A feeling of hostility or extreme displeasure directed towards someone or something; an emotional expression that seeks power. An inner, suppressed form of anger is referred to as resentment.

Abusive anger is the energy that exerts itself to maintain denial, which prevents us from seeing reality. Often, there is a resistance to any form of change that will release a person from the bondage of their lifestyle or conditioning patterns.

It is important to be responsible for any anger expressed, for it can assist in the communication of feelings to another person. When anger becomes abusive, compassion and love is lost.

Dissolving abusive anger can usually be accomplished by recognizing and releasing the patterns that creates the situation (often caused by early conditioning). Obtaining control of ones' mind, and achieving balance of mind, body and soul, allows for a clearer understanding of the reasons why many events occur in our lives. Manifesting forgiveness dissolves resentment and meditation allows understanding and love to grow within.

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