Visual Manifestations

This topic broadcast on June 16, 1987 discusses the main points concerning how you create your life, and some 70 affirmations to use for meditations.

I have talked about the power of the mind, being the power of God. And whether people are aware of their God-Self or their great power. They all have a miracle machine to deal with. And you can create your own miracles or nightmares in your life by what you say, think and do, because what you say, think and do become manifest if you believe it; this is how the power of God works through the human vehicle. So here are a few points to assist in improving your overall life structure, status and overall happiness factors. Also catch yourself in creating your Universe, concerning the creation a negative Universe.

   1. Understand that what ever you do, think, or say will become manifestdon't doubt that. Look back at your life and you'll see, what others think, say and do regarding you will also manifest. Try to explain to others that they are also creating and manifesting your experience with their thought. If they also understand their power it will make a better life for everyone by cutting down on negative vibrations.
   2. Recognize yourself and the people around you as a miracle or a nightmare machine, depending or your choices.
   3. Study your own behavioral patterns and see how you might be creating problems in your life.
   4. Ask yourself the following questions?
  a. What do you always worry about?
  b. What are you afraid of?
  c. How are you being negative in life?
  d. What makes you angry?
  e. How do you give others a hard time?
  f. How do you give yourself a hard time?
  g. Why do you need to express so much negative thought?
  h. Why are you so negative?
  i. Are you depressed?
   5. Learn how to catch yourself in the previous behavioral patterns and practice adjusting the positive affirmation and conditioning to change your life process to a positive loving pattern. I am talking about you, but as you learn try to get the people around you working on these things too, trying to catch themselves so that they will break up the negative patterns in their lives also. So it will clear up your aura and surrounding area, and will cease to affect you negativity. Don't get caught in the fall-out.
   6. Use multiple affirmations, chanting, meditation and/or prayer, to alter negative behavioral patterns and suggest negative people around you in your life do the same.
   7. Carry a tape recorder around with you on a record mode when you are around people, so you can see your miracle-nightmare machine at work. Even a video camera setup would help. Some people don't believe how negative they are until they hear it on tape or see it on Video!
   8. Learn to meditate daily to release negative stress and vibrations.
   9. Use your affirmations daily to make best use of your miracle machine.
  10. Learn how to visualize life as you want it in a happy scope with a positive approach.
  11. Catch yourself when you get into a negative thinking mode to alter that behavioral pattern.
  12. Take a look at the people you have created in your life to see if they are manifesting worry, confusion, negativity, fear, anxiety and problems with their thoughts, words and actions. And talk to them about changing it; if they don't want to change then it's your choice as to whether you want them in your life anymore.
  13. Be loving, caring, supportive, compassionate, positive, confident, and consistent with yourself, loved ones, pets, children, family, friends, coworkers and the world.
  14. Adhere to these basics to lead you on a road of Cosmic evolution plugging you into the messianic self beyond your wildest dreams.

I am going to give you many of my own affirmations which you can make use of yourself if you like. Check your Astrology charts and notice if you do have squares in your chart (most of us do) then you are subject to lying to yourself and others, and also being negative. Oppositions indicate that you will unwittingly create negative people in your life. Also, if you are a stubborn person you will be hostile, dominant, negative on others. People with Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus planets would qualify for that. Many of you with Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra planets, might be like freight trains, that are going so fast, you could be running yourself and others over, without knowing it and that of course is a very negative element too.


  1. I love and nurture myself on a constant basis.

  2. I have nothing to fear.

  3. I am strong, loving, compassionate and very caring.

  4. I am successful in my career.

  5. My health is the best on earth.

  6. My vital organs are clear and healthy.

  7. My aura is beautiful and multicolored.

  8. I love all people.

  9. I am a positive, confident reflection of God's love.

  10. My Soul is eternal.

  11. I am blessed with longevity. So are all my friends and family.

  12. I am sober.

  13. I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence.

  14. I feel great and this is the best day of my life, each day gets better.

  15. My mother and father are wonderful, healthy happy supportive parents who are blessed by God and don't worry about me.

  16. I have the best friends in the world.

  17. I am a stable, loving partner in relationships, and I attract only stable, happy, balanced people in my life.

  18. My dog is a healthy happy loving being. My dog is my close friend.

  19. I Love and respect all animals and people.

  20. I enjoy my work immensely.

  21. I am a spiritual being.

  22. I understand people and vise versa.

  23. I love to travel and I am blessed with wonderful regular vacations.

  24. I am safe anywhere I go.

  25. I feel great!

  26. My Chevy and Ford are beautiful, safe, mechanically excellent machines, running fine and smooth, and I love them.

  27. My VCR, computer, tape recorder and all my appliances are mechanically sound and a true enjoyment in my life.

  28. All of my equipment is top of the line and technologically secure.

  29. My home is a safe, harmonious, loving domain of higher consciousness.

  30. My friends and family are loving, caring, supportive, sober, healthy and happy people. They are slender and beautiful.

  31. I am a handsome and attractive person who radiates light to everyone I meet.

  32. The world is a family and the world is at peace.

  33. Nuclear weapons are a thing of the past.

  34. Man has outgrown his need to create war.

  35. The human body is the temple of the Soul, and the most powerful healing vehicle in the Universe.

  36. I receive much nutrition and health from all of the food I eat.

  37. I enjoy having a good time, so I have a great time everyday.

  38. Every day is like a separate lifetime so I must bask and enjoy each day to the fullest.

  39. I am a loving, caring, creative being. I will do much to help this planet in my life. I will do much to evolve to my spiritual self on a daily basis.

  40. People of this world have angelic properties and they are blessed by God.

  41. I have a dream to travel to outer space one day to other planets.

  42. The older I get the more beautiful and healthy I feel.

  43. I have more energy, the older I get.

  44. Age is an illusion.

  45. My skin is vibrant, my body is beautiful, my face is attractive.

  46. I radiate with a glow and warmth that is obvious.

  47. My love and light is a reflection of the incredible love and light that is around me.

  48. I can feel God; I can know God; I am God.

  49. The light of life glows white and bright.

  50. My mind is a clear blue lake; deep, calm and serene.

  51. I am at peace with myself and the world.

  52. I reflect the divine light.

  53. I am strong; I am loving; I am loved.

  54. I am in control of my destiny.

  55. I create a perfect and loving personality.

  56. Prosperity and comfort surround me.

  57. I am aware of my mind and all of its aspects.

  58. My thoughts are peaceful, calm and confident.

  59. The glowing circle of God's love envelopes my mind.

  60. I am secure; I am creative.

  61. Health and vitality flow through my mind and my body.

  62. I am blessed with the abundance of God's love.

  63. With harmony and love, I share my blessings with all living things.

  64. My Soul is immortal.

  65. I open myself to the light of truth and receive divine inspiration.

  66. I am successful.

  67. I enter into the fulfillment of my being and live forever in the light of God's love.
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