The active participation through any thought, word or deed which accumulates to form part of knowledge or awareness.

All the experiences of human life are part of the great scheme. Those experiences which are liked least of all--sadness, bitterness, tears, disappointments, suffering and pain--are very valuable for our souls.

Even though the soul knows before its incarnation of the experiences that lie ahead, it does not mean that it will achieve the soul growth necessary for its evolution. It is one's reaction to the experiences that ultimately determines the achievable growth.

It is through rejection that we ultimately learn self-love, through suffering we learn compassion. Those who live wisely are the ones who seek to turn all experiences into advantage to their souls, who do not try to flee from trial and temptation but to seek to use the innermost strength to face difficulties, for it is in that spirit that the character is evolved and strengthened.

There is a lesson to be learned in everything. Ultimate growth does not occur until one emerges triumphant from every experience. It is not easy to become a saint, martyr, reformer or leader. The soul that seeks to escape responsibility is not worthy of leading.

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