Mastery of Life Tips

As with any affirmation, consider formulating statements that avoid any personal conflict.

  1. Recognize that living in the world of matter is an experience of contrast where opposing elements and circumstance exist.
  2. Recognize that you have a purpose for being here on Earth, and that, as spirit, we are all co-creators.
  3. Embrace all life as being part of the Collective Spirit, by recognizing that you are one with all people, animals, and the universe.
  4. Assist in the meditative thought that we are progressing forward to creating a heaven on Earth.
  5. Create harmony in your life with all people, understanding those who would prevent harmonious vibrations.
  6. Meditate regularly and become aware of spiritual realities.
  7. Exercise the body which is the temple of the soul, rest, and feed it properly.
  8. Exercise the mind with knowledge, and dispel ignorance wherever possible. As knowledge brings responsibility, you use this wisely to teach and assist others.
  9. Nurture the spirit within and increase your life force, personal energy, happiness, and healing abilities.
  10. Lead a balanced life in which mind, body and soul are in harmony. You assist this by manifesting an aura of white light and love around a healthy body, mind and spirit.
  11. Release negative behavior and dissolve pain that accompanies Karmic events, embrace them as a teaching experience. Be responsible with any form of anger.
  12. Embrace the true religion--that of service--by healing, giving or teaching others.
  13. As a spirit with a body, recognize that you can overcome all stress aspects by embracing the spirit within.
  14. Know that there is no death, only transformation- -as energy cannot be destroyed.
  15. Recognize that all people are growing on a path of evolution and that the level of growth attained for each will be different.
  16. Invoke all of your actions with a pure motive.
  17. Continually develop confidence, optimism, humility and grace.
  18. Pray for guidance, knowledge and truth.
  19. Identify with the true meaning of self love, self esteem, and personal security.
  20. Do not judge, know that the natural Law works unceasingly.
  21. Strive for balance in relationships, and always be of service.
  22. You still doubt and question at times, in order to gain further awareness and knowledge.
  23. Manifest your needs and desires, and always assume the responsibility for what you create.
  24. You are altruistic, with desires that spring from the heart.
  25. Allow open-mindedness to know that there is no truth, only further truth.
  26. Manifest miracles by radiating divine love.
  27. Join with other co-creators to enhance and intensify the power of spirit on earth.
  28. Purify this world by your actions and existence. You straighten the bent, free the bounds and release energy wherever you go.
  29. See with the eyes of spirit, follow spirit without hesitation, and embrace your purpose.
  30. Allow your actions to spring from the heart and find no place for rituals without meaning.
  31. Bestow understanding, which leads to insight and higher wisdom.
  32. Show the way to fulfillment with every loving wish.
  33. Embrace the characteristics of Mastery without the need of cult, or limitations of creed.
  34. Develop your own affirmations, and make a conscious effort to achieve personal growth, e.g.