A form of spiritual exercise in helping all life that promotes growth. The real and only commandment. The act of duty to all life. Service is the only true religion in the world. Hymns, Bibles, and Churches are unimportant unless they encourage people to make the world better than it is.

Those who serve with a pure motive will never go hungry or thirsty, for they have access to spiritual sources that assist in their need. In the performance of service, one must be prepared to make sacrifices. These sacrifices may be material difficulties or other forms. The gain is a prize of spirit, which once attained can never be lost.

If more individuals filled their hearts with love, their minds with knowledge, and a spiritual determination to serve, then the power of spirit will make itself known. The power of spirit is greater than the power of matter. As it grows, ignorance and selfishness will disappear and in its place will come a new light of service.

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