Although the term can apply to anyone who is a native or inhabitant of Nazareth, it is most commonly used in reference to Jesus of Nazareth, or the Nazarene. In certain planes of existence, the Nazarene is known as Sonanda.

The Nazarene was a highly evolved entity to reincarnate on Earth and a messenger of the Collective Spirit. As a metaphysician, his theories and teachings were generally misinterpreted. His mission was to demonstrate spiritual reality and to preach the gospel of love.

The Nazarene did not lead a perfect life, because he dwelt in the habits of earth bound people and circumstance. He was one of the greatest expressions of the power of the spirit that has ever come to this world, and was significantly influenced by his spirit guide. He is the culmination of spirit power in a long line of teachers, and possessed a mastery of psychic laws which has never been accomplished before in this world.

Having attracted the multitudes by what were wrongly called miracles, the Nazarene taught the great truths of spirit: love thy neighbor as thyself, do good to those who hurt you; the essence of all religions. Those that believe in the Nazarene, realize that love is the greatest power in the universe, and should not kill or commit acts of violence against others.

The Nazarene has been misrepresented, worshipped, and defied. He has been crowned with Godhood, confusing the simple minds with doctrines based on myths and fables, which places him far beyond their reach. The world of spirit does not revere the man as he incarnated on earth, but the power which operated through him.

The physical appearance of the Nazarene is not as painted by artists of various times, as he was very much like the kind of people among whom he moved with during his life.

Today, the Nazarene continues to fulfill his mission in the world of spirit, inspiring those who continue to see and meet him, to propound further truths, and assist in the plans the hierarchy devises to ensure that the power of spirit remains in this world.

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