An aspect of being that is due to (and regulated by) the natural law (of the Collective Spirit). All life is one life with infinite gradations. As humans, we are always as much in the world of spirit as we will be. However, the brain cannot record experiences of the spirit because it is so small and outside of the realm of its time and sense dimensions.

Human beings are an integral part of the natural law. Life is not chance, accident or even coincidence--it is governed by an immutable natural law. Life in the material world exists as a polarity. We must have action and reaction. Without peril there is no safety. These may appear opposite, but they are also equal.

During our Earthly sojourn, the totality of individual experience is often unknown to others and the source while we are experiencing it. Upon death, a collective videotape-like recording is taken to what is called the Akashic Stream, where we each deposit our lifetime experience.

Individual life may be compared to the dream of an entity. The contrasting experiences an individual has are merely a flash to the entity (soul), where it is concerned with the lifetime years in the same manner a person is concerned with a dream.

Life consists not only of the things you do, but of the things you say and think. Deeds count also to a large extent, so long as the motive is pure. We must all try to be masters of our thoughts, instead of being slaves. In spiritual terms, if we know how to live, we know not of death. Life does not belong to man. It belongs to the Collective Spirit. Whenever someone takes it away, he must answer for it some day.

All of the combined forms of life, art, music, literature, natural beauty, etc., of this world forms a pale reflection of the life that exists in higher realms.

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