The quality or state of being that is perceived to be true. There are many realities. Our perception of reality can change. Within each earthly sojourn there exists for each person a number of probable physical realities. There are realities that exist even beyond the world of matter, where thought is existence.

One perception of universal reality suggests that the world of matter is a Superhologram--dreamed and devised by a single divine intelligence (the Collective Spirit). Additionally, it is the product of all collective consciousness, some of whom partake in the various expressions of spirit within the third dimension. This suggests that each of our realities is demonstrated though our audio-visual creativeness.

Much of our known reality deals with exterior circumstances in which facts and deductions are made about tangible events. To become more aquatinted with a greater reality requires an "inside" look that develops wisdom. Wisdom reveals the truth behind the truth and a greater understanding of alternate and higher realities.


The Unknown Reality (volume I & II) by Jane Roberts [ISBN 0-13-938779-X] & [ISBN 0- 13-938852-4] (Prentice-Hall)

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