Desired intent, or result. The desired intention of our being is to evolve through various planes of existence. The Earth Plane existence allows us to free ourselves (if we choose) from the things of matter. The experience of matter subjects us to contrasts such as Sun and storm, happiness and sadness, love and hate. By experiencing contrast, we are able to evolve. As we evolve, we are more able to separate ourselves from external desires. Along the way, we build our own characters, learning pity, compassion, humility, true love, and the ability to be of service. In short, we are here to perform a service and develop a gift.

Earth is a place where we are presented with difficulties, frustrations, obstacles and handicaps. The whole purpose of earthly existence is to meet conditions that are a challenge to the evolving spirit so that it can have a chance to express some of its latent qualities that can be called on in times of crisis. Spiritual mastery cannot be achieved without conquering the problems we encounter, but none are insurmountable. Being patient and praying for guidance will open the way, remembering to avoid banging against minds that have closed doors. The easy tasks are not for those with knowledge. The more knowledge one has the more difficulties one must expect.

Individually, there is more work to do than can be accomplished in any single lifetime. Those with knowledge of spiritual realities sometimes fail to realize that those in the world of spirit, who are assisting in the divine plan, cannot do things in our way and our time. The influence they exert is very subtle and delicate, involving vibrations that require the most complex manipulation. It does not matter if a person believes in religion or survival, what matters is the life that has been led, the service rendered, the opportunities taken to unfold the power of spirit within. It is better to have knowledge than ignorance, and the only test is the way one leads one's life from day to day.

We choose our path before incarnating on earth. This awareness is dimmed by the limitations of the physical body and a brain that is incapable of probing all the recesses that are in the subconscious part of the mind. We must experience crisis which becomes the catalyst that begins to awaken the awareness we originally had.

So our purpose on earth is to realize what and who we are--to do away with those things that limit the spiritual so that we may express more of our spiritual natures through our physical bodies. Those who imagine they are only composed of matter are living a great illusion who one day will awake into a condition of stern reality. It is better to have awakening in this world, where the conditions are easier for growth, evolution, and expression of the soul. We are meant to give balance to mind, body and soul so that we can be of this world and not of this world. If we were perfect, we would not be here.

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