The infinite love and wisdom that governs through natural law all facets of being. It is not capricious or judgmental. The Great Spirit is made up of infinite elements that exist in infinite planes. We are all in some way connected to the Collective Spirit, it is not a separate entity.

Religion: Many fundamentalist religions believe God to be a superhuman being having direct power over us. Some even embody God as an idol to be adorned, and separate good and evil as God and the Devil. Religious concepts however, have to some extent kept certain cultures together by providing social and moral structures. On the other hand, religious bigotry has been significantly responsible at times for decimating or persecuting other cultures.

Relationship to: To perceive the complexities of the eternal spirit, God, the source, or whatever you may call it, is beyond the thought and expression of the human conscious mind. It is bound up in all dimensions, and beyond, where time and space do not exist. The life force in each of us is connected to the source, or oneness of the universe, but during our Earthly sojourn, we form an individuated expression called the soul, and develop a form of ego--a conscious ego. This ego may be part of what draws us into this plane to experience unique events in a material world. The soul seeks evolution through service which for some, is obtained during many subsequent lifetimes.

As a soul reincarnates enough times to become an old soul, a conscious awareness starts to form that there is much more beyond traditional fundamentalist religion. This is an awareness that we are all spiritually, part of the God-force.

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