Divine Plan

The plan is for all spirit to grow and evolve towards the Collective Spirit. The power of spirit is the greatest power in the universe. During our earthly sojourns, we are concerned with the plan for the whole of humanity. This plan was devised by evolved spiritual beings in the world of spirit. The plan is to liberate spiritually, mentally and physically all those in this world who can be reached as they are ready to be helped. It is a plan for nations and for individuals. The plan will gradually unfold. It is a sublime task that cannot be rushed as too much is at stake.

The knowledge, awareness and ability to achieve self-regeneration are part of the task that we all embrace. We cannot be saved by others, we can only save ourselves. The plan unfolds as you begin to realize that you are a part of it.

Individuals must be ready in order to receive spiritual truths, which generally occurs one at a time as we evolve. We are not ready to receive until we've passed through the valley of the shadow--not of death. Our experience is the means, the catalyst that ultimately brings us to the beginning of fundamental and eternal, spiritual truths.

The world will not be converted in a blinding flash like Saul on the road to Damascus. Gradually, the light of spiritual truths will break through, as more instruments are available for the power of the Collective Spirit to use. In order for work of the Spirit to be enduring requires careful nurture and progress, otherwise, it would not be permanent.

There are two forms of development; the unfoldment of the soul and the unfoldment of the spirit. The development of psychic faculties without the spiritual, results in a low plane of vibration. A combination of both allows for a great medium. Service and altruism provide for soul growth.

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