The action of healing applies to physical, mental and spiritual. Whenever healing does not work, it may be due to the Law of Karma Some are ready for spirit healing and others are not. The acid test is not whether the body is healed, but whether the soul is touched.

There are two primary forms of spiritual healing, namely spirit and incarnate spirit. The latter involves the auto-suggestive which requires no association with the world of spirit. Spirit healing has a variety of expressions and forms due to the different aspects involved. Spirit healing can be applied to beings in the world of matter and the world of spirit.

For souls in transition, the class of spirit beings helped by spirit healing are those whose spiritual bodies have suffered shock, and those who require the power that will enable adjustments to be made, so that they are ready for the spiritual life. This may include those whose brains were imperfect registers for their minds, and all those where the spiritual body never received the fullness of expression because of some defect.

An example of a significant adjustment would be those who have taught fundamental religion without the right motive. When they realize they have been reciting error and superstition, their heads bow down in sorrow with a heaviness in their hearts. Because the soul must pay the price for the life (s)he has lived, each must undo the wrong that (s)he has done. This involves meeting every one to whom they have given wrong teaching, and undo all their error. If a being really felt he was doing the right thing, then in essence, correcting the wrong becomes a delight. If we delay a soul in reaching the light, then we have to help them find the light.

Spiritual healing is a complex subject. In its simplest form it is from spirit, through spirit, to spirit. It is from the power of spirit, by way of the healer's spirit, to the patient's spirit. True spiritual healing, therefore, involves the transmission of spirit power which emanates from the Collective Spirit. Self healing on the other hand is described as magnetic healing which does not involve spiritual healing. This is why a person can always benefit greatly from loving the body as it is.

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