Perception, understanding or awareness gained through experience or study. All knowledge brings responsibility. Divine knowledge must be spread wherever it can. It is not our task to force this knowledge on others, for when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The knowledge we spread should destroy ignorance, superstition and that which binds others in chains of bondage.

It is important to recognize that to knowledge, we can add faith. This allows faith to be based on further truths and not ignorance. Knowledge of spiritual matters is not only governed by our capacity to receive, but by the extent to which a soul has been touched by the spirit.

A person can read all the books of this world, but the knowledge gained must be reinforced by experience. It is experience plus the person's reaction to it which determines the growth one will achieve. This is connected to the purpose of our earthly incarnation.

Knowledge is usually passed down through successive generations by writings and teachings. However, all individuals have direct knowledge of the past in an unconscious form. Our belief systems separate us from this knowledge, just as we are separated from the source (the oneness of spirit).

The world would be a much better place when more people can realize that knowledge is responsibility and not power.

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