I saw in my meditation, I had a vision of the messianic self, of the God-self plugged into every individual on this planet.

I wish to God that everyone would get into higher consciousness concepts, and meditate and plug into that very same image and vision that I had so it would become clear. But there are so many people trapped into the dogma, expecting human beings to reappear in the guise of Christ and the Anti-Christ; they refuse to meditate, pray or even look inside themselves. If they do they don't understand what they are seeing. It is not just Jesus the Christ that you see in the vision, but the Christ of thine own self; the Christ that is all of us. This is truly what God is. I-Am all present, all powerful, all good force that exists in all dimensions, all levels of consciousness, in all life everywhere. Animal, vegetable, minerals, humans, whatever you see; if it's there, there is God-essence in it. Truly the qualities of God become more clear, and more relevant, and more valuable, the higher you become in awareness, and the higher you become in consciousness; where it becomes that much more obvious.

I know there are many people out there who don't like my ideas and philosophy, but they are entitled to their beliefs. When I sit down and talk to a Catholic priest about this stuff, or when I talk to a nun or minister about this philosophy, I'm well aware they don't like my ideas, or my attitude, because they are more into controlling the people, by making them conform to the old dogma of church doctrines. They don't want people to think. When we are able to make the Choice of the messianic force of the God force and restore the power to the individual, then we will be able to overcome the evil force and the Belial influence that has lasted on this planet and still exists today. Obviously, from Atlantis and once again we can restore the family of man, the God-consciousness on this planet and shift towards the fourth dimension with smiles on our faces, into the age of Aquarius.

To further help and aspire you to your own messianic qualities within yourself, get a copy of the Course or Miracles. When you read this book you will get the chills. It will expand your aura, you will feel love and light surging through you, it's an incredible validation and will turn you on more than I believe the Bible has ever done for me. That is why I highly recommend this book to understand this choice.

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