A temporary or brief residence. An earthly sojourn refers to the period by which we incarnate physically into this world.

Earthly life provides a polarity which is not available in the world of spirit. In the spirit world, people of the same stage of evolution are in the same spiritual sphere or plane. On earth, we inter-mix with souls of varying stages of evolution. Also, we get opportunities for all the opposites to be encountered, such as light and dark, hot and cold. This experience provides the means for the soul to come into its own. The lessons learned befit us for the larger world that one day we will inhabit.

During our Earthly sojourns, the ego can initiate certain desires. If these desires are implemented and cause unpleasant effects on the individual and others, a Karmic Law holds a debt account for that individual. On the other hand, by being altruistic, loving, kind and of service, we obtain credit in the account.

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