A single entity that exists within the whole. A single human being is the term most of us consciously think of. When viewing ones reflection in a mirror, it is not the individual that is really seen, but merely the semblance. The physical is but the garment that man wears, the means by which he expresses himself in the world of matter. The essence of an individual is not body, but an eternal spirit which is part of the life force that sustains the whole universe.

There is a statement in the Bible which reads: "He who loseth himself findeth himself." This is actually an attempt to explain the great mystery of individuality, that you become, as you progress, more of an individual but less of a person. personality is the expression of earthly characteristics that enables recognition to be achieved between humans. Individuality is an expression of the soul where its qualities are developed. As this process is being achieved so you are less of a person, as you understand it physically, but more of an individual spiritually.

Each individual is divine, just as divine as the Collective Spirit for what one possesses that Power also possesses. It is the same quality in essence; different in degree but fundamentally the same. This transcends all material conceptions and physical limitations, and is greater than anything the mind can conceive. We are an infinite being, expressing ourselves in a finite manner. Only death (which must occur naturally) releases us from the bonds of limitation.

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