This is interpreted as an interval separating a regularly recurring event, such as sunrise and sunset. We cannot be conscious of time passing if there were no divisions of time, as is the case in higher dimensions. There, we would be conscious of growth and evolution in relation to general events which occur. Time as we currently know it is not a factor.

Our measurement of time is artificial, although in the larger scheme of things time is not artificial, for it has many dimensions. We view time and space with a limited focus and form inaccurate measurements for them. If we escape the three-dimensional barriers and get in tune with time as it really is, then we become aware of what is the future to us at the present time.

Time is the eternal present. It is not past or future. It is our relationship to time that determines our past and future. One way to understand this is to visualize time as a circle which is constantly moving round. A point where an individual would touch it is known as the present. The part that has been touched we call the past, and the part yet to be touched is referred to as the future. But so far as time is concerned, it has no past or future. The term "looking into the future" is merely a clairvoyant ability, or attunement, to escape the three-dimensional boundaries of the physical world and see what will be ones future. For any circumstance, a person beholds the effect of the cause they put into motion--what their free will has created. This does not affect time itself, only ones relation to it.

Another way to view this is to consider time in multi, three-dimensional terms. Time not only goes backward and forward, but inward and outward. This involves multiple realities where time expands in all directions, emanating from any given point. This is where the past is never complete and the future not entirely formed. Endless variations of an event occur in which all potentials for an experience can be explored. An introvert can be an extrovert, and the king a pauper. Such events may occur simultaneously or, in linear time, as reincarnational experiences. Certain dreams can, for some, show the nature of various experiences, even those of immediate counterparts.

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