Essentially two words: Meta and Physics. Meta means change, transformation, and beyond. Physics is the science dealing with the properties, changes, interactions, etc., of matter and energy. Metaphysics therefore, examines things beyond matter and energy. It also refers to the branch of philosophy that seeks to explain the nature of being, reality, and speculative philosophy in general.

The term "Metaphysical" came into common usage during the late 1800's along with New Thought Churches. Spiritual healing made a significant return as people were re-awoken to the fact that perfect health involved getting above or beyond the physical. The additional enlightenment of knowledge also occurred due to the significant increase of printed material, travel, etc.

Students of metaphysics quickly recognize the need to keep an open mind. They develop an awareness that there is no truth, only further truth, and that there is an unceasing natural law in operation. As we become more aware, we are allowing more consciousness to be expressed through us. We are is fact, tapping into higher states of consciousness.

Metaphysics can best be explained by the information presented to us that go beyond the five senses. If we try to limit explanations to these five senses, it becomes more like a two dimensional being trying to explain the third dimension. It can be done somewhat symbolically, but it is nonetheless limited. A greater understanding of metaphysics can occur by developing our higher senses.

This particular reference might inspire further truths that allows one to have a greater understanding. The real understanding comes from knowledge and experience. All of us have access to higher knowledge--it is within all of us. We just need to understand and develop the particular tools that work for us. It could be meditation, channeling or the development of one's psychic abilities. However, only when we are ready to receive certain information will we receive it.

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