The process in which we experience growth. All beings are part of the Collective Spirit, and part of the process of infinite creation. The essence of each life form helps to determine the law of which they are a part. It is all part of the scale of ascending values. Humans evolved at a time when man was aware of being man, that is, when man had self- awareness, and consciousness. From the moment consciousness began to express itself, a spiritual evolution began to take place.

To understand some of the concepts of this planet's evolution, it is necessary to recognize that, in our terms, there is no such thing as non-living matter. Life in the physical universe, on this planet, began spontaneously in a given number of species at the same time. This origination has no logical basis, and can only be compared to a sudden illumination.

There have been a number of intelligent human and animal kingdoms existing on earth much earlier than is supposed. Some of these possessed elaborate forms of communication unlike any kind of physical vocabulary. Certain animal kingdoms utilized tools, while some of the highly technical human cultures inhabited limited areas. Because researchers only assume a Darwin theory of existence, any evidence to the contrary is ignored. There were fully developed men and women living during the same period as the supposed ancestors of mankind.

The physical body of man has evolved in a such a way as to enable the spirit to express itself. Physically, man has practically reached the apex of his evolution, but spiritually, he has a long way to go. Evolution is necessary for life to exist, for without evolution, there would be no growth, no cause and effect, and nothing would exist.

Evolution has always been in existence. Evolution itself did not have a beginning. It is always beginning and endless because it is part of the progress towards perfection. Progress is possible, even in the world of spirit.

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