The authoritative sacred text of a religion or particular subject. The Christian Bible, is renowned for its mistranslation, but less so for its distortion. Overall, the Christian Bible is approximately fifteen percent correct. In addition, what was valid 2000 years ago is not altogether appropriate for today because we have evolved.

The origin of the bible has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Israel and Europe. Many of the "greatest stories" ever told are simply repeats of earlier stories found in earlier scriptures. All the scriptures from these old empires were based on Astro-theology and myth.

Examples of distortion:

The Sun was referred to as the light of the world, or light of God. This then became the Son of God. The Son of God could be seen walking on water every sunset as its rays were spread along such an expanse.

There is a part of the Lord's prayer which says, "Lead us not into temptation." There is no spirit that leads us into temptation--we do this of our own accord.

Those who rely on the crutches of words must be left until their souls can be awakened to an understanding that the power of spirit is still at work, still inspiring and still revealing. We can achieve this by allowing ourselves to be instruments of the Power of Spirit.

The bible is regarded as a great book, but there is a greater bible. It is the universe, which is sustained by the natural laws of the Collective Spirit.

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