Love has often been described in oriental religions as harmony even in discord. True love of another is unconditional, having no "because." Love embraces such aspects as compassion, service, friendship and cooperation. Love is not a place you go to--it is a place you come from.

There is the verb `love' and the being `love,' which translates to a feeling or experience of oneness.

Love is the highest expression of the spirit and the fulfilling of the Law. Love will always attract its beloved and love will always meet its love, for nothing can prevent the union of those who love.

Love is a word greatly misused in our world, especially where the gratification of certain instincts are involved. There are those who, obsessed with another, will say they feel love. Love expressed in this dimension can take many forms, ranging from friendship founded on sympathetic attraction and mutual interest to the supreme heights where, without thought of self, it seeks to serve wherever it can.

Love, like life is indestructible, and is a quality of expression for the spirit. Love in its highest form is divine, but in its lowest form becomes the acme of selfishness. The greatest love is the love that has no trace of selfishness, that does not seek in any way to perform any action because it will bring some satisfaction to the individual. The finest love is expressed by those who, with altruistic motives, seek to raise the standard of mankind by making it aware of its infinite potentialities.

Fortunately, love is greater than hate, and hate can be transformed into love. Unfortunately, love can be translated into hate. It is the same power reflected in the way it functions.

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