Spiritual Revelations

This topic, broadcast on March 1, 1989 discusses the aspects involved in understanding and embracing, the revelation connected with power of Spirit.

In many ways, people view the Bible as an awesome and incredibly powerful book, especially the 10 Commandments, the parables and the philosophy. Whenever I look at the symbolisms of ancient religions, fundamentalist religions, including the Bible or any of the more sacred text that discusses God and Spirit, I'm amazed in a conscious way, with some of the truth described in these books.

It is very interesting, and curious though, that all the miracles mentioned in the Bible occurred before the birth and during the life of Christ. Have you ever wondered why it is that someone never wrote a supplement to the Bible? Who has been able to keep track of the miracles that happened after the Ascension of Christ? Have there been any miracles of God that have happened since the Ascension? The Bible is a pretty heavy book, particularly when one reads about such incredible events as the burning bush, parting of the sea, walking on water, instant healing, creating wine, and bread. With miracles like these, it's almost like watching war of the worlds, some kind of science fiction movie.

The bible is a pretty incredible book, and the authors must have had a very important and great intent. However, one may be curious why after the New Testament was finished, some 2000 years ago, that no other supplement was written, except for the Course in Miracles. Although the Course in Miracles is not accepted as a supplement to the Bible, I accept it. It makes you wonder how much truth there really is in the Bible, because it's a book filled with so many ancient wonders and miracles. It's almost like a cartoon or a myth, because we are not confronted with these types of miracles today in the world, or by spiritual leaders. Why is it that these great spiritual leaders like the Ayatollah, do not have the power of God like Moses, Jesus, Joshua, Samson, and all those super hero's in the Bible? We live our daily lives based on the philosophy of works written deep in earth's history of over a thousand years ago.

America is a Christian Judaic nation that bases much its ethics on this 2000-year-old document. America is obviously not the perfect nation in the history of this planet, because it established itself on genocidal principles with a foundation of slavery. I do not wish to appear that I am putting this country down, but if that's what we get from using the Bible as a record of Spirit, or how to live our life, then I think that clearly we have a long way to go.

I like to read the Silver Birch philosophies. Silver Birch is an American Indian Spirit channeled through an English person, in England. This experience describes the philosophy of God, and the Great Spirit in a complete series of books. I was recently reading a part of the book where Silver Birch was asked about the ten commandments, in which the response was "it is so important to know that Spirit is not finite, nor is it something that can be defined or limited." The fact that Moses related these 10 Commandments to be all that we should adhere to is so limiting for the true Spirit. It lacks so much truth and consciousness that I think my purpose is to deliver topics that can remove some of this stubborn thinking. I'm not deploring the Bible because it is filled with excellent symbolism.

We are entering a new period right now. Two thousand years ago was the beginning of the age of Pisces, or a great month period. This is part of a larger period of our worlds' history, known as the Great Year, which is a 24,000-year period. The 2000-year age of Pisces is specifically an age of religion, or like elementary school in the Spirit. Jesus, Mohammed and other great teachers are examples of individuals that rose up and ascended during the beginning of the Age of Pisces. These individuals helped establish the elementary school on this planet. The Bible will be looked upon in thousands of years (as long as man does not obliterate themselves on this planet), as a first-grade primer book in Spirit, during the age of giving people something to believe in, when otherwise they would have nothing to hold on to.

The Age of Aquarius occurs due to the progression of the Equinoxes. The constellation that lies behind the Sun at the vernal equinox changes sign every 2000 years. As the Sun comes under the vibration of the different zodiacal sign in space, it imparts a unique character for the Great Month period.

When the Jewish race established itself on this planet, the cabalistic roots of Judaism are beyond this realm and even beyond this planet. There were some faults in the Judaic principles because a limitation, by incorrect interpretation, given to them. They were defined as the chosen. Subsequently, it was really difficult for them to branch out and give the rest of the planet any hope of any Spirit, because the way they lived in their history. They felt they were special, and where did that put everyone else? Like animals, or what? So there was really no room for expansion, because something happened in that religion, some kind of ego that prevented expansion of philosophy. Before the Age of Pisces rolled along, we were locked into the age of Aries. When Judaism evolved 2000 years prior during the Age of Taurus, this was the age of values, love, and worth. The age of Aries was self, and there's that closed minded thinking; the chosen. Then the age of Pisces came around, denoting the age of Spirit, religion and experimentation. This was a tremendous self-destructive period in world history because of the search for spiritual identity. The planet is now left with so much competition in religion, along with confusion, anxiety and even the threat of murder. You probably know "And this person we will sentence to death" pronouncement on Salman Rushdie, and "this race we will sentence to death," for the Jews in Germany. There's this entire killing and fighting going on over people trying to find out the truth behind God.

When Jesus Christ appeared 2000 years ago, it was as the true Son of God, or the messiah. To me, it is of no consequence whether or not he is the messiah, because from what I have learned, any man or any woman can have the same qualifications or capabilities. Which means we could all ascend to a messianic state. I am certain that Jesus Christ knew about Astrology. He studied Astrology in Egypt and India, and was aware of the Great Month. He was aware of a 2000-year period of torment on this planet that would last until the Age of Clarity would come upon us. The age of clarity refers to the age of Aquarius, or the age of humanity, intelligence, intellect and technology for the betterment of this planet, and of these people. The age of Aquarius may also signal the formation of a world government, with the middle east being the last stronghold of resistance.

Jesus was obviously a very wise man and clearly wanted to do something to give the rest of the planet hope, besides the Jewish people, who felt that they were the chosen. When Jesus came up with his philosophy, most of his friends, relatives and people in the religion were very upset. They didn't want anybody out there claiming they were the Son of God, or Son of Light having some form of higher consciousness or whatever. However, this man was like a Herald to that age, The Age of Pisces which was a new age to them. Just before the birth of Christ, three wise men, who were Astrologers, were able to follow a grand configuration in the sky of planets, and as the configuration was very bright it led them east to Bethlehem. Their psychic and intuitive awareness led them to this baby that was born through a miracle birth, supposedly a virgin birth! Obviously, the information surrounding the birth of this entity was important, because he was the New Age Herald for the age of Pisces, and this was a 2000-year effect.

There is so much symbolism the bible, particularly throughout the Revelation chapters in the Bible, where the tribulation, or the end of the world, is mentioned. This being the kind of ending with bloodshed, pain, doom, destruction and whatever. The specific symbolism here is that after Christ did his mission on this planet, he received so much benefit from his Soul. Consequently, he actually evolved beyond this dimension, and ascended to become one with God, one with the Universe, and one with every person that would ever be born on this earth. Which means that we literally have a Christ circuit, or a messianic imprint on our souls as reflected to us from what Jesus attained in his life cycle. So symbolically, the return of Christ, as revealed in the Bible, is specifically the return of this type of consciousness in the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people at once.

This topic is being delivered in 1989, and I don't want to give you the chills, but we are at the periphery of entering this new age, the Age of Aquarius, which is the age of clarity. Which means the Age of Pisces is over. It's not an accident that Earth's history form 2000-year segments. So what does this mean? On the one hand, notice there's an interesting symbolism in the Bible that pits the Christ verses the Anti-Christ. If you watch the movies that come out of Hollywood, movies like the Omen, they literally pull up this symbolism from the Bible and reflect it in the lives of individuals. The Christ would be a man and so would the Anti-Christ. This is taking the symbolism to extremes and incorrectly. The Bible is a book that is 2000 years old and written by evolved people of those times. You as an individual, probably have more consciousness than most of the great authors of the Bible, (no offense to those authors) because this is the future.

Mankind has not lain dormant for 2000 years. There has been continuity, progression and evolution for humanity. We have come a long way. I'm proud to say that I have met many people who definitely have Christ-like qualities. I do think we are entering a Revelation period as depicted in the bible and that there may be a tribulation, filled with lots of pain, death, and suffering. Also, I want you to note the symbolism in the Bible does not discuss two men; it discusses two philosophies. This is that world religion, of fundamentalist thought, is waiting for the return of one man; Jesus Christ, to save this planet. This in my opinion is the Anti-Christ philosophy. I must emphasis this because there are 100's of millions of people waiting to be saved by one man, who may never show, and then finally realize what the New age is all about. The New age is all about a Christ-like consciousness, a messianic consciousness that's the return of Christ in the hearts and minds of billions of people. Understand that Christ is no longer limited to one body, he spreads himself out among the masses.

There's a person in London, who's in the New Age movement (I forget his name, Benjamin Cream or something like that) who informs us that Jesus is alive, in the body of some individual. This is probably someone with extremely strong Christ-like qualities and doesn't have to be the Reincarnation of Jesus. It could be a woman. You know I look at the God force as more of a feminine energy anyway myself, so I thank Goddess!

For Spirit to be defined you must have a foundation of open-mindedness. It is important to search and experience further truth, and not limit yourself to what you read in books, or to what could be thousands of years old. Mankind has come a long way, but if this planet does go to hell leaving hundreds of millions of people trapped in the cities waiting for Jesus to come back and save them, and Jesus doesn't show, what then? The New Age will be surviving, seeking sanctuary, because it understands the philosophy, the ethic and the vibration of the New Age of Aquarius, and the awesome rebirth transition that we are going through. There could be a world holocaust one day, with germ warfare, nuclear war, or plagues, and much of the planet may be gone, along with all of this antiquated thought and dogmatic philosophy and the people that promote it. However, there are those of us that will be in remote regions, such as Canada, New Zealand, areas of Arizona, who know where sanctuary might be. They will be embracing the philosophy of the messianic consciousness, which is what the Course in Miracles discusses; that God that dwells within the individual.

The Age of Aquarius restores significance and power to the individual, not just one man, but all of humanity. It must be all of the people or none of them. Isn't it strange how the Declaration of Independence states in this country "we the people." Have we ever once adhered to that philosophy? It should be all of the people or none of them, but this is not the case. There are still people in this country that are starving, homeless, dying of diseases, and the country turns the other cheek as do its citizens, and notice what we are, we are a Judaic/Christian nation, waiting for one man to save us.

This topic is controversial. I might get responses from individuals who say "Farley you're Satan," because there are those who really don't want to hear this. I am aware of the true Christ symbolized in the Biblical Revelation chapter is the return of a force that will be in the hearts and minds of millions of people, that will offer salvation for this planet in the New Age. I am also aware that the philosophy, which suggests that one man will come back and save us, is in fact the anti-Christ philosophy. If you live long enough in the history of this planet, just wait and see if someone, somewhere, doesn't come about and claim to be Christ. Then this person ends up taking a bullet and almost dying, and just like it says in the Revelation chapter, "And that would be the evidence that this is the true Jesus" because he survived. It infers that this would be the anti-Christ, supposedly having 666, the symbol of the beast and such. You can actually see this symbolism everywhere in modern technology. Its all over the place.

As a searcher and a seeker, this is my philosophy that I've come to know, and I'm comfortable with it. It feels good. I'd rather, instead of waiting, to be saved by one person. I'd rather look at all the people and see Christ, in their eyes, hearts and minds, so that there's hope for the salvation of this planet. If I'm wrong, fine, sure I accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, and the lord and savior of the Universe, but I also accept you as the son and daughter of God, the Lord and savior of the Universe. There are no limitations. The Bible doesn't say "don't accept anyone else as the son of God." If it does, I'd like to know.

The Revelation chapter hasn't totally happened yet, although much of it has during World War one and World War two. These World Wars are not called one and two by mistake, because when they number them like that, it means they are expecting a third. It's important in this fast moving age of technology, this Age of Aquarius, that we do not totally blaspheme the power of Aquarius. Instead of using technology for military and death purposes, we must learn to use it for the common good. This stuff has to change, and achieve world peace by 1993 when two large planets, Uranus and Neptune, go into Aquarius for many years, beyond the year 2000. So the odds of there being an accidental nuclear war or any kind of war, is excellent beginning in 1993. These scenarios could be very dangerous for the planet, if you believe the symbolism in the Bible, because this is the end of the Age of Pisces.

I sincerely believe that as Christ was the New Age herald for the age of Pisces, you are the New Age herald for the Age of Aquarius, humanity, people, we the people. This may be a good chapter to refer to in case God knows what happens, so you won't feel totally ignorant as to what went down, when it did. When everyone says, what happened, and other people say I don't know it happened so fast, all of a sudden everything is different, well, you'll have this record and if it's not caught in a nuclear burst it may still be readable. This is an important subject, especially if you are interested in the future of this planet and your personal involvement in Earth events. It's what I think Revelation is all about in the bible, that things get pretty hot and heavy with bloodshed, and that finally the saving grace is upon us and so it ends.

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