The act of bringing into being all things within the world. The purpose of creation is connected with the constant stream of evolution that allows consciousness to rise and become more divine. There is no beginning or end with creation, for it is simply concerned with development and unfoldment of consciousness.

Creative forces operate through man, because he is part of creation. His life, his effort, his struggle, contributes to infinite creation. Every life can add its quota, and the higher the life, the more altruistic, the more unselfish, the more it adds beauty to the varied manifestations of creation.

The Collective Spirit exists within the totality of that which is manifested in all creation. Life is a circle, without beginning and without end. Creation is not connected with the Garden of Eden, for this is a myth retained within Earthly senses.

In a way that may be hard to accept, this world has always existed, it has no beginning or end. The Nazarene's statement of "Before Abraham was I Am," was an attempt to describe that spirit has always existed. It slumbered for millions of years until the rudimentary beginnings of life gradually manifested in this world. Life is spirit and spirit is life. Spirit has always had the potentials of infinity.

All existence creates its own reality as it progresses. Each world and realm has its own impetus and connectivity. The total concept of a divine creativity would be unendurable for any single consciousness. The concept of infinitely dimensionalized worlds spiraling outward, yet necessarily separated, with individuated and mass comprehension always growing at such a rate that All-That-Is multiplies itself at microseconds, while building past, future and alternate (unrecognizable) time scales, is but a finite attribute of this divine creativity.

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