The infinite and primary essence of love and light that spans all planes of existence. Life in spiritual terms is one and as spirit is infinite, it has an infinite variety of manifestations. The whole of the Earth Plane exists because of spirit, and we all owe our existence to spirit. reality is not to be found in matter, neither is it to be discovered within a bodily frame or organ. Spirit is superior to matter. The mightiest power in the universe emanates from the Great Spirit of all life.

Spirit, the dynamic, the essence, the vitality that is life, has always existed. Spirit is the energy out of which every manifestation of life is formed, whether it be a plant, a bird, a tree, an animal, or a human. Spirit is the mainstream of existence.

Each of us are spirit, we always were and will be. The soul, for want of a better definition, is individuated spirit. We are souls with spirits, expressing ourselves through physical bodies; The personality is that aspect which is manifested only while we are here on earth. It is only an infinitesimal part of the individuality which is the real self; This is because it has no means of fullness of expression while it is cloaked by the physical body.

Not only is the spirit infinite, but it is perfect. It cannot however, express its perfection at any stage of being either in this world or the world of spirit. There is no knowledge of spirit apart from its expression, for until the spirit expresses itself, it is not known.

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